Level restriction in the illusion system feels pointless

I mean, why is it a problem that I want to make my character look fabulous from the beginning? Whom can it harm? It’s a single player game after all, so what’s the point of restricting illusion system behind levels? Games like GW2 allows transmutation of all skins on all items regardless of level and it’s an MMO of fashion narcissist.

It’s really disappointing that I have to level up my character using gears that don’t match and look turd in most cases. Anyone else feels like the level restriction on illusion system is totally redundant?



You basically just answered yourself there. GW2 is an MMO… of fashion narcissists. Grim Dawn… is not.

You are also without memory in a world gone to shit where almost nobody has much of anything anymore. Why should you be rocking the swankiest threads from the get-go? Level up already, play the game, make use of the Illusionists options as you go if you wish. There are plenty.

It’s not the end of the world that GD isn’t GW2. Variety is the spice of life.

i really want a quest for the illusion like the blacksmith… and instead of lvl restrictions only a min lvl of 15 to do illusions

he is there without any lore^^

Not everyone is lore focused, especially in an ARPG. Also, the fact that illusionist knows of the skins which are unlocked for other characters isn’t much of a lore friendly feature anyway. It’s like there are several thousands parallel universe and somehow, without any explanation, the “heroes” of the universe can share stash and skins. That doesn’t really sound that immersive in terms of Cairn lore.

You misunderstand my comparison with GW2. Variety, especially inferior in quality, isn’t always welcome. When something or someone does a specific work in an optimal way, it’s better to hone that and improve on it, instead of opting for an inferior solution just to be “different”. GW2 is a MMO and that’s why they might feel the need to level restrict skins as people are transmuting for showing off their wardrobe. But they didn’t, because it’s usually not worth the trouble and people are happier with the decision. So, why does GD, a single player game where the only one to show off my wardrobe is myself, have to use the level restricted illusion/transmutation system?

I agree with the OP. This is a great example of a change that would satisfy supporters while not negatively impacting opponents, as they could simply not use the higher illusions if they so desire. For that reason, I say “why not?” I’d love to put some crazy illusions on my lowbie toons!

My guess… just another layer of “things” to do, goals to have etc. Then again perhaps there are technical reasons for the approach that we aren’t aware of. Maybe they would have to go thru every single item in the game and manually remove each items level requirement and when faced with that proposition they turned to medierra and said, “Fuck that noise!”… /shrugs

Your guess is as good as mine.

Yeah, that sounds plausible. I do hope the dev will respond and share their thought train on this restriction. If it’s the other way round, i.e. if the level restriction is implemented manually after the illusion system’s development, then I guess it would be easier for them to just remove it. Fewer codes mean fewer bugs.

No need to defend cuz decision is very pointless. Agree with op. Ok then by your logic ,add level restriction for illisuionist guy? how does it feel?

I like you Serimert but we are going to have to work on your grasp of logic flow, just a wee bit :wink: You started out, mmm, okay-ish, I suppose, in the above quote (although we have to question if you really actually know what my logic is). However…

You train-wrecked it in 4 words here :cry:

Asking me how does it feel if they add a level req to acquiring the Illusionist in no way bothers me because if they did add a level req for him it’s no skin off my back. I’d be fine if they did or didn’t, however they want to take it and honestly I wouldn’t even care if they did decide to remove item reqs for it :slight_smile:

The Illusionist is cool and all and nice to have in the game but it’s really not a dealbreaker for me. It’s a sideshow, fluff.

I like you too powbam .You are trying to show what and how dev justify this decision which is ok. But some decisions are very very very single player owertime focused. Yes it is sp but a feature which is aesthetics focused that should encourage feeling enjoyment at every level not close to end game. Since there is end game to this game and it is sp focused.game, devs should make fun lower levels in every aspect.

Well, guess all we can do is wait and see if Zantai blesses us with his views/reasons concerning it and if he is even interested in removing restrictions, if possible.

Transmogrification was made so players can ignore restrictions and look like they want to, so restricting that feels a bit off to me.

There are also enough things to unlock and incentives to level and grind I think, so it is fine to lose this small thing.

I dabbled a little into transmog stuff while making my own mod and I didn’t experience any problems or restrictions so I would guess lifting them should be technically possible too.

Is it possible to mass disable all item level reqs automatically? If so then I suppose they would be able to do so if they desired. That was basically just my guess of a possible technical reason that could present an issue.

Uh not sure, I simply made transmog consumables and they could be level 1 and give you a level 75 item look.

But that doesn’t make much sense, going by the way the illusionist system works I have leveled up at-least once to get those high level items so there’s no reason for them to be locked away behind levels on a different character that I am starting fresh

Fair enough :wink:

I really hope Zantai or anyone from the dev team would shed some light on why they restricted the illusion system and not made it completely accessible for everyone.

I’m in agreement that the level lock on the Illusion system is unnecessary and seems counter-intuitive to having an illusion system in place at all. I think once you’ve unlocked an appearance you should be able to use that illusion regardless of level. The system is entirely cosmetic after all, it’s not like using a particular appearance make you more powerful.

This is not even my issue with this system. If you have the mythical version of a item but not the lower level version of the mythical, you can’t use the appearance of that item until you are at the level of the mythical. Meaning you can’t use the appearance of the lower level version.

Even though the lower level version and mythical look exactly the same.