LF a fast playstyle DoT build


Is there such thing as a DoT build, that can just run, pop 1 or 2 skills and let mobs die kind of thing?

Nothing with too many skills to use if possible.

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Shadow Strike Infiltrator? Probably one of the fastest characters in game. Powerful right out of the gate and gets even stronger with items. Has a lot of Burst and DoT. I has more skills than you would want but

  1. you can simply not use them (Storm Box, Amarasta, Ring of Steel) and it’s still very good. Just Shadow Strike into groups of monsters and keep Word of Renewal and Pneumatic Burst up.

  2. you can have them cast automatically (Word of Renewal/Pneumatic Burst), bind Amarasta and SS to Left Click with a program
    You use only 1 button to play this way :rofl:

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I like Shadow Strike too. If you have Infiltrator, that’s two auras with passive RR, your main skill is having big insta damage+DoT and then ABB, movement rune and heals. Spellbreaker is similar.

Classical DoT build is ofc Bleed. Bleeding 2H Warlord around Blade Arc is real fun and it requires very few keys as well.

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Check out this build [] Beginner's Shadow Strike Infiltrator. Cruise through endgame in faction gear and without keyboard for beginner shadow strike that you can assemble pretty easily. That Morgo is pure fantasy.

Also, recommend Rune of Hagarrad builds for fast DoT action. Here’s one that’s pretty easy to put together [] Silver Wyrm (c+) (sr+) and is one of the fastest builds this patch.

Burn demolitionists are also DoT kings but that’s a lot of buttons.

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Wow, thanks a lot guys, gonna check those out right now :wink: