Lf solid beginner build

A few questions to your Vindicator:

  1. Are those green items MI, faction or random drop?
  2. How much time it took you so far on this char?
  3. What lvl of crucible are you ready of farming?
  4. Capable of killing Lokarr?

random drops, you can see that their name is “presever” and “redeemer” which is common item base. Also when you click on the item, you do not get a “MI” icon in the upper right corner.

about 65-70 hours (time conter in game keeps ticking if I do some other things, I usually play a long session with breaks so I have estimated this time actually playing). I was lucky with the cyclone set pieces, I actually transmuted the medal to helm and also transmuted a Luminari piece to the medal. If I haven’t gotten Cyclone pieces, I would have gone for Light Defender set. If I haven’t gotten those, I would have continued farming and/or started a new char trying to use what I have already found. In the beginning of your “career” you kinda have to play what you have in the stash, unless you wanna trade or something.

I have not done that much crucible yet, I have basically just unlocked challenger. Farming Rogue-likes now basically. I have not done that much SR yet either, basically just up to shard 5 on Ultimate to get another skill point. Also you have to separate “clearing” and “farming”. Farming for me is when you can play drunk and still get good drops.

Yes it can do Lokarr (not that I need the set, experience potions is enough for me).

This is the char now btw, I have played a bit more: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYd8R7Z I got a new weapon farming for chillstrifes for my next char which will be Cold DW Melee infiltrator ala Nery :slight_smile:

So keep the nice green items, they overshine Epics and Legendaries. Especially with resistnaces and stats, until you can craft higher tier components.

It was just an example how one can use green items to buff a build. Just because you see “no greens” written on the builds on the forum does not mean you should not use them. The reason why ppl like to post “no green” builds is because they are “easier” to do and copy since almost every stat is fixed.

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I had no idea that green items may be that powerful. I see its just like in D2.
Thanks a lot for help, you spent shitload of time on this.

Some rares are definitely than many set and uniques in Diablo 2, especially when you are starting your journey.

But wouldn’t you pick up rares in D2 to sell for gold at least? Sure gold in D2 is mostly used to gamble stuff for crafting, but crafting etc in Grim Dawn is much more useful

I’m still curious about some melee build, what is the best build based on Krieg set (not including Oathkeeper)? Is any of those Krieg based builds ready for crucible 150? I just like leveling new toons tho.

Classic Krieg aether death knight can do crucible, check out this [] Warpblade - Krieg DW Aether Cadence Death Knight, Gladiator farmer (9 minutes) has DW and S&B options and I have played both versions.

why should Oathkeeper even be an option for Krieg btw ? :stuck_out_tongue: Krieg is aether damage set and Oathkeeper has nothing to do with aether damage.

You could level Death Knight with my forcewave guide or stupid dragons pre-krieg beginner build guide

Thanks, I will check that out. I don’t know anything about melee builds so I just wanted to remind that I don’t have FG.

Check out Nery’s budget cold Infiltrator too. Dual wield cold melee.

So far I made this and I’m surprised to see how well it performs considering its built of random items. I’ve been able to push to 147 but failed twice, any advices how to deal with this super bitch Mad queen?

Try more blast shield, null field transmuter on inq seal, Prismatic diamond in helm (you can buy it in ancient grove)

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