Lf solid beginner build

Hi, I’m currently playing Vitality Cabalist which is not bad as a beginner build but is so meh if you know what I mean. I also have lvl 100 Purifier, but I am not able to reach proper DA yet to be crucible ready. I’m looking for some decent build, which is not much gear dependant, maybe meele this time, which is able to farm crucible efficiently. I can get Krieg set with my current char if that helps. I was thinking about Death knight or warder, however I have no clue about melee builds. Can you suggest me something? I’m running AoM and not planning to buy FG atm.
Or maybe should I just stay on Cabalist and keep farming open fields?

Vit Cabalist is great, get Dark one set.

Check out nery’s melee builds here he has some budget options ⚔ Nery's beginner build collection

I have some melee builds in my collection too but they much more gear to be able to farm gladiator crucible

You can farm challenger cruci and Elite SR like 55-65 with mid-tier builds, pretty good loot per time there too.

Could you link to your Cabalist btw? Perhaps we can help you improve it with just minor changes.

Even if you get krieg set, it is not a “miracle cure”, you need many more items for it to shine.

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https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4Y6nr2 - Here is my cabalist. Survivability is great, however I only have 11k sheet dps and I’m already struggling with 120-130, everything goes pretty slow.
Also some newb questions to crucible - which waves on which difficulty are minimum for efficient farming (better than Twin Falls runs for example)? Can I start, say, on 120, or do I always have to begin on 100?

Don’t trust dps in game :stuck_out_tongue: DPS Tool tip?

You are missing skill points.

Your resistances sucks ball.

Get Mythical Cursebearer for more rr.

Why seal of blight and not something that will give you more tankyness or racial damage?
Why so many antivenom salves when you have Blood of Dreeg?
Your bonespike is kinda bad, get one with at least +350% vit damage.
You dont even have components and augments in all gear slots.
Armor abs is 70%, not good.

Here is a similar build you can look at for inspiration [] DW ravenous earth cabalist - 10:30 170 clear

You always have to start on 100 or 150. There are no other beginner checkpoints.

Twin falls runs… do Roguelike dungeons instead in main campaign.

What I did with cruci when I was noob was to farm challenger 100-150, then use the “use checkpoint” 2-3 times. Over and over again. Then I did the same with gladiator when I got better gear. I mixed in Rogue-likes now and then when I wanted variation.

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Updated. I will look for better bonespike now. Refering to missing skill points, I just haven’t done hidden path on normal yet, everything else is done so I should be missing only 1 point. However, when I try to copy builds, I miss like 20-30 points, how is that possible? Moreover, when I remove all points on calc and then put them back manually one by one, I miss points just like in game! I dunno, maybe I’m too dumb for this game.

what points? skill points? Attribute points?
Most builds uses crafted items, with physique bonus. And there there is also variation of roll on items, so if some one has an item that reads +50 spirit in Grim Tools, you might have that item with 35 roll and the dude that made the build have 63.

You do not need to make new threads all the time, you already have this one Need help with my Cabalist

Dark One set is like Krieg, it is no magic solution. You still need other gear, components, correct devotions and skills. AND knowing how to play the game :stuck_out_tongue: Farm something that is more suitable for your build and play skills, like challenger crucible (like 100-150) runs, Rogue-likes in main campaign and Shattered Realm on elite (try to farm 55-56 shards).

Your GT link was completely empty btw

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Sorry, edited. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NODBYv2
I meant skill points. Don’t get that at all. Ofc I checked all +skills on items to find out how many hard points are acutally allocated in a skill, and it turns out that’s not the case, still missing like 20 points. Happens always, on purifier, cabalist, anything. And btw, 6 remaining points on calc is a visual bug, I dont actually have them in game.

The missing skill points are compared to max in the game. You are missing them since you have not done all quests.
Then you are missing some quest rewards.
You can upload a level 1 char in Grim Tools and you will see 248 missing skills points and 107 missing attribute points.
Can you upload your char file so I can downloaded it and check?

Build looks better, but still you have not adressed the weapon components.
Why not using a basilisk crest?
Armor rating is still bad.

I would farm challenger cruci and elite SR until you can fix resistances.

For instance, get Seal of might in weapons, get faction boots with good res rolls and you have lots of resists.

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http://www.mediafire.com/file/3db3xz0booy0ljo/player.gdc/file - Cabalist
I would be grateful if you could also take a quick look on my Purifier.
http://www.mediafire.com/file/3db3xz0booy0ljo/player.gdc/file - Purifier
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2M7rA0Z - Grimtools purifier
I mean, in terms of skill points, I know res suck just as well.

can you upload zip (not rar) of the char folder, I think that is better.

Purifier is missing 3 skills and attribute points according to Grim Tools, I guess the ones from Shattered Realm.

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http://www.mediafire.com/file/3qesym67xmli527/main.rar/file - zip containing 2 zips with chars
I miss points from SR because I dont have FG.
I’ve been farming for basilisk crest but there is like 0.50% chance for drop from basilisks right?
Sorry for my totally noobish questions and thanks for your time, that’s a huge help.

oh then you are missing even more points since you get one from a quest in main game too.

that should explain a whole deal.

Do a run and kill some basilisks you get plenty. You should have gotten plenty just by playing the campaigns.
You can also shop them in ancient grove. I think I explain it in my guide: ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

I can really recommend Forgotten Gods. Fun quests, nice areas, hard bosses, cool free loot and Shattered realm is a nice change for crucible :slight_smile: Totally worth it if you can get it on sale.

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I know, I miss hidden path on normal, but thats still just one point, I have no idea what’s going on with those missing 20-30. Literally, I always miss like 2 maxed skills which are max in a build on the forum. Thanks, i will check out this ancient grove.
Btw. Should I have overcapped res or is 80 enough?

I can’t open rar files :confused:
Can you show me a GT link for a build you tried to copy and zipping the char folder, just for that char?

Since you are new-ish, I bet you do not have the gear that the builds posted on the forum has. Gear can give +skills you know.

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Yes, but as I said, I tried to calculate it without +skills and still it doesn’t work out.

That’s the build I tried to apply. I moved some points here and there for better survivability. He has everything but i can’t for some reason.
Atm I am around 65 gladiator with purifier, dmg is huge, if I just get some more survivability from some MI or faction gear, this build could be very good for farming crucible i think.
Well, I guess I will suck until I find ugdenbog leather blueprint.

The build you try to do:

Your build:
and this is what I see in game too.

The build you are trying to do have

  1. +1 ALL skills from amulet, you just have +1 inq
  2. +1 All inq skills from relic, you have 0. Also the build you try to do have +1 to Aura of censure.
  3. pants with +3 to temper and steel resolve, you have 0 skills on your pants
  4. +1 to all Demo and +1 all Inq skills on helm., you have +2 Aura of Censure on yours

So this accounts for your “missing” skill points.

Tip: get the transmuter on Fire strike for 20% more damage on fire strike :slight_smile:

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Could you explain this transmuter thing?

take it to 3/3 and you get 20% more damage on Fire strike, and some more crit damage on it too.

did you understand now why the build you are trying to do have like 25 or so more skill ranks?

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Oh, ok.
Yes, I know that if something is for example 18/12, he didnt spend 18 points but 12, however I feel he just has more skills maxed.
One of reasons why I struggle so hard is that I didnt know about MI, I thought those items are just random greens so I wouldnt even pick it up. Thats why I’m thining about making new char so that I can set everything properly.

Yes he get’s more skills maxed since he has so many +skills. You have spent about just as many hard points (you are missing a few since you have not gotten all quest rewards).

always pick up greens to sell for iron bits. Plus some random greens can be dope. in fact some greens can be totally BiS even for a fully geared build.

Look at this build, I am doing it totally from scratch (I deleted everything on my “account”)
The pants, gloves and boots are DOPE. Next step is to trying to craft similar so that I get crafting bonuses and extra physical resists. For that I need … insane amount of iron bits, scrap and other mats.

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