life reduction resist

I heard what from life reduction hero need Vitality Resist.
But how long skill have this stat? Never seen it before

Now we need a special resistance?

I think vitality and life reduction/life leech were only related in Titan Quest, not in Grim Dawn.

That stat is specific for monsters, vitality resist should cover it as well but the purpose of that stat is to make bosses immune to health reduction, which is normally gamebreaking

But what about this stat on solder skill?

It works the same way as it would work for monsters, giving players resistance to life reduction. It’s just a way of giving it outside of vitality resistance.

How many monster we know even use Life Reduction?

The only one i can think of is the lonely dead guy in Arkovian Undercity Level 3, his Bolt Type attack seems like a pseudo-DoT, refreshing itself.

Mad Queen red aura deals retaliation life reduction projectiles. Main reason why she’s so dangerous to melee.

I’m glad atleast someone is, otherwise pretty much everyone tries to shit on Casters

lol seriously?
Out of all the nemeses for example, Moose (a pain to fight with melee) and BenJarr are much, much easier for casters for example. Valdaran and Fabius are pretty much difficult for all classes regardless.
If anything I feel casters have it too easy, no dealing with poison mats from rift scourge or aetherfire mats or that burning chaos damage on the ground from voidfiends… the game has so many damaging spells to immobile targets.