Little bit more interesting horde attacks

Problem: Now we don’t have any reason to protect something other than the gold vault and the city hall. Also, we would not like to waste time developing a super strategic AI, since this is not an RTS.


  • The bell in the city hall sends citizens to the nearest protective buildings. If there are more than 10-20 cells to the fort or city hall, citizen run into the forest and have the risk of fighting with wolves.
  • The horde attacks any nearby buildings and citizens, but no more than N invaders by building. Active defenders are still a priority of course. I assume that in this case we will get a “spray” on the territory, not a brainless column of lemmings walking freely to the gold vault.
  • If the target is a fort or a city hall and it’s not “under attack”, the invader gets in the “queue” and waits until the number of free invaders gain 10-20-30 people before attack. Or retreat, if there is nothing to plunder and there are not enough forces to attack.
  • The invader stops the pursuit 5 seconds after the citizen’s attack. Otherwise, most likely everyone will scatter across the map to the borders, lol
  • After “robbing” invaders will reach the center, but from different sides, which will complicate the defense. The attack will be weaker but longer than in the original logic, but this can be compensated by quantity.
  • The resources in the buildings disappear. Fields are burning down after the checking plant kind and season. Ignore mines. We don’t have to fence off every house or field, but we’ll have to think about supplies for a rainy day.

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p.s.: Thx fo really good game!
p.s.s.: But I want more industrial chains and better logistic :slight_smile:

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It is recommended to add traps to make defense more interesting. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sounds great. I hope in the future we will be pleased with more diverse mechanics and weapons. :+1:
But in this topic, I focused on a “cheap” solution for developers. Add a few conditions to the logic of existing units, without diving into game design, balance, model creation, etc.

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