Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Shotguns - Fire Warlord (c+)(SR+)(g3)

I am the hammer, I am the right hand of the Empyrion, the instrument of His will, the gauntlet about His fist, the tip of His spear, the edge of His sword!

Hello, my dear readers!
After my druid I decided to play some simple melee. And just in time Crate updated FX of the most skills, so I fell in love with new forcewave :rolleyes:
So that’s how this Warlord was born. Big thanks to John Smith for testing it in Cruci and his advice about Devotion’s bounds.
Mr Z nerfed Warlord and Dying God… And here is Warlord with Dying God :smiley:

>>>>>Update history<<<<<
For now there is no update info

>>>>>Main part<<<<<

Meet Rhuana, the Lightbringer, cute girl who loves shotguns:cool:

[CENTER]Here you can see in-game stats and GT link


  1. >3200 OA + 230 DA shred;
  2. 65% crit dmg;
  3. 190% cast speed without procs;
  4. 101% RR (meh, but it’s enough);
  5. Two shotguns that smash enemies;
  6. Racial damage bonus vs humans, undead and Chthonics;
  7. Doesn’t care of fumble


  1. 3500 armor +13% phys res;
  2. >3k DA + 125 OA shred;
  3. ~17k HP;
  4. 10% damage reduction;
  5. Ghoul, Menhir’s Will, Resilience, Prismatic Diamond, Good Ascension uptimeю

How it works?
14 sec Ascension’s cooldawn is too long. You may go for standard devo fire’s map, but you lose too much. With Aeon you have better uptime of Ghoul and Ascension as well as you have the opportunity to burst enemies with 4 shotguns.
Why not Divine Mandate? Your attacks can’t crit if your OA is somewhere at the bottom of the game

Gameplay advice:
Stay as closer as possible to enemies to annihilate them with shotguns. Use Ascension, Judgment and shotguns, repeat after Aeon’s proc.


  1. Justicar Guard and Shar’Zul’s Worldeater are core of the build;
  2. Mythical Light’s Oath - huge OA bonus, conversion for FW;
  3. Mythical Combustion Band - RR, flat damage, energy regen;
  4. Mythical Peerless Eye of Beronath - OA, +1 to all skills;
  5. Mythical Stormtitans Treads - HP, godly res, damage reduction proc;
  6. Bloody Sigil of Ch’Thon (non mythical!!!) - racial damage bonus, godly proc;
  7. Mythical Infernal Knight’s Girdle - good bonuses, +1 to Oathkeeper;
  8. Relic - Honor - racial damage vs humans, shotgun proc;
  9. Mythical Chausses of Barbaros are the BiS for melee builds.


  1. Elemental Storm to Guardians of Empyrion (ohhh, they proc it soooo good;) );
  2. Eldritch Fire to Shar’Zul’s proc to spread RR to all around;
  3. Time Dilation to Relic’s proc;
  4. Hungering Void to Judgment;
  5. Ghoul to whatever permanent buff you have.

6:35 Cruci run by John Smith

Full 75 SR run

Attachment: Garro.jpg


I like the build concept, but don’t you think it’s worth sacrificing a bit of defence for OA so it can use Divine Mandate? Something like this, which gets 62% more crit damage with Forcewave but retains same OA value at loss of some HP and phys res. Could also remove some of the excess points in Rending Force and drop down to 56% more crit damage but retain same HP as original build by putting them in Military Conditioning.

I was joking in some posts,that we need fire Warlord and here it comes!

Lack of Ulzuin’s Torch makes me sad but I understand why it wasn’t taken. May have to make this my next character instead of an Ulzuin’s Shieldbreaker.

Wouldn’t it be good to take 1 point out of Scars of Battle and put 1 into Decorated Soldier to nearly cap out slow res + basically free up your belt augment for, say, 30 DA or higher aether/chaos overcap? Looks like your armour absorption is still capped with that.

Also, I’m curious on the choice of why you picked up 32 points in spirit – don’t see that every day on a build that isn’t using a caster offhand/chest. Was it just damage purposes?

Interesting take on fire forcewave. Personally never been a fan of Dying God builds that don’t sustain through pure regen – but that’s purely a personal preference, and I know it works for others.

There is a few problems I see that you didn’t seem to notice.

1: Base run speed without procs becomes 121% instead of 135%, causing movement to be a bit awkward. Similarly, Base Cast Speed without procs is 185 instead of 191 – procs still bring it to 200 but the consistency drops a bit, as both need to be going to cap instead of just one.
2: Overcap aether/vit/elemental goes down. These are arguably the most important overcaps to have for SR imo, especially elemental because there’s tons of type B resistance reductions to that. Maybe fixable with a few more changes, or even greens. I’d imagine this doesn’t really matter in crucible, but when you see overcaps like this, and the augments show them pushing into the overcap range, it’s very clearly meant for SR pushing.
3: 2300 energy vs 3000, and a loss of 5 energy regen per second. Think I can see why the 32 points in spirit were there now…

That said, dropping phys res on a build that already has low phys res as well as dropping 190 armour doesn’t sound too great, but it’s been a while since I’ve played a character with higher amounts of armour, so I dunno. Your setup is interesting for sure though.

EDIT: After looking a bit more, replacing the ring augments with Forgefire’s + changing the 32 spirit points into 32 cunning results in almost the same energy/sec but gains +82 DA +32 OA. Damage goes down a bit though. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkKqwlN

If you keep the OA the same by doing 26 cunning 6 spirit, you gain +2 energy regen, and taking some points out of physique seems to result in higher damage than before while still having higher DA. But this is all paper math, and no matter what, the burn damage goes down. Curious how much of the damage is actually burn, though.

another edit: Alright, I got really curious on how to get divine mandate in this. This actually keeps max run speed, approximately the same overcaps, but slightly drops on the oa/da, the non-crit damage, and 2% phys res. Also loses 1 pierce res, I guess. Lots of room for changing things around. I tried as hard as possible to keep everything as close to the same as before. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7BMmv2

But I’m also a terrible liar and made one more change, which now has Arcane Spark on top of the same energy regen, though it drops 5% crit damage, that should be made up for with divine mandate: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZewOmQ2

Moar Warlords for Warlords God! :smiley:

Interesting suggestion, prob it needs a couple more mana potion, but looks fine, I should try it

I will have a lot fun shotgunning nems and bosses with Aeon, I promise;)

Dunno if it’s the John Smith magic but I could never manage to get sub-7 min on firewave justicar. Fastest I got was 7:01. I admit I haven’t exhausted all options tho since I moved on to Blightlord.

my grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrP3Q12

What I wanted to show is the cunning dump part. I think you could apply the same concept and dump a ton of cunning to your char then take Divine Mandate for the crits. You’ll still be tanky af even with less HP and DA (for cruci, I don’t play realms nowadays) and maybe it’ll be faster with the crits.

The Aeon setup is nice tho!

Why Seal of Blades? Just for the armor and ADCtH?

I saw Shotguns in title, but no Firearms in the build.

I rate it, 0/10 Shotguns :cool:

lol i theorycrafted almost this exact setup recently. nice build :slight_smile:

Nearly shat myself at the sight of your intro picture. That’s one scary MF.
The new focewave animation is actually gorgeous. Was thinking to do something forcewave-based myself. Probably purple.

Pretty cool build, though, I didn’t really understand why D. God was needed. Just for the nerfed % crit damage?
That’s what got it nerfed in the first place, as far as I guess. You want them to remove % crit from DG entirely, don’t you? \jk :smiley:

That is the mascot of the band Disturbed:stuck_out_tongue:

By taking the final point from Ghoul and putting it into Jackal you can get the 2% Phys Res on top.

“He watches from the ageless Void. Enlightened Shadow of His former Self, waiting for the time He’ll take Human form again…
…to avenge the victims of the War Machine, and vanquish the Evil that gave it Life. He is the Hand of God… the Dark Messiah!”

The Vengeful One :cool:

Perhaps, it does end up running Arcane spark in the end though so that should help a bit, but yeah, I ended up taking 16 out of physique and putting 16 into spirit just to match your old energy regen values. I’m sure you can optimize this further than I can, but I just wanted to see if I could actually manage to get something with Divine Mandate to match your build.

Curious how it performs in the end, though.

Also, what hammer transmog is that? I don’t recall ever seeing it.

Warhammer of Heavenly Judgement.

How essential would you say the Peerless Eye is? Essence of Bero could give you more Cast Speed or alternatively, if you can sack +1 OK, you can aim for the Conduit Affix that gives some very nice Burn to Forcewave.

All in all, looking pretty solid. May give yours a go if my War Cleaver doesn’t hold its own, which was the next build I planned on leveling.

Nope, I have two shotguns now :cool:

The main point is Aeon, DG is just an addition :smiley:

I’m going to test cunning+Mandate variant. Prob Conduit too, but I like very much purple Beronath with its OA. Build already has 190% cast speed + Justicar/DG/pants proc

Dmt u basterd how dare u did this now? :mad: I updated my lego thread on the early afternoon. :smiley: Great build!

Strong approval


Ty, sir