Looking for a beginner build

Hello there!

I recently started playing grim dawn again after 3 years or so… back then i didn’t even finish the normal campaign. I don’t remember why, because i really enjoy the game.
Anyway, i’m kinda looking for a guide for my first “real” character, as i like to approach things a bit more structured / planned.

I don’t really know what type of build i’d like to play… except pets. Don’t really like pet builds.
Maybe a ranged build?

Hope someone can help me, thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Under Beginner Builds spoiler in the first post.

Thanks for the links!
I decided to pick up this build

I plan on playing the 2h Ranged version, i guess the leveling procedure for both builds is the same?

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I highly recommend the below 2 builds. Both of them are easy to build and gear for, and the build authors assembled these 2 build guides so well that you have all the direction you really need every step of the way just about;

@Nery’s beginner Vitality caster Conjurer

@Contragor’s Immortal Army Pet build

These are the only 2 build guides I have ever made an effort beyond reading, to follow through with, because of their presentation and leveling guides which explain how to build the character from the ground up.

Also, welcome to this awesome community!

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