Looking for a Starting Build? Don't have gear? Are you Shiny and New?

Lol. So dramatic! I love it!

Don’t stop doing what you do man. And I’m actually talking about a stater build, not a starter end game build. You can farm in garbage. By level 100 (the start of actual farming IMO), you should already have very good blues/ purples/ faction gear.

I am totally in favor of people using guides from theory crafters to optimize gearing/ builds/ etc. But you don’t NEED all that to start the game.

As to your points, how would you know you don’t like a skill if you’ve never used it? This game has HUGE potential skill combos, builds, etc (as you well know).

I thought “starter build” = “starter end-game build” since your title suggested that.

What is the definition of “to start the game”? play 10 hours or 100 hours?

Remember that only about 10% or so of all Grim Dawn players do not even reach Ultimate difficulty. So most people that plays the game do not read guides, they do not visit forums either. My beginner build guides are made for people that have played some casual and fooled around but now want to commit more to the game and become better at it.

I didn’t say anything about end game. Perhaps that’s on me for the title. Let me fix that up to avoid any other confusion.

So you want people to go in blindly for the most part?

Why make a post to tell them that? Isn’t that what anyone who is not following a guide, does by default?

Always someone who wants to tell the truth and come with general solutions that fits everyone.

We have complaints about there are too few beginner build guides, we have complaints about having too many beginner builds guides. We have complaints about guides lacks details for the novice player, we have complaints about guides being too detailed for the novice player… we have complaints about the game being too hard, we have complaints about the game being too easy…

But yeah, I think you are correct, if someone wanna play blindly they will not go on to a forum to read that they should do so :stuck_out_tongue: People who comes to the forum are usually those who need help and guidance.

OK something that I have considered doing,maybe will do it in future us guide how to select class according to what you like as style and show valuable combos with synergy.

Lets say if you want to play Cold melee I will rank possibilities.So at that point you will choose what you like,but same time even if you screw ,you know it can be fixed.For example leveling 100 Defiler and ask why you can’t farm Crucible.

But for following your own build,I think it’s pretty straightforward,you don’t need guides or builds for that :slight_smile:

I do not even know what Defiler is and I have like 2k hours into the game, that is how good defilers are

I know what Defiler is. Pets :stuck_out_tongue:

I know what every class that uses Shaman, Occultist or Necromancer as base; Pets!

not anymore

*cracks whip* Budget warlock next!

Already Done.

Pick Budget Occultist > Level it up to 100 > Pick Arcanist and put a single point in the mastery bar > Profit.

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perhaps add some Iskandra elemental exchange too?

Aye, but only to fool people into believing that Arcanist is doing something :stuck_out_tongue:

Leveling Warlock will not be any different than leveling MH,only little more suckier.

Start with OFF+Fireblast from component.Take Vulnerability from Occultist.

At 60 level switch to TSS,profit :smile:

why would I pick a skill that does nothing half the time…

Um,early on all heroes and even bosses are solidly frozen.Basically until act 5 and Golems there’s nothing faster for clearing trash than that combo.

Ofc you can level Warlock differently :slight_smile:

What’s the problem with Defiler? Now that you brought it up I understand that I haven’t seen any Defiler builds in these forums.

There are 8 in the Compendium

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Defiler still it’s one of the weakest classes in the game and most of the synergy comes from gear.

But you have options, game have diversity, so you could still play Defiler if you like this class!

Defiler got a lot of tuneups in easily gotten (quasi guaranteed) gear and endgame options as well.

Even the fire skeletons got buffed twofold (Getting any pet MI is still a bitch though)

something i would give a new player as advice as well is read the shops that require reputation and what they have to offer and buy a boost scroll as soon as it becomes available it just saves a lot of time and often they sell nice stuff. Also even though a shield might be more durable it might not be worth it depending on the class you pick to go with a shield because it might “feel” safer but if you get surrounded and cant kill quick enough that will be the death of you. I’d say build what you want but try to focus around a certain skill and damage type and just experiment with different stuff in the beginning.