Looking for a Starting Build? Don't have gear? Are you Shiny and New?

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Defiler still it’s one of the weakest classes in the game and most of the synergy comes from gear.

But you have options, game have diversity, so you could still play Defiler if you like this class!

Defiler got a lot of tuneups in easily gotten (quasi guaranteed) gear and endgame options as well.

Even the fire skeletons got buffed twofold (Getting any pet MI is still a bitch though)

something i would give a new player as advice as well is read the shops that require reputation and what they have to offer and buy a boost scroll as soon as it becomes available it just saves a lot of time and often they sell nice stuff. Also even though a shield might be more durable it might not be worth it depending on the class you pick to go with a shield because it might “feel” safer but if you get surrounded and cant kill quick enough that will be the death of you. I’d say build what you want but try to focus around a certain skill and damage type and just experiment with different stuff in the beginning.

I’m aware that I’m VERY late to the party, but good god people could you be any more passive aggressive about someone telling people to stay clear of guides for a little while?

Personally I got here by trying to ascertain how I could “fool-proof” myself against making huge mistakes, but at the same time also not spoil myself to hard. That’s exactly what OP gave me imo. Ofc guides are valuable, but going in (relatively blind) has it’s own merits which imo far outweighs the cons, at least for someone like me.

TL:DR : Get off OP’s back and stop being so gosh darn defensive about your guides - I’m sure some people find them useful

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so late the person you’re referring to as passive-aggressive hasn’t been on the forum for half a year and won’t read your message :wink:

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Fair enough, though tbh I don’t much care to “scold” him/her in particular, I was frankly just a tad confused/concerned that nobody had done so already :slight_smile:

That and I wanted to thank OP for the rather insightful advice - it’s hard to navigate a new game when everyone just assumes there’s only “one correct way” of playing you know? ^^

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Very few people have told players how to play the game and when they do they usually get jumped on - because yes, play it how you want to whether that’s by following a guide or doing your own thing.

That said, most people who come here are asking for advice/guidance about a particular build - usually an endgame one which doesn’t include things like levelling, intermediate gear, devotion pathing, etc - rather than just jumping into the game and finding out for themselves what works and what doesn’t for them.


Welcome to forum and good luck with grim dawn journey :slight_smile: to me it seems first post was edited based on “feedback” so the complaints may not refer to the first post as it is written now. Best friday wishes

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Thanks for the context and kind words everyone :slight_smile: I’ll be honest with ya, my comment was edited because I was “fighting fire with fire” ^^ I dunno what it is, but passive aggressive people makes me a right potty-mouth when I’m at a keyboard.

Also just to be clear, I don’t mind in the least that some people like to give advice, what I did mind was the person being very defensive/passive aggressive and derailing the post by doing so :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of the discussion I’ve seen on this forum have thankfully been fairly level-headed, albeit more often than not with a lot of abbreviations that makes some of them hard to follow :smiley:

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I think there is grim dawn abbreviation guide. Edit found it! GD Acronym and Abbreviation List hope it helps!

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Not everyone. It’s just natural the forum is more focused on mix-maxing. Here are 3 players expressing similar opinion on the subject :wink:

Looking for Lightning Warder Devotion advice .


Cheers, concrete evidence and an other person’s honest perspective on it makes it quite a lot easier not being a grumpy person :slight_smile:

Also “everyone” was a pretty poor choice of word on my part, I didn’t mean to imply that every min-max’er is a dick, just wanted to point out that some may be just that without realizing it :slight_smile:


I miss @malawiglenn