Looking for help with Shieldbreaker

Hi all. I’ve been playing a Shieldbreaker and recently got it to 100. Below a link to grimtools taken from the latest save file.


Right now I’m in the middle of Ultimate and doing mostly good. The equipment is a mix and match of whatever I’ve found that seemed to fit the build. Really I’ve no idea what a good equipment for this build would be. I’ve been looking in grimtools searching for sets that would fit, but there seems to be none. Any pointers you could provide in this area would be most welcome.

The main trouble I’m having is that some monsters with high fire resistance take forever to kill. I thought that Celestial Presence would deal with this problem, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Should I remove some points from Ulzuin’s Wrath or elsewhere and drop them in Thermite Mine? Will TM and CP’s RR stack or will only the highest one be applied?

Another possibility that comes to mind is respeccing devotions and try to fit in Revenant (assuming that it would stack). And now that we’re speaking devotions, how do my devotions look?

Finally, do you think that this build will be viable end-game?

A lot of questions, I know. Please bear with me.

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No it’s not, but no big deal; it’s your first character and you had fun :slight_smile:

I can answer your questions but first; unfortunately S&B auto attack builds doesn’t result well except physical damage in this game. There are a few but; with your class combination(Shieldbreaker) you have a lot of options. Some of them includes Shield. So what you wanna do exactly? You can use Dual Wield Melee with FS; which is good and have weapons should be easier to obtain. You can play 2H but then Righteous Fervor might result better than Fire Strike. You can play caster(which is not my area btw) with BWC, Grenado, Canistor Bomb etc.

But in all of these options; you definitely need Thermite Mine and Celestial Presence to reduce enemies resistances. You also take Solael’s Witchblade on devotions for the same reason. The easiest way to increase damage is reducing the enemies’ resistances. Also if you wanna be an auto attacker, you need more lifesteal along with more damage. One hand weapon + shield doesn’t provide that much damage but there are alternatives like shield throwing, though Paladin is much better for that kind of build.

Information about Resistance Reduce mechanics.

I can guide you for some of these paths but you need to understand what exactly you want from the build. As far as I understand, you wanna hit with your weapon; so I’m leaving these DW Melee builds and a beginner Shieldbreaker guide;

Edit: Here a quick theorycraft for you. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQy4PEN Just a sketch, not ideal but just to show you it can be done with budget items. Some items are target farmable, so check them in grimtools and try to get with good rolls so you can improve your build.

General suggestions: Keep your resistances %80 and have atleast %15-20 overcaps of them.(you can use augments) Physical resistance is also important, ideal is having atleast %15-20 or so if you have less, use items that grants you that stats since getting them from devotions is harder. Armor and Armor Absorption are tied together and have a unique mechanic, try to some reasearch in forum and google some of the things you wonder. Keep playing and don’t afraid to fail, that’s how you learn things.

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Thanks a lot for your answer.

The idea behind this build was to autoattack with FS. The shield was there to improve survivability, but it should probably go. I will take a detailed look at your suggetion and the builds you linked.

Once again, thaks a lot for your help.