Looking to min-max my build

Hi there , looking to min-max my build for SR65-66, and looking for suggestions. So far, Avatar of Mogdrogen was easy due to the massive RR and 89% lightning resistance overcap. Eye of Korvaak petrified his briarthorns and husks (Image link : https://ibb.co/HFysFBp). Do note this is on HC Ultimate.

GT Link : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZozDY9V

  1. Is this the best devotion path? I understand best is subjective , but i personally feel the CC from Eye of Korvaak together with +%All damage helps out alot.

2)Any end game sets in mind? I have very low DA hence I pumped all attribute points in Physique. Trozan set was taken for the +10% Physical resistance and bonus to lightning damage.

3)Remaining 4 Skill points ,should i max out Steel Resolve , Lightning Tether or Arcane Empowerment?

Here’s a similar dude from @afanasenkov26


For classic totem plus box no rune:



turtle not so great for endgame and without cooldown reduction

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDyXDpN here points more or less minmaxed with breaking points in mind

vindicator has nothing save lights defender but then again its better to just drop the rune as above. you should get better rings (even the blue faction rings from malmouth or coven are better) and weapon (+1 totem dagger or rr for wind devils dagger? ).

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Thank you both for your suggestions. I managed to complete SR65 but will take a look at the suggestions provided. Admin can close this thread, thanks!