Lose the tier system please

Why to deny player to build stuff based on the main house tier level? All this tech through the time should be available for village in any size. It is so stupid, that i get 300 people, then get wiped to 200 and then graveyard is full and i cannot build Crypt. And now i need to get 400 people just to upgrade my palace to enable crypt build? I would like to build the Crypt before, because my graveyard is full. Make the high-tier stuff just more expensive, but there is no need to deny buildings with some numeric parameters of the village besides the resources and work that is actually required for the building.

Because you need to progress. Strategy games and City builders are like this for so many years.

That is the whole point of the game

No, it is just a semi-developed trial feature to see where this game should be actually developed. Upgrading stuff in this game is good, but the requirements should make better sense. If you need 5 builders and 500 wood to upgrade the house, why is there need for another 400 people eating stuff. It can be a good survival-village-builder with many great mechanics, but i don’t see any need to add some hard-numbered requirements to some stuff that take away some strategical options and dynamics. Instead force every game to go in some single path.

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