lost interest in the game.

I lost interest in the game. After playing almost 300 hours and only have caught 5 legendary. Am I doing something wrong?


Fun fact: I’ve only had Grim Dawn since October 2016 or so.

That aside, RNG’s a bitch. What mobs are you hitting regularly? Are you doing Cronley runs, or Hive runs, or what?

Sounds like it, do you play in Normal only ? :wink: You should have more legendaries from getting one char through Ultimate…

Should try kill some Nemesis as well if you can.

I mean, life goes on. 300 hours is plenty, playing the same game for a while will get boring for most people after a while. In my case, I will play a game basically non-stop for a few days, then stop, and return to it after a while if it was a particularly good game.

In 300 hours you got only 5 legendaries? Wut? How is that even possible? This is probably one of the most generous ARPGs when it comes to the quantity of legendary drops. I’ve played some that it was a complete nightmare to just get a few (Torchlight 2 for example).

Been playing for 100 hours and I have around 15 Legendaries.

You sure you’re actually opening chests, fighting heroes, unlocking Shrines?

You should start playing in Elite and Ultimate - legendaries rain there - you can easily get 10 per hour farming heroes.

Or farm Crucible - 20 legendaries per hour on Gladiator.

stop making new characters… and complete the game until ultimate… do side faction quests… you can also ask people here for legendaries:rolleyes:

If 300 hours of entertainment wasn’t worth the 15-20$ you paid for it…

Best money I’ve ever spent.

No! Im playing in elite dificulty. Doing bounties or crucible.

I have 2 chars, demolist 75 and arcanist 69.

If you have a character lvl 50+ running through the second part of Elite as well as Ultimate… Well I need to empty my stash tabs daily since they’re filled up with legendaries. They drop regularly enough.

2 chars at level 75 or below and 300 hours ? doesn’t add up… that hardly amounts to 100 hours

In any case, now 5 legendaries makes more sense, still low for playing 2 chars through the campaign to these levels, but not impossible

Good chance there are a lot of afk hours in there. I know I have likely at least a couple hundred waste hours myself.

Probally not. I press esc and alt+tab when i need to go AFK.

Here you go man

Have fun


I like this game!


Can we win stuff by playing?

heh =)

Anyway, that’s weird for the OP. 5 Legs for 300 hours? Dunno what that’s about.

Well played, Powbam. Well played.

but also weird that you don’t even havent completed all the achievements… :rolleyes::rolleyes:

should have been done that by now with that amount of hours.

You’d think that but you’d be wrong :slight_smile:

Just what the heck am I doing in this game right?

On the upside… I just may be committing to a character! eisprinzessin and I are working on different versions of Battlemages and I think I’m going to go all the way with this one. Nothing like your first time they say but what would I know about that?

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