Low level chaos caster

I have afriend who for a long time tries to make chaos focused caster that would adequatly work on low(as in pretty much from start of game) build but can’t seems to find working variant:

  • AAR with conversion needed ton of points and started working adequatly only after homerstead
  • BWC itemization on low level is more focused on fire then on chaos(and some +DWC MI even convert chaos to fire)
  • Chaos FoI… do I need to mention results?
  • Doombolt had good damage, but is very clunky in his opinion.

Best idea I managed to give him is to farm this and max out Sigil of Consumption. But I am myself missing some basic idea?


Look at the chaos builds here Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions)

in particular moncccs chaos AAR and evil bakas chaos pyromancer :slight_smile:

one can also do chaos caster purifier / deceiver with https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/14209 off hand. Combined with the scepter you posted for sigil and doom bolt from occultist (and medal for sigil support) OR the medal for chaos mines for purifier caster.

Well here is the deals - if you check chaos build there, all of them goes trough respecing phase - start throwing fireball/DEE/OFF and then respec. Here person want to start as chaos and be chaos which is why I find this want a bit frustrating.

I understand you want Chaos caster that has smooth leveling phase / progression curve.
Actually I think Chaos FoI could work but let’s skip it because it may be tricky sometimes.
(the best Chaos FoI I know uses 2 Arcane Sparks for Energy regen)

I think it’s the best idea. Farm this off-hand as well Abaddoth’s Sermons
(can also be farmed in the 1st act just as the scepter you mentioned) for full Vit conversion.

Maybe also try Vid-Touched Ammo as a filler for the lols?

Of course this is beginning leveling, later maybe switch to some proper Chaos Occultist
(that can still use Chaos Sigil, there are a few builds like that), i.e. Black Scorch Covenant

If you play Deceiver, I highly advise you to mod Inquisitor Seal to be Red instead of defeault Blue, assuming you don’t items with skill modifiers that change it on their own.

PS Also this shield is very good Vampiric Bonewall

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There is no level 1 chaos spell no.

There’s no way around it, and really it doesn’t matter much when that initial phase will take up a miniscule amount of your entire time spent levelling.

Only way to realistically start Chaos as low as level 1 is a Chaos melee/ranged attacker, otherwise, you have to spend a time working up the mastery tree to unlock skills first. This isn’t a Chaos thing, other damage types have to spend time as well, thankfully levels go by quickly early on - Level 5-6 after Kyzogg, Level 15 when you’re around Burrwitch etc.

And to be honest, i find it odd that he is ok with Doom Bolt here when it is further into the mastery tree than other Chaos damage skills.


He doesn’t want to go through reequipping phase, but he is ok with rushing to skill. Yeah, strange situation

Well he didn’t that the point xD

In the guide ulvar mentioned that I wrote for Chaos Sigils, there really isn’t much in the way of “re-equipping”. All I do is change my weapon to a Bloodsworn Scepter, swap skill points out of Dreeg’s Evil Eye into Destruction/Sigil of Consumption and it’s ready to go, shreds enemies in an area whilst healing back to full often. From that point on, you also shift priorities in what gear you look for from +% Acid damage to +% Chaos damage but really, it’s so early on that it doesn’t make a massive difference anyway, you can get by with anything for awhile so long as you have the Scepter (hence why I also say that what affixes you get on said Scepter don’t matter).

What I’m trying to say is, it’s very seamless and getting to that point will take perhaps an hour if I had to estimate time taken? Maybe a bit more if your friend wants to explore everywhere and gets unlucky with farming a Scepter. In terms of the full levelling experience that can takes tens of hours, it is very, very small.

If this is still a problem for your friend, I don’t know what else to say except to get used to it else he is limiting the number of skills or builds he could play substantially :man_shrugging:

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Thats exactly what he doesn’t want to deal… Yeah, strange but well…

Anyway look like I was correct - max Sigil + bloodsworn is his best bet. Thanks!

How good are these component skills btw (for low level chars)? Has anyone tried them?

https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/2892 this I have used a few times but not sure it was worth it. Got rid of it pretty soon

Void-Touched Ammo never used it, seems to be very bad damage and functionality compared to say venom tipped ammo.

https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/2904 this one is a must, for RR and is often used in end-game builds too. But the damage is kinda meh even for level 35ish chars.

A bit counterproductive as it has Phys to fire on itself coupled with weapon damage. Also I wouldb’t say its hard to get good CD spell for chaos. But kinda workable

Used several times and must say - dps indeed just not there. Additionally projectile itself is rather slow and somewhart aquard in term of trajectory


Never used Demon’s Breath but I remember hearing from someone that it’s actually pretty good.

Same thoughts on Chaos Bolts. The damage isn’t really there and it uses the slow projectile lob like the Aether Missile proc on gear or Canister Bomb/BWC, so it can be rather slow for crowd clearing.

Symbol of Solael is great for the RR and as a free devotion proccer. Damage-wise, it looks like it’d be great early on like Word of Pain but by the time you can use it, it’s already trailing off in effectiveness I feel.

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Also it sometimes fly above some monsters who are staying too close IIRC. I remember I had problems with rifthounds I think

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Used it a LOT when I was a total noob starting this game. It’s pretty good for early levels.

Damage is decent but gl hitting a single bolt :rofl:

Probably the best chaos component active skill.


Come on. It’s after Oblivion and Obsidian Tremor :slight_smile:
I mean we can argue about Tremor because it’s pretty specific
but Oblivion has a very broad use. There are countless Vitality/
Chaos Oblivion builds, there are multiple Aether / Fire / Physical
Oblivion builds, I’ve even seen Acid Oblivion build by madroman.

Some Chaos builds have too many skills to cast already, i.e. Purifier,
then you don’t really want another debuff to cast imo.

And yes, I am Oblivion fanatic and I was triggered.

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that’s why I said “component”, not relic or weapon.


Ooops, sorry, probably the reason why I thought this way
is that the other chaos component skills are not used so
I automatically assumed you mean all of them.