Lucius' Blade Arm Battlemage?

So I had this interesting idea with Lucius’ Blade Arm.
I had a very successful Battlemage, the good ol trusted Krieg Mindwarp. A monstrously powerful build that is tried and trusted!
But then I imagined… what if I go 2h?
As per usual I tried to improve it but it didn’t really go anywhere.
Wanted to change Devotions and squeeze in Kraken. Not sure it is any better than Spider.
Damage seems lower than 2x Mindwarp (who would have thought…) but seems viable and fun!

Bonus points: Two procs on the weapon make it quite a nice light show.
Please let me know if you smart fellas can improve on this. As per usual I am shit at making builds, which I think you guys will get used to eventually.

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Check out Nery’s thread for ideas:


Look similar to what I have planned :slight_smile: I intendet to try level up with new char from sctratch and make this build as like “first build journal”

not sure why you take so high fightning form and no zolhan and not 12/12 squad or no menhir will.

Lucius battle mage is a viable Blade Arc build.


Reminder: Ask @Nery to stop crushing my dreams with perfect MIs. Damn you, RNG!


Ask it yourself! :smile:

Your rolls are pretty good actually. With Shattered reality suffix you have some converted flat but main appeal of the weapon is the combo of single target damage from your main attack and insane AoE from weapon’s proc.

I have seen one somewhere. Performance is similar to Cadence but I find working 2H Cadence build to be more… unique.

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What about Aether Righteous Fury? If you get a prefix for it it’s basically the same +4 to your main attack as well as all other bonuses.

For aether RF you have much better option in this:


I have had a perfectly rolled damage % Shattered Realm set in my stash for months. I might attempt something with Scion and that. Seems decent.

@Nery 40ish runs. I hate RNG sometimes. xD

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