Mad Queen with pet build???

OK I have a cabalist well equipped. I have 2900 DA. I have 80% life leach resist. Pets have 900% dmg. They do not and CAN NOT HAVE LIFE LEAST RESIST. I can stand any hit from mad queen but can not make a dent in her (on ultimate) because she just life steals pets just like Kubra bastard! This is just stupid unless I am missing something…and BTW bosses completely unbalanced now. I loved Titan Quest and props to devs for what is mostly a good game but this is stupid! If I am missing something chime in but dont tell me my pets need 3000% dmg!

edit: BTW my build based on knight king (my build actually better equipped). Posted for night king is a video of mad queen dropping in 5.3 seconds on VER 1.2. This game must have totally changed cause that ain’t happening LOL. 5.3 SECONDS SHE DOWN 10% AND READY TO HEAL.

edit 2: My bad 5.3 seconds shes down 1%. Also crucible now its retarded! Bosses go from face plantable to irritating and not fun (run around for 20 minutes) to impossible (high speed massive damage). No balance at all. What is my strategy vs high speed massive damege LMAO. Cant run and cant fight and I have 2900 DA and this on friggin challenger 130 F*ck me to tears…Moving on - what a disappointment this has become. This game is FUBAR at this point.

Honestly, how is it possible to ever get upset at this game…
I’m a rageaholic when it comes to games, but grim dawn?

Upset! No man just a game. Just posting how I feel about where the game has gone now and moving on. I have put many hours in and see the imbalance now…and mad queen is ridiculous for pet build (impossible). If not post video of taking her down 1.4.1 with pet build. Don’t think I will see that anytime soon. Video would be 3 hours long!

BTW the main game is fine still for people looking to play campaign. Just run from Kubra! (I hear he is finally nerfed though as of 1.4.1). End game is my problem at this point.

edit: Sorry forgot you cant run from Kubra the bitch will track your ass down if in closed quarters. That’s the new standard for stupid bosses now…Fast as shit, massive damage and take WAY to long to kill (if you can).

You sound really really angry.

So far I have 2 stupid replies and no one refuting my claims or offering to post video of mad queen drop with pet build. If you have nothing intelligent to say please do not reply!

Pets recently got inherent life leach resist to counteract this issue. What I think is happening here is that you’re trying to attack her with her aura up, which mind you looks like a constant lifestealer nova from Chthonian thread sash or Siphon Souls.

Attacking in ANY fashion while this aura is up nets you a nasty counter attack in the form of a shotgunning spine attack, that surprise surprise, leaches tons of hp on top of doing a hell of a lot of damage.

Either pull your pets away with the pet attack command and wait for it to go on cooldown, or dispel it if you have Ulo’s Cleansing Waters in your build

Post your build using grimtools if you want some constructive criticism/want to improve. I’de also suggest you look over DaShiv’s guide for the Night King (and for his Dracarris Pyromancer too) and try to understand how they work to some degree as pet builds have their own nuances compared to non-pet builds.

Pet builds as they are now for end game campaign are fine, if they were in a bad spot, I imagine some of the pet specialists on the forums would be pretty vocal about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you considered that nothing you have said is worth refuting?

That which is asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

@Evil_Baka: If you bothered reading my post it is based on knight king. I have read his link thoroughly thank you I’m not an idiot.

@the8anarchist: First constructive reply. Thx I’ll try. That may work in long run bet I’m in for an hour long fight though if so. As it stands I can stale mate the bastard if I have enough health potions. We both live forever. I’ll post back thx.

Based on.

Post your Grimtools, if you would. Jury’s still out on your last claim.

@the8anarchist: Went back and just as I thought she casts every time you attack. Does not appear to be a cool down of more than 3 seconds. Have you checked recently? Another sadistic change with latest patch? And Ulo cleansing waters is worthless with like a 25 second cool down. She squeals every time she cast and she is squealing like a pig non stop. Nope she is impossible.

@Tycho: My build is same as knight king (give or take) with better equip. If mad queen is healing every 3 seconds doubt that is my problem.

Pets is actually one of the easier builds to do Mad Queen with, with one notable issue.

If you are gonna win with pets it tends to be a very short fight, like 7-8 secs and done. You can’t really win a long drawn out fight because of her lidesteal, least not as pets. With a measly 900% pet damage i get the feeling you are trying to outlive and outlast which won’t work vs Mad Queen.

@Silben: OK before you posted this have you tried recently? I just looked at knight king and his base pet damage was 410% an grim calc. Mine is 900% He posts video of taking mad queen down in 5.3 seconds (in 1.2). Not anymore my friend. I even tried face planting and never got it down more than 20%. 900% measly? Seriously? Where do you think this pet damage is coming from? I have massive pet damage. Do you have a pet build? What is your pet damage? I’m talking base 900 ok. She is broken unless you DOT and run! Without faceplant never have her below 90% health even pulling back (which is worthless as she can cast seemingly constant). I even tried burning all my energy to see if she was draining me for he casts and no luck. Not even close. Here is my build please comment!

I mean, you only need to avoid her red aura. You don’t even need life leach resist. When she opens the aura, just go away from her and wait till it fades (around 5 seconds iirc).

It will be hard for the first couple of times till you realize when the aura appears. That aura (red one, remember) reduces health and deals massive vitality damage every time you hit her. She restores 12% of her health when using it.

Like I said OMG hard to stay away when she can cast every 3 seconds! Someone go check recently she has changed! Red aura is constant!!! Attack red aura…pull back attack red aura. IMPOSSIBLE!

Her aura comes up every 12 seconds.

Nope NO way! If so I could face plant the bitch! Have you even tried lately or are you just commenting on past experience my friend?