MageHunter, Druid or Spellbreaker for TSS?

I would love to make a Trozan Sky Shard build ( I always wanted) now with new items it comes out pretty strong.
Would love to see some suggestions on which class to go with and why.

Has anyone tried any combo?

Crucible / Nemesis?


I have a TSS druid, he’s quite squishy but lots of fun. Will drop the grimtools later, writing from tablet from work. Out of all bis items I only lack a belt, gloves and relic. The offhand procced with min cdf as well, looking for a better one.
The real issues are low armor (around 1400) and low-ish da (around 2300), so anything of new areas hit like a truck.
Fabius can be killed, but not facetanked. I farm him with my druid, though, just takes ~20sec more than on my warder. I suppose all new nemesis bosses can be killed with kiting around the bushes. I’m yet to try it. Crucible gladiator? Don’t think so, wave 120-130 tops.

P.s. some people will definitely squeeze more survivability from tss druid with olerons blood and wendigo totem, but I prefer to stick with stuff that fits the build ideologically. So, if you don’t care a lot about that kind of stuff, it’s really strong. Some really good tss gear added. Seal of the skies is great AA replacer, btw.

Dual Trosan scepeters - Cold TSS Starbreacker.
Pros - Dualwielding, 600-800K crits, cold dmg, SS, mobility, dodge, On demand healing with low cooldown, lots of shiny stars.
Cons - Squishy. Poor performance against heavy resistant mobs.
Fun build, but well, not HC-friendly.
One Trosan scepeter - Lightning TSS Druid.
Pros - reliable dmg, 500-700k crits, 20K health , opie healing totem, Zaaap totem.
Cons - slow. So slow. Extremly slow gameplay. Ive got bored during leveling.

Can you give grimtools? Those crits seem huge, maximum of what I’ve seen on ultimate for my druid was around 180k per projectile

TSS is, I find, mechanically annoying. And for a summon-meteor-shower type skill it’s damage is a bit underwhelming (I made a druid before AoM, haven’t played it since).

And you’re basically screwed unless you have (mythical) trozan’s set. There is pretty much no other decent gear for the build.

Im counting total crit dmg from all projectiles. 6 for Spellbreacker and 5 for Druid.
180k is what it should be for druid. 120-150k for spellbreacker.

I will stay on those words here!
I agree its strong, would you use whole Trozan set on Druid?
I was thinking MageHunter to use WoR/WoP and ofc RoH for sick cold dmg. The skills used would be RoH-OFF-TSS-WoP.

Why boring? The build should play like a CDR aether build (sick build btw man gz :D), with the new gear and enough CDR, TSS goes down to 1-1,5sec cd which is sick imo.
Yes, eventually you would have to facetank some hits when casting TSS/OFF/Wind devil/Totem/etc but with enough armor/DA + MSoP + MoE that would be doable i think.
Think that you have procs and devos raining down comets and blizzards all the time which are huge boost to aoe clearance and a precious help to single target dps.

Can’t say for other builds but my druid is very fun. The thing is, I rarely use storm totems, mostly relying on tss, wind devils and that skill from seal of the skies. It’s a no-cd chain lightning, and with ultos devotion proc attached to it the thing can clear trash very effectively, so I don’t really need storm totems.

I’d definitely use full trozans, the proc has huge damage, and I don’t reallh see better options. The hat is the only slot you may consider to change, and I’m not sure there ard better hats.

Also someone mentioned there’s a green mi offhand with +1 projectile to TSS, so technically you can make Druid with 6 shards as well.

Dunno, it just feel so slow. My movespeed was slow. Stars slowly falling from the sky. Freezed mobs all over the screen. And trooling dumbdevils. They are the worst. These bastards could fly on the other edge of the screen while chasing some trash at the exact time when i need them on top of IMs head >> And stacking savagery on this build was just painfull >>

I would be very interested to see what kind of builds people have crafted around tss now. Never really got into it myself. Leveled a druid once to 60+ but at that point tss started to feel very ineffective.

TSS dmg does fall off after lvl 75, you realy need myphical Trosan scepetre and Starfury to make it work. something like that should work.

That’s what I have now:
No MIs, but still fine.

got this one, was before exp, can face nemesis, including the usuals annoying ones for casters like fabius;
still “working” on it, barely got the lvl 94, got mythical trozan and amu but build feels weaker than it was, i dont know if its from the gear that aint fully updated (yet) or if its just less good cause of how it scaleswith new lvls,
overall i was really surprised in the good way by it, now with exp its more the opposite

anyway :

What do you guys think about MageHunter?
I really want to know if Rune of Hagarrad has decent enough dmg to pair it with TSS and obliterate entire screens…

Are Wind devils SO good to justify picking Shaman over Inquisitor?

Why on earth would you stack savagery in a TSS build?

Without actually making a inquis/arc tss build i see one obvious problem. Zero in-tree resist reduction without giving up starpact (also painful for a tss build) Shaman support offers RR, 30% health, and if you can get ranky enough wendigo (requires a high health/defensive pool to utilize its healing though)

Maybe shaman has the in-tree resist reduction% and the extra health, but i think inquisitor has WAY more utility with seal/word of renewal/freeze from rune of hagarrad and the resist reduction can be sought in the devotions and maybe gear in order to compensate.
Inquisitor has much more OA too.

I havent played with Wind devil at all, i dont know its damage potential and devo proc chances though

Great at procing devos. Not so great at dealing damage.

OA/DA , life regen from tenacity.

Due to absurd ele resists you are forced to use a class with -%RR to deal reliable dmg. Unless you want to kill stuff in 10+ minutes.