Main menu change?

hey give it a way to changer thze main menu background ??

Welcome to the forum. :grinning: Been asked for a few times, whether it’s possible …?

Yes, you actually had it in your recap to the stream of 12th july topic.

well. this is the proof that crate need to FOCUS their attention on important projects, especially gameplay elements. maybe in the far future they’ll add the option to change main menu like titan quest.

If you want to make a favorite one…
How to make it is described here, but it’s a pretty hard work.

T B H , I also feel this is a problem, plus the menu looks “cheap” somehow, I do not like it , although I love this game

I think the start menu looks dope

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But that was only meant to be as an example. :laughing:
It’s not that hard to create a good looking mainmenu background.

It will change with next expansion :sweat_smile: