Dev Stream 12th July 2019 re Patch

Thermite mines, someone mentioned them. That’s one of the changes coming in this patch. So pretty big issues that some of you have had is that they a) take a while to deploy and b) they tend to bounce around all over the place. So now, if you’re paying attention, they’re instant. Wherever I press that’s where they go.

LightningYu : Thermite Mine OP now… fix pls with next patch

Yeah, we’ll fix it in patch 1.1.5, don’t worry.

So people have mentioned auto-looting That’s going to be a new option right here in Gameplay that you can toggle on, it is off by default. We don’t want new people to get confused about item search randomly clearing into the inventory, we actually want them to click on them and do the picking up, but for those veterans of you out there, and I’m sure there are plenty of you these days, you can just run right over them and loot them just like in Grim Internals.

And any components you pick up will automatically combine with any that you already have in your inventory, so this button is kinda redundant these days, although we’re going to leave it in case you have any lying around from your pre patch 1.1.4.

jalex3 : can we have health bars without numbers?

Yes. So the next thing that just came up - health bars. One of the features of Grim Internals that was very popular and highly requested when we told people we were going to include some of it’s features, health bars are now in the Interface where you can customise a lot of features about them. So you mentioned hiding the health numbers and that’s exactly what you can do right here. You can toggle them off, find some enemies you don’t kill instantly and you have health bars, but not the numbers.

Medierra : I want a slider to control the size of thee health bars and another slider for health bar transparency.

Well, how about a slider that controls how many sliders you have to determine those things. Because I feel most people don’t want that many sliders, but maybe you do so you need a slider to determine how many sliders show up.

Serious_Stan : Zantai, can we have the crafting recipes in blacksmith scaled up, so that we craft complete components

Actually I am considering doing that. I’m going to have to look into how reasonable that would be. For example many partial components you have already are going to become useless, but most people craft and complete so that is definitely an option.

lcghent : What are the 2 hander balance changes?

I’m not going to go over every item one by one, but the general direction we took though was to increase the amount of skill points we’re giving out. So every 2-hander that gave mastery bonuses - this is for all non-set 2-handers - any 2-hander that gives you +1 to a mastery of Legendary quality now gives +2. Anything that gave you +3 to a skill now gives you +4 and that applies to Monster Infrequents and Legendaries.

Drelnar : is there a way to have them toggled on enemies before you engage them ?

I assume you’re talking about the health bars. So we decided that having them always displayed is actually misleading because you’re going to be seeing full health bars and partial health bars and you have no indication which enemies are injured and which are at full health. So we thought that the distinction that an full enemy doesn’t have a health bar is actually more helpful than having their health displayed as before. However, we have updated the icon for Heroes in the game, they’re more obvious and we added those icons for Nemesis and boss enemies as well. So id you’re approaching them in the Crucible or Shattered Realm and you see a clusterfuck of enemies and you see a giant skull sticking out in the middle you’re going to know Nemesis in there or a boss.

lcghent : What are the arcanist changes?

There are a number of those. They’re all focussed on the passive bonuses.

So first up Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange. The percentile damage from Overload is now on the base skill, which means that characters that aren’t necessarily going to benefit from the flat damage are actually going to get percent damage bonuses as well which is going to be beneficial for Panetti’s Replicating Missile for example. Overload on the other hand is going to keep those same damage over time procs it has and the aether resistance, but it’s also going to get a substantial bonus to Offensive Ability. We felt that Arcanist is more of a sort of glass cannon architect in the game, but how successful we were with that or not is up for debate I suppose, but we opted to put something offensive on there instead of more defensive bonuses to emphasise that aspect. Arcanist probably has the highest OA values in the game now between Overload and Inner Focus.

S0bertooth : would it be possible to have the cd of health and energy potions displayed outside the skill bar? So I can remove them from there and just use the dedicated hotkeys

I’ve considered that in the past. I’ve been shut down about trying to get that on the UI because we don’t really know where. There isn’t a good spot to put it.

tabia_ditch : do overload procs count as separate sources when you convert 100% ele to another single element?

It would count as the same because you’re applying it as weapon damage. However, if you apply that to two different skills that’ll be a different story.

Finally Elemental Balance is going to receive increased duration bonuses to dots. Because we’re adding this bonus to burn damage here, we’re actually going to remove it from Reckless Power and Reckless Power is going to get a thematic bonus to stun retaliate against enemies that hit them.

Now I’ll mention Maiven’s Sphere of Protection change which I’m sure it going to get even more hype than even some of this stuff. Damage penalty is gone. No more damage penalty, just like that. Just about a 5% damage boost across the board. Conversion is going to have it’s slow resistance scaling equally with all of the reduced durations it had so it’s going to give you more of a boost to resisting slows of any kind.

Mental Alacrity - we’ve substantially increased the energy pool. The classes that are going to be taking this are going to benefit from a larger one so it means Aether Ray builds are not going to be running out of man as quickly so you so you can go longer.

And finally Fabric of Reality is going to get bonuses to Aetherials and Ch’thonics.

murderburgerz : I just got in, when does this patch come out??

Probably in the next week or two. Probably end of next week or early the following week. It’s in a pretty good place. There’s one thing we’re working on that we hope to get into this patch; I mentioned it in preview, it’s actually the new renderer. So that’s under video options called Deferred Rendering. And what it does for you is actually result in substantial performance gains. I myself have noticed, that just playing around as I have been recently testing Veteran difficulty, the game runs way smoother. I’m not seeing the sort of frame rate dips I would occasionally with mobs of enemies, it’s just a steady frame rate the whole way through which is beautiful.

rafsonmcp : @CrateEntertainment any changes to Ritualist ?

I’m not going to go over every single patch change, but there are going to be changes for every single mastery.

ResidentCeno : +2 to Performance

tuftyfella : more performance for zero monies, ethical devs!

I suspect that this will benefit higher end systems more than lower end systems as unfortunately this always goes. It also requires DirectX 11. So if your computer requires DirectX 9, you’re not going to benefit from this. This is, however, another benefit of the Xbox port that someone asked about earlier. It’s still coming, Rhis is still working on it and this is a direct gain to you on the PC version because we had to make this work for console.

DemonikCurse : @CrateEntertainment will it be possible to enable showing names for heroes with health bars? or only health bars?

So what we did with health bars - so he’s got a star over his head, but when he takes damage he’s got stars next to his health bar instead.

MaelstromX103 : hello, will Arcanist get resistance reduction ?

No, we’re not adding resistance reduction.

Another thing from Grim Internals that has been requested for a long time. Generally we don’t like making UI changes because they make our lives miserable, but we did cave in this regard. Crucible map selection, by default it’s random, just like the original setting. You can, however, if you’d like select the map you want and go right in.

jalex3 : console will need better crafting imo

Well, speaking of crafting the next feature on our list here is a search filter for the crafting menu. So I can type in the search parameter I’m looking for and the resulting items will have exactly that stat. So if you’re looking for a specific component for example, you type it right in and get exactly what you’re looking for. No more scrolling through hundreds of sections in here.

ihavemanyaccountslol : @CrateEntertainment Do you, in any future, see a Grim Dawn MMO happening?

I don’t think that’s realistic. First of all, MMO’s are incredibly difficult to break into as a market and we don’t really have the money or the staff to make a proper MMO. It would require Crate to scale up dramatically.

omegam0 : @CrateEntertainment how about a D&D Grim Dawn official campaign, have you guys considered doing something like that?

I do actually know a person on the D&D team at Wizards on the Coast, maybe I should talk to her about some collaboration.

Darkstalix : Zan was there any talk about 3rd Expansion?..

Well, I can tell you it’s not currently in development.

Gumms : We want more cosmetics

We’ll keep that in mind. If you guys absolutely want more cosmetics options, let us know on the forum. Let us know on Reddit, let us know on Steam, we’ll be paying attention. If you want a Loyalist Pack 3 we can definitely make that happen.

frogsarepeopletoo : any plans on releasing GD merchandise?

Man, I would love to have GD merchandise. I don’t know who on the team would handle the logistics of it. And there’s all this tax stuff that comes in too and I think Medierra’s gonna off himself if he has any more taxes to deal with.

Luzzifus : @CrateEntertainment have you considered showing the exact number of skill points obtained from gear for each skill in the skill window?

I guess we’d have to do a UI update for that. Something that could be feasible I guess.

Arthald : @CrateEntertainment Actually what’s the background story about naming the company Create Ent.?:>

Not Create, Crate. I believe, and Medierra can correct me on this, the idea was that a lot of the philosophy for a while has been to think outside the box which sometimes meant just doing weird shit just for the sake of being new and different, which doesn’t always mean being better. So our philosophy was more to think inside the box and polish more the things we know are great and bring you that. I think that’s how that came about.

spendaem : any plans for new mastery?

A new mastery would absolutely have to come with a new expansion. So that would be a very large scale effort.

rebel7254 : mods for Xbox version? would be sweet.

Mods for Xbox version, man I don’t know. That would be up to Rhis I guess to see if it’s even doable. I mean there’s mods for other games on console, right? I’ve never played the Elder Scrolls on console.

So the game difficulty has received a pretty substantial overhaul I say, in the early game. So if you’re end game focussed, this isn’t going to affect you much although it will to a degree. The main thing we did is we felt that the base game has really fallen behind in terms of challenge. Players’ skills have gotten much more powerful since the main game came out. Ashes of Malmouth came out and there was a steep jump in difficulty that actually kinda threw people off and one thing Ashes of Malmouth didn’t feel harder because people had been playing for a long time and they would want a reasonable challenge. However, if you’re a new person coming in and you’re playing here and suddenly you’re here, that’s a bit jarring. So rather than bring that down we thought this is fun, why don’t we make this more like this. So Veteran difficulty in particular is much more challenging. Actually I went ahead and updated the tooltip when selecting Veteran because I wanted to make it clear that it’s not for the faint of heart any more. Another thing Veteran is providing are 10% experiences. One thing we noticed for a long time and it makes sense that players who want to rush to Ultimate difficulty as quickly as possible don’t really want to toggle Veteran because it slows down your progression. You’re taking more time with enemies because they’re more difficult so it takes you longer to get through the story. So to compensate for that we’ve added experiences and this experience gain is multiplicative with any experience gear you might be wearing so Lokarr set, any medals that might have experience bonuses on them, that experience apply on top of that.

Any plans for the NPC found in the Fleshworks to make another appearance?

So his story is not going to finish with Forgotten Gods, his story is for things beyond. Which is more of a sequel.

But yes, updated difficulty. It actually means early game you might actually die if you’re not paying attention. It’s refreshing frankly. What actually spurred this change was we’ve been playing with the difficulty skip merits, starting in Ultimate difficulty, and that actually felt like so much more fun than blasting through Normal or Veteran that we thought shouldn’t we bring that back, that feeling of actually being challenged all the way through the game instead of being challenged only at the end. So these zombies could actually kill you whereas before you lose like a tenth of your health bar by the time they’re all dead. Repositioning might actually make sense. Especially with some of the special abilities that monsters are using. So all those projectile effects that gazers use are split or the wave attacks that are cast, it might actually be worth dodging them now because that’s damage you do not want to be taking. In addition, because of these changes, that is kind of where difficulty will change a little bit of end game is where we took all these old vanilla monsters and kinda brought them up to speed with monsters from Forgotten Gods and Ashes of Malmouth. Ashes of Malmouth, Forgotten Gods enemies have much more powerful abilities which is kinda where the spike in difficulty comes about. So we went through 18 hundred records in the database in all and hand by hand updated all those skill numbers to bring them up to par. Which means all those special effects are going to feel much better at the end of the game and that enemies that previously were a bit of a joke might actually pose a question to you again. So in a way more difficult yes, but really it’s more consistent So when you run into Forgotten Gods or Ashes of Malmouth enemies you get a stern challenge and when you run into vanilla enemies it’s no longer going to be way easier, it’s just going to be conducive which I think is even better.

Generally I would say, and this is something that’s been playtesting for the last few weeks, the difficulty is much more consistent, much more enjoyable, it actually feels as if the game is challenging you again at all levels of play instead of just being a total breeze on Normal or even Veteran. For the longest time Veteran actually felt like Elite difficulty and even then that wasn’t that hard. So we made Elite difficulty closer to Ultimate and Veteran is below that and Normal even below that. So you got Normal, Veteran, Elite, Ultimate instead of Normal, Veteran/Elite, Ultimate.

One other thing we went through for this patch is an update to some older sets. First set we updated is Dark One’s. It’s now going to support Shaman as well as Necromancer and Occultist. We’re bringing in some more survivability and damage to the Wendigo Totem so you can sit in that and give yourself more damage and it’s also going to do more damage to enemies. And with the complete set you actually get up to 2 Wendigo Totems so if you put them close enough together you get the heal from both Totems at the same time which can be pretty powerful. And the damage from them as well.

So Trozan set will also support Occultist. Specifically Sigil of Consumption. And with that, of course, comes an updated visual.

gostoram : I hate reposting my questions, but I really want to know: any plans to make skeletons less squishy for the endgame content? Especially since the whole game is more difficult now.

Absolutely not, because is what they’re supposed to be. They’re supposed to be squishy. You’re supposed to be summoning them back up and consuming them.

Forsaken_Kingdom : Have you considered making Wind Devil permanent like Blade Spirit? I think it would make a lot more people consider using that skill! It’s an awkward feeling to keep interrupting yourself to cast it

We have considered it and decided not to. You’re not interrupting yourself to cast it, it’s your attack.

meowdimurro : Sorry for repeating but i don’t heard the answer or was no answer. So…By the way, a few words about the illusionist. Could you make an information icon in each section on illusions, how many illusions are there for this slot and how many I have already received. something like (50/94), where 50 is found, 94 is available. Thanks

That would be interesting, not sure how we’d do it though. Because when the Illusionist was made it adds things to your database based on what you’ve found. It doesn’t actually have knowledge of all the items in the game.

ConstantinTrifonov : please show devotion changes if they are

There are no major devotion changes in this patch.

Right there’s one more set we’re updating. The Venomblade set. So Venomblade is going to support 3 masteries, 2 masteries without Forgotten Gods. So with this update it’s going to support Oathkeeper, Nightblade and Occultist and it seemed kinda boring to have yet another collection of items that supports just flat acid damage on Occultist’s skills so we actually decided to beef up Bloody Pox, make it full poison, full acid and make that go ham for you.

princexavier123 : have you considered adding the option to change the menu screen like having the choice to have ashes or base game screens

I have heard requests for that recently. Frankly I thought a better use of our time was bringing you the features we are adding because those actually affect your game play rather than something you see for a few minutes when you start your characters.

ResidentCeno : @zantai show them the greatest meme in existence (other abb weapon)

So the greatest meme weapon of all time is probably going to be this one. It’s an upgrade for Amarasta’s Blade Burst support to make it spammable. And the reason Ceno calls it a meme weapon is if you equip two of them you’re actually going to reduce the damage from Amarasta’s Blade Burst by 100%, not recommended. But you go on ahead.

meowdimurro : Shit, i forgot… Conversion lightning to pierce on Dunefiend set is totally sucks. Sad but true. Please remove this shitty conversion or make it not to pierce but to acid!

Well, here you go because that’s exactly what we did.

berax22 : when can we see the patch notes

When the patch comes out because the community has shown that showing you patch notes in advance is not good for your health.

RektbyProtoss : just give us the patch notes with a disclaimer "read at own health risk

Yeah, cause that’s worked before.

rebel7254 : does waiting until patch is out to release the notes really reduce complaining?

Yes,it actually does.

Have I shown you everything I wanted to. Ah yes, Bonerat.

nobodyakaslayer : Why was the Deathguard set changed with the added shadow strike support when there’s the Dunefiend set?

A few reasons. First, they do play a little different. Second, Shadow Strike seemed like a good fit for Deathguard and a good fit for Dunefiend so that’s how it is.

tsuelue : Ok, I need THAT as a vanity pet, please.

I’ll get yelled at if I add any more free pets.

Tempelwaechter8 : was the health bar of the enemy new?

Yes, I suggest you check out our recent patch preview that’s on the forum right now.

Okay guys, one more surprise. Because I did tell you you might see something surprising here today if you stop by the stream. What could it be? What do you guys think it is? Man you guys have a lot of ideas, I am surprised. Right you ready for this? The final feature we’re adding in patch 1.1.4 is a stash search.

Wasn’t sure it was going to be ready for this patch, but it is, there you go. Our last little sneak peak for the patch 1.1.4 coming later this month absolutely full of quality of life features that I’ve mentioned. So you guys have a reason to be pumped. If you’ve been skipping Grim Dawn for a while because of burn out well I think this will bring a fresh feeling to the game for you. So much quality of life stuff, it’s awesome.

Plasmastrike67 : Zantai - i love the iron transfer boy. can you put him in crucible? to make buying tabs on low level mules easy

We probably won’t put him in the Crucible, no.

rafsonmcp : @CrateEntertainment i buy everything ! and i buy moreee

Then buy MOAR. But really I think this patch is going to bring Grim Dawn up to a whole new level. And really all this sort of stuff is made possible because you guys have bought a ton of copies, bought the expansions, bought the Loyalist Packs. That allows us to justify these sort of things. And this next content update we’re doing with Riggs, it’s going to be huge. I can’t wait to show you guys some of the levels we’ve been working on. This stuff is really awesome, it’s turning out great. I’ve actually had a talk with Hyboreal and Grava just today about some of the lore stuff for that patch, it is fun stuff.


Actually, some partial components ALREADY are useless due to that. At rare occurance, you get something like “Purified Salt” (partial) from dismantling or quest, but that component doesnt drop and can be crafted as complete only, so that partial “purified Salt” turns into deadweight (as odds to get few more to complete it are very low, and component itself is quite easy to craft.
Crate, i’d like you to revise quest/dismantling rewards too, so you get only partial components, that can drop/be crafted as partial.

How about displaying that with a buff, just like “Deadly Aim”, for example? (a buff indicator is shown until CD is finished)

I’d be very pleased with this kind of implementation.

Oh, I haven’t watch the stream until the end. Change to dark one, venomblade, and dunefiend seems really interesting. Venomblade cowl now is irreplaceable for most of melee witch hunter though.

Changes to amarastan crusher is super interesting. But when can we get a penetrating ABB for gun? Lol.

Dark one set change doesn’t seem to be really game changing. I have been waiting for a long time to have the set gives more damage to RE. Still sad that it will not happen.

Important note: I hope crate will implement the name of hero+ to the enemy health bar. This is actually one of the most important feauter of GI.


Damn. Arcanist changes might make my runic bolts dream come true. Seriously pulling off a chinese retirement here.

Once again, ,medea_fleecestealer…you come through with a nice summary. Thanks!

nice work with the summary!

Thank you for the transcript! I am curious to see how the altered Arcanist skills scale when it comes out.

Thanks for your hard work, it’s pretty helpfull even as someone who watched that stream, because you miss sometime still some things… yet i’ve to point out something:

That was a joke on my side. It wasn’t meant seriously, but rather joking because of this whole nerf & buff situation and this huge #deadbuilds outcry… so i really hope neither zantai nor the community did take that serious.

Don’t worry, we know. :rofl:

a great game maker,thx,

Just curious i don’t really get why there are achievements in the game but you don’t actually achieve or receive anything other that saying you have completed this achievement. Can you put rewards for every achievement, example a pets that don’t do anything just a pet that follows you around, or rare crafting materials, or blueprints, or additional devotion points (but limited). Also i think a display of all your characters in the starting screen will be damn great specially if they are all level 100 pretty sick to capture those characters.

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Just in case someone’s interested in my opinion after testing and posting a few setups…

Which is great but this is not the biggest problem with Dunefiend (though it’s been talked about most because it’s most apparent).

The biggest problem with Dunefiend is that it’s an EoR set with zero energy regen for dmg type that has limited access to energy regen from devotions, masteries and gear. This is number one.

Number two is core stats. Health and da.

Number 3 is that acid has little access to cc res in general and stun/freeze is insta-death on such a squishy EoR. Set only gives slow res which happens not to be such a problem because build is forced to go for Aeon due to very little cc res from anywhere but Ascension (yet another oathkeeper going for Aeon despite everything) and because of generally abysmal defense.

There are more problems. Not enough dmg from Soulfire is maybe number 6 or 7. Fixing this is better than nothing but Dunefiend will imo remain underused if some of the more important issues aren’t addressed.

I’ve watched the stream again. I noticed something about Zantai’s playing in Lower Crossing (when he was discussing updated difficulty). Why did every basic hit of his character look like a Cadence strike? Are those the new hit effects he was talking about? Frankly, I liked the way it looked before, this was a bit too shiny

It’s just damage and energy regen that dunefiend needs imo. Cyclone lives without CC res and TD. HP and DA is a problem but once dunefiend has enough damage by itself then the other items can be tweaked for defensive stats.

Good point. But the difference between Cyclone and Dinefiend is that Cyclone has two pets with top proccing power. One of them can be bound to Bat. The other can be bound to Ultos. There’s also Spear. Getting cc-ed does not stop your sustain.

Besides shaman has much more health, armor, better res (good aether and pierce versus very little - thx to not making a good acid belt for nightblades - elemental and pierce on dervish and unneeded vitallity on sentinel) and stun res.

Dunefiend dmg is good if you forego desperate fixing all the holes. Not op like Cyclone or Warborn but not abysmal. Other stuff is abysmal.

As I wrote in my write up Dunefiend is a little bit like Tenebris. You look at the stats and it should be top tier. You build it and it’s just like any other chaos build - rahzined. Struggling for every bit of stat. But in this case also unplayable due to no energy (unless you ruin the chaos path and not take key devotions, getting your stats even lower)

EoR set with no offhand should give and least 6 flat and 30% energy regen.

Dervish doesn’t have a problem in proccing skills tho. Sentinel isn’t as good for that but I don’t really consider sentinel in these discussions anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Beg to differ. Binding Bat to Spirits/Guardians with just 2 of them instead of EoR (or Devils/Totems on shaman) is like making Bat like 3-4 times less effective. Spirits suck at proccing on chance devos. And Bat is needed. Beside the general stat poverty, set gives no extra adcth and no wpn dmg mods to EoR to make existing adcth more potent.

BTW imo sentinel is better than dervish on this despite the piano. Those mods to BoD are pretty decent (should be better though).

You’re overestimating bat here. You only need it to proc once everytime you’re stunned and you can even live without it if you’re not stunned. And you have more than enough lifesteal before bat proc. Around 11% on devotions alone (bat+ghoul+yugol, can’t remember the exact values). That’s the same amount of lifesteal that cyclone would usually have.