Major sickness outbreaks

Anyone had major sickness out breaks? I just has 60+ cases of Small pox. It was super quick (at 3x speed). Only lost 4 people to it.

I was curious if anyone else had had this happen? and what is your biggest outbreak?

I do have more than full coverage with Hospitals/Healers

Yep. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hey. To avoid this, make sure that - You have sufficient rat catcher coverage, you have people collecting waste in to compost, your foragers gather medicinal roots and herbs that are then made in to medicine, you have a doctor/ tier two hospital etc. Hope this helps.

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I think the speed of outbreak largely depends on the difficulty setting you’re on. Vanquisher has seen my fair share of small to large outbreaks, as opposed to one or two people getting sick with a max of five on trailblazer.

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Oh, I have everything needed :smiley: it was just an outbreack

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I got hit pretty hard with the bubonic plague the other day. It went as high as 350-ish before it started to level off and recover. I think I lost about 30 to 40 pop from it at the end. It actually started right during a raid too. Luckily I had 4 Hospitals to handle it and so people were getting cured at a pretty decent rate.


I have all the above, and still get so many messages of gloom and doom of disease and injury. Sometimes with all the broken bones and other injuries (wounded in the foot, for example) it’s like the whole village is full of klutzes!

Instead of rat catchers, we should have cats! Cats don’t need to go restock their homes, they won’t need food (they eat their catches; handy, that). And they don’t get drunk and into fights . . . well, they could, if there was catnip growing . . . We need cats!


Maybe, just maybe. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Dev stream of 8th July 2022:

"DarkenedSpear: Another question, are things like pets or animal companions a thing that could happen, either in the game’s current state or in the future?

Zantai: I think it would be pretty cool to have dogs and cats running around town. It’s not currently a feature. And that might be something to consider in the future though. Maybe, we’ll see.

Medierra: WHAT?! you totally shot down my cat system

Zantai: I did totally shoot down your cat system, but that was a mistake. I did tell you that. I was wrong. I was wrong to shoot down the cat system."


And in winter when food is scares we will have feral cats to eat! It’s a win-win-win :rofl:

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It was running up fast… was getting a bit worried. Ended with only 4 more, so that is 288. On the bright side only had about 10-12 deaths from it :smiley:

I’ve had an outbreak of bubonic plague before I knew what ratcatchers did and an outbreak of smallpox for no apparent reason other than the villagers aren’t smart enough to find the soap. Terrified the living daylights out of me but it was over fast and very few people died. I lose more people to old age once I hit tier 3 (before then the leading cause is usually animals or raiders).

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YEah, as long as you have healers it seems to be only a minor issue.

I would like to see a handy list of what the various factors are that influence how severe an epidemic is. In my game they are generally very mild, but I wonder whether that’s because of the low difficulty setting (Idyllic Valley) or whether it’s influenced by me leaving two tiles of room between each house.

I have only had 2 or 3 that were “bad” and I am on year 153. the 2 I remember for sure (because they are both in this thread) were both smallpox. Other than these I never see more than 2 or 3 are a time.

my last outbreak had 90 deaths

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Never had those, I always have plenty of shit pickers, rat catchers and plenty of soap (don’t drop it!). It’s like having 21st century knowledge helps!

Also plague spread through wells and rats and rats+wells. I’m glad that wells can’t get infected (yet).

Shhhh! Don’t give 'em any ideas! :wink:

50 people sick in ten seconds and 140 soap sitting in storage. Rat catchers covering every storage and market, and a lot of the houses. Just won a raid, maybe the raiders lobbed dead rats over the walls.
Just another example of slightly unintuitive sickness events. Maybe they are triggered by time.

I feel like they are getting more and more frequent. Even though I have had a low mortality rate (3%), they are a nuisance, especially when you have the holes covered that are supposed to be the causes. They do seem to fall on raid years.

Back to this. My raids are getting more frequent with 0.7.6, more like every 2-3 years. One time I had them back-to-back years, that was rough. THE PAST 4 TIMES I have had an outbreak of bubonic plague following the raid. Maybe the raiders brought their fleas with them. It’s pretty consistent though. Ugh.