Make this Conjurer better? Please oh please read.

I asked multiple people and didn’t get much luck. this is a lightning Conjurer by Akdong.

How would you go and make this build better?

I would change the relic for sure and the skills are way outdated.

I really like the devotion setup though and wouldn’t change the devotions.

Please for the love of everything someone make this build better. Without changing the idea behind it. Pure pet based not a hybrid or anything like that. I don’t want to attack unless i’m proccing things like the rings.

Isn’t lightning Conjurer the best pure pet setup Conjurer has access to?

JayNyne changed his Conjurer into a lightning one a little while ago. You might want to have a look at it and see if there’s anything that will help.

It is pretty active though.

Sadly that build is super outdated.

Hope not that outdated. My new Conjurer is based on it. :eek:

All I want in life is the 100% best possible pure pet conjurer build. I don’t like thinking for myself. Would pay someone to sit down and theorycraft when the new expansion comes out lol.

I would change your devotions to incorporate hungering void. I’ve only dabbled in pet builds but I can tell you your clear speed will be better than going for modrogen.

Also ditch Ultos for a pet build. I personally tried it and it sucks. Maybe I didn’t have the gear for it but Ultos was very underwhelming. go for Hungering void and flame torrent.

Ultos works extremely well with the lightning damage this build is focused on. And I really don’t think hungering void and flame torrent are potent on Conjurer. What pet would I even attack that to? Those are way better on Cabalist.

Lightning Pets is probably the strongest pets if you’re going Conjurer + Beastcaller’s, but the thing about it is that Beastcaller’s + Lightning is probably done better with Druid:

Superfluff’s Druid (Includes Grimtools link in description)

The pet build that’s probably closest to “pure Conjurer pets” would be a Physical + Bleeding pets as Conjurer’s CoF + Devouring Swarm provides a huge advantage other classes wouldn’t be able to replicate.

Sigatrev’s Nature Guardians pets

Proof of Physical pets beating Ravager

As for your particular build, as a pet enthusiast, I hope you became friends with Barrowhelm, as Ravager’s Eye as your weapon + offhand slots makes your build much, much better. There’s two ways you can go about this - if you want to keep Primal Instinct, I think your build (+ Ravager augments) is as optimal as it’s going to get. I’d take points from Emboldening Presence or Manipulation to put in Aspect of the Guardian, but otherwise, there’s nothing outdated about that skill placement. If you’re in the mood for hunting MI’s, a Taskmaster’s Bysmiel Pants of Kings would fit your build perfectly, but I assume you’re playing legit and don’t want to bore yourself to death searching for the perfect Bysmiel pants.

If you want to use Mogdrogen’s Ardor relic, that’s another story entirely. In which case, I don’t see much of a reason to keep Fiend + Solael as you no longer have any pets that do Fire damage. I’d definitely give the Ultos proc to the Hellhound - if it’s not shooting 5 projectiles at 26/16, Bird will do a terrible job proccing that particular devotion.

Here’s a possible set-up using Mogdrogen relic, along with having Ravager’s Eye relic and a new devotion set-up for it:

Bat looks like it’ll be great for Briarthorns, especially as 100% of Twin Fang’s Vitality damage is converted to Lightning damage. With Mogdrogen relic and my other changes, it’ll definitely help keep your pets alive.

Pet builds are dead. Be a man - go melee. Problem fixed. Don’t let your pets do the fighting for you - be a man.

I’m trying to understand some of this. But it’s hard. Please continue to work with me here. You are amazing.

If I wanted the “BEST OVERALL” Conjurer setup (PETS NOT A HYBRID) would it be lightning or physical? Which?


You said my build with Ravagers Eyes instead of Coven’s Wit is as optimal as it gets if I wanted to use Primal Instinct?

If I went to Mogdrogen’s Ardor instead you said I should swap to Bat Jackal and Wolverine instead of Fiend + Solael and owl?

How optimal or good is this versus Primal Instinct with Fiend + Solael?

You’re saying the skill setup akdong chose is still good and not outdated? I thought more points into pets were better now due to some changes in the past few patches. I haven’t played since January so i’m not sure. You suggested taking some points out of Emboldening Presence or Manipulation and putting them into Aspect of the Guardian? Is that all I should change?


Which should I follow or ? They are 2 different builds.

Thank you for taking the time to help me optimize akdongs build as it truly is my favorite. Please respond.

Don’t mind my lateness in responding- I’m not around these forums too much nowadays to make these sorts of replies.

Ravager’s Eye is the best weapon augment for all pet builds. Having %DA and pet %OA is far more important than Coven’s Wit.

If you’re playing Swarmlings, then you definitely want to emphasize pet Speed and Fire/Chaos RR for your build as Swarmlings have a very nice base 200 Fire damage. You definitely want to have at least 10/12 Aspect of the Guardian if not 12/12 because your pets definitely want to cap Poison and Acid Resistance or else they’ll have a lot of trouble with the Acid Rain coming out of the plants.

Example Grimtools

However, the problem with this is that the skill points are too spread out among too many skills and you don’t have nearly enough points to cover everything you want (mainly putting more points in Wendigo Totem and Summon Briarthorn). As Primal Spirit and Swarmlings are putting in most of the work, however, you can afford to let that go. If you want to stay with Akdong’s pet build, the above Grimtools is the way to go (and hunt for a nice pair of Bysmiel pants while you’re at it).

I haven’t thoroughly tested to see which is better between Lightning Pets and Physical Pets. I am partial to Physical Pets because it hits a resistance type that most enemies in the game don’t have a large amount, and skill points are much more optimally spread there. If you want to follow a Physical Pets Conjurer guide, go with Sigatrev’s guide (the second link in your question).

Thanks for all the help! I would like to save this grimtool link if you wouldn’t mind.

Also what about completely removing wind devil and applying those points else where? It’s only useful for bosses with its slow speed right? I also don’t like wendigo totem. When I played I never used either of these and was able to beat all nemesis and didn’t die. It’s more skills I don’t want to manage/use honestly. If I were to take them away I should add them to Briarthorn? That frees up 10 points and makes Briarthorn 15/16 assuming I should put all 10 of those points into it.

Is it bad to over cap things like manipulation or mogdrogen pact tree?? They can go higher all 4 of those skills.

Also with those 10 points I could make raven shoot 2 projectiles with 7 points left or 3 projectiles with 1 point left. Unless you just recommend putting into Briarthorn instead. With the 10 points should I just make him 15/16 and use all 10 on him? I’m not good at theorycrafting.

If you’re not using lightning pets, definitely do not use Wind Devil. If you are, it’s mainly useful for Raging Tempest’s resistance reduction. Curse of Frailty is overall more important I think, as it is more controllable and can trigger celestial powers for you, but you definitely want as much resistance reduction as you can get.

Below the cap, Manipulation gives 5% damage and 2% total speed per point. Above the cap it’s 7% damage and 1% total speed. As the total speed is generally the more important aspect, it tends not to be worth over capping.

Mogdrogen’s Pack scales well into ultimate ranks with the damage bonus. It is worth over capping in my opinion.

Heart of the Wild gives 3% health per point until the cap and 1% per point after, it is generally not worth over capping unless you have a serious excess of skill points.

Oak Skin provides less bonus health regen into the ultimate ranks, but still provides the same armor and pierce resistance. If you’re using it for the resistance (I do) then over capping it is fine if you have the points and need to.

The raven from Summon Familiar is worth investing in only if you plan to have it at 26/16 and use Mythical Will of Bysmiel. In all other cases, you should probably not put more than a single point into the main skill.

Thanks for the detailed info. Where should I put the 10 points in that grimtool link he posted on the 2nd page of this thread? 10 points from removing wind devil and totem.

1 guy said briar and you said some points into cof or mogdrogen tree would be good.

didnt get a response :frowning:

Your initial response didn’t make much sense - if you don’t like using Wind Devil nor Wendigo Totem, then I would go with the Physical Pets from the Youtube link I sent you. I can’t say I know for sure why the build creator put Raven at 17/16 for this build, but it provides you everything that you need.

I know you like the Yeti a lot, so I switched a few things to give you everything you liked while keeping out what you don’t like

Lightning Pets may have more damage potential, but it is a lot more restrictive in what equipment you’re able to wear. Physical pets gives you a lot more lee-way in what to choose for equipment.

That grimtools link. It’s what your physical conjurer would look like if you made a physical build?

The other build had devotion that taunts targets for pets. How strong is that exactly? Even more easy mode than conjurer already is? If its super strong I may want it.

Managing time dilation may not be for me.

I personally opt for a lot more defensive build at the cost of build efficiency - so while I personally wouldn’t play this build, it is much more efficient in killing super-mobs like Ravager than my builds would be.

Time Dilation is not super-difficult to manage. First you use the skills Primal Spirit, bring forth the Harbringer, and Blood of Dreeg, then you use Doom Bolt. Their main purpose is to have the Primal Spirit and Harbringer pet up almost all of the time so they can inflict enough damage to warrant not having to use Primal Instinct (your DA would be too low if you tried using it).

Sigatrev’s Conjurer uses Ishtak (the one that taunts targets), and it is a really good devotion, but it also uses Time Dilation as it has really bad uptime without it, so you’re likely going to use Time Dilation regardless. Keep in mind that it also uses Wendigo Totem, a skill you said you didn’t like using.

My build does not use Time Dilation. The uptime of Ishtak doesn’t needed to be high. It is important in the crucible on waves with multiple nemesis (reaper in particular), so much so that it results in an overall clear speed improvement over using an offensive devotion just from waves 160, 165, and 170, but all you need is for it to trigger once on them and you’re good for the most part. At a 15 second cooldown it triggers often enough. If your pets have to chase enemies because they are chasing you, their DPS is dramatically reduced.

Wendigo totem I do use though, it’s important to allow you to tank with or without Ishtak. Either way, outside of the crucible neither are needed.

I use Ishtak on a lot of pet builds, and never with time Dilation.