Make villagers killed by Raider Encampments disappear

Apparently there were a Raider Encampment close to my settling site.
One villager has been killed by towers and not many villagers run in to gather the corpse, but ultimately suicide, creating more corpses to gather for -more- villagers.
I do like the Raider Encampment-thing, but could dead villagers killed by towers disappear instead of becomming suicide-Honey Traps?


Okay, this is a real issue.


Came here to support this post. The behaviour of villagers to run into the range of an enemy tower when dozens of their family and friends have died doing the exact same thing is a bit annoying.

Is there a point at which sufficient souls have been reaped that the villagers could perhaps pop a sign up warning others to not run headlong into flights of arrows? Some sort of ‘avoid this area’ mechanic would be helpful, and let’s face it… fairly realistic.

Also, if the dead bodies must lie there and rot, at least let the brawlers die of hepaptitis.

Do devs ever respond to these posts?

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