Manticore Deathstalker WTF!

Just running ancient grove with necro has 3100 DA and 13k health. Got one hit from Manticore Deathstalker for 13k full health. Obvious bug here a lookup shows 0 percent chance of crit. I see nothing else listed on him that would do this. I have seen complaints about this in the past and he was supposedly nerfed lol! WTF is this just a bug this is stupid!

Post your grimtools.

Not needed I have 3100 DA I am not lying build has nothing to do with a 13k non crit burst 1 hit bs bug. It may not be a bug but there is nothing to suggest such dmg when looking up his stats.

DA can’t work as a reliable form of defence, standalone.

For what can be seen so far, you got low HP pool. Way lower than “required” for AoM.
It could only mean one thing: you have shitload of armor, + to resists, very high phys resistance, and eventually block/absorption. Right?

What’s your armour rating/absoprtion? I did Ancient Grove for the first time yesterday on my 2H Avenger Warder with 20k hp and I dropped to 14k hp at one point fighting the Deathstalker but I was fighting about 10 other mobs too. I only have 2.5k DA on the Warder but 2.6k armour and 100% absorption which may account for the less damage taken.

The issue is unpredictability of damage. One time I kill it without issues, second time the same build was practically one shotted. Luckily player can check if it is around because its aura. Player can notice grayish icon long before eye to eye contact.

All my builds are up to 13k HP, some of them with not very high physical resistances, And I have no issues with AoM, Deathstalker and new dungeon boss/environment are a bit isssues because pretty serious damage spikes. No other issues at all.

You can’t rely on DA as your main source of damage mitigation. Armor, armor absorption and physical resistance play a big role at taking hits from the enemies in the Ancient Grove.

FTFY :smiley:

Not really. I have several characters with below 2000 armor and like 10% to 15% physical resistance and they can take physical hits like champs with not much issues. Even from several Nemeses.

Some of the major enemies in the Ancient Grove seem to deal higher physical damage than usual.

It’s hard to believe you got no issues.

Uber bosses with % HP reduction obliterate low HP builds. Aetherials in Malmouth stunlock on a general basis - from trash mobs to bosses. There are too many mobs with res reduction, damage spikes can be absurd at times.
And overall damage in AoM is pretty high, in general.

Just random examples of how having no high HP pool to soak the damage bursts can send you to town more frequently than you’d like it happen. Or can bring you troubles you would never have with higher life.

It’s also easier to work around a successful build by high HP pool + mediocre defences, than the opposite.

Just my thoughts on topic, of course everyone has his own strategies when making builds, there’re HC/SC modes which makes a difference as well, crucible is a completely different beast, etc.

To be more precise, I didn’t mean Superbosses. A mean general content, of course some nemeses are more problematic but those are nemeses, one of my build is very good for one particular nemesis other build for another one or two,… But currently only this two cases are problem for me, because serious damage spikes. General content of AoM is ok. I am not saying that my builds are undestructible.

Armor is only 1720 but 98% absorb. Resists are high but yes physical is only 16%. Still see no reason looking at his specs for 1 shot non crit 13 k death. Never had this from any other mob even nemisis and I have NO trouble with AoM, queen or anything else (except crucible cause I hate it and suck at it LOL). That sort of damage spike should not occur and its really rare. Is it possible that it was a crit even though my crit % showed 0? maybe 0 is actually .0123 and he won the lottery with me?

Just post your grimtools, man. He deals few kinds of damage. 1720 armor with 16% physical resist is very low to face tank this kind of dude. If you bleeding resists and poison resists are not overcapped you are in trouble too.

I get the low armor and phy% but explain then what he has that hit me for 13K??? I did not face plant he just charged me and poof i’m dead! With what is my question cause it wasn’t a crit.

edit: Im not using the weapon shown its swapping for some reason. Using claw and storm bringer. So the whole point is to swat at the ememies to lower their elemental resists for pets. This is why I have the high da. Takes a lot of damage but no worries about 13k crit. If I get 13k regular dmg i’m screwed. Also keep in mind I have the fateweavers buff and the poison buff all the time so resists are maxed.

Well, it’s strange that he bursted you, you do seem to have bleeding and acid overcap and ~20% physical res. And your armor is low, but I am not sure he can one hit you with his damage. Maybe someone else will explain how this happened, I have no idea. Maybe no damage absorption was the reason.

i tried ancient grove with 3 chars so far and never had a problem with this guy. The fissure skill form gargabol on the other hand, isn’t his damage a little too heavy? I get you are nmot suposed tu take all the projectiles in you face, but still, one time i got istantly oneshotted :confused:

Yeah I normally do not have an issue with him either just this one time…fissure skill form gargabol seems very hit and miss for me as well…his first form is silly easy face plant.

I never had any issues with the manticore boss. I’m sitting at basically 3500 DA and basically 3300 armor with 100% armor absorption raw. I barely take damage from him. What are your resistances at?

What is the aura or debuff, or DoT that the Deathstalker applies?

Surprised me yesterday also, right after I killed Kupacabrawhatshisname, this random Manticore Deathstalker one shot me.