Massive RAM usage when re-rolling map

Apologies if this has been reported but I didnt see it in the known list.

MSI 3080 gaming X trio
16GB ram (16% usage at desktop normally)
m.2 NVME 980 Pro (game installed here)
Ver: 0.7.4

Ram usage at various points:

Main Menu fresh - 22%
New settlement placing Town Center - 57%
Re-roll instead of placing - 70%
2nd re-roll - 90%

I noticed this when I backed out of a game into the main menu where i was experiencing really bad lag. Anytime I would open UI menus it the game would freeze for 2-3 seconds and game saves also froze the screen and took longer.

So I went to the main menu, clicked on new settlement and entered into that loading screen. Easy difficulty, large map, loading time took a long time. Looked around didnt like what I saw so I clicked re-roll map. Did this 2 more times and each time the game tried to crash (I clicked “wait for the program to respond”). The loading times were extremely long at this point so I opened task manager. My RAM usage showed 96% but FF was only reporting 6GB.

I quit the game and noted my RAM usage at ~16%. Opened the game and noted 22%. Loaded a new settlement and noted 57%. Re-rolled and noted ~70%. Did this multiple times and got nearly the same. Along with noticing sometimes the RAM reported was anywhere from 6-9GB. Sometimes it would show 70+% and it would say it was only using 6GB. No other programs were using enough to satisfy the RAM usage so windows was reporting incorrect amount compared to the percent used.

Don’t know if this is what RAM leak looks like or what. Had posted on Reddit and a couple of people reported experiencing the same thing along with frame drops due to the large amount of RAM usage. It looks like it doesn’t unload assets or something. Happens if I load a save and then goto main menu it is still using the RAM from that previous game and will carry over and add onto the RAM usage for the next one unless I completely quit out of the game.

Yup, something is going on there, rerolling from 6 GB / 9 GB / 11 GB … no more rerolling for me.

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