Maya Balance Thread

True, just like the devs don’t let the players code the game, work on the graphical assets, create the story or the individual NPCs etc…

No one is asking Crate or any developer to let the players make the game. If that was the point, then they could have simply released the Engine without any of the assets and let the players make the game for themselves.

At the same time, it does not mean that you go against the community’s wishes and deliberately do something none of them want just because of your “vision” for the project.

In other words, you don’t dictate what is good or right for your community unlike what some here prefer to believe. That is upto said community. What you can do is choose to give them what they want or not.

Game design? I will give you that.

Balance? Sorry, but I don’t see any of the developers coming up with any top tier builds.
What I do see is stuff like OP Warlord at FG release. And considering that it is mostly the community that “don’t know jack shit” that is proving whether something is overpowered or underpowered and not the all-knowing developers, I very much doubt your claim.

And I will very much disagree. Just look at all the Hybrid Pet items in the game that Crate supposedly has chosen to make a part of their “vision” and then show me all the Hybrid Pet builds in existence that are atleast decent enough to be considered a proper, viable build and not a mistake.

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I assure you it was well known that Oathkeeper in general was OP before and by release. They didn’t need the community to know that. What the community does help with is catching all the permutations - which gives them a much broader picture to work with.

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Then that would make it worse since it shows incompetence rather than ignorance if a creator were to create and deliver something flawed fully knowing it is flawed.

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It’s called balance. Wrap your mind around that concept. They get a better feel for where to take it when the pool of players is larger.

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A very large group of people find out much quicker what’s broken and what’s not compared to a small group of people. What else is new?


yeah, adding freeze res to green route and %ms to purple would definetely destroys all Crates grand schemes. we are here for pure Le Art!


Hm… strange that this so called large pool is a handful number of Builders and top Pilots pushing things to the limit.

Even stranger when the same devs refuse to listen to the same people who are helping them figure out things.

And glad to hear that they did need the community to know that afterall.

Why would they? It was known. It was way more OP before it got released. You haven’t noticed the trend after patches where they come back and go over it with a finer comb after taking in feedback?

Name one time this has ever happened.

Either they didn’t know it was still OP and needed the community to let them know


They did and released it anyway because they don’t care

Pick one.

Hybrid Pet builds. There.

I pick this one, because releasing an otherwise finished expansion with tons of content and a new game mode is more important than game balance.

It’s pretty well known what it would take to make them work. But it’s more trouble than it’s worth. The Devs listened, they just didn’t care. There’s a difference.

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Then I will leave this as my thoughts on that:

You asked for one instance and I provided :woman_shrugging:

And regardless of whether they listened or not, if they didn’t care, the end result is the same. So, that makes no difference to me.


TIL if you release a product with even one flaw, you’re incompetent. Guess there has never been a single competent game developer in that case :man_shrugging:


People tend to take into account things like context, though not all the time as I learned just now.

For eg, for all my criticism, I have nothing but praises for those working on the art and graphics for the game, the story etc. Ofcourse, I will not say the same for the balance.


Or buffs to Dreeg Set/DEE
Legend says it was that strong once upon a time that Zantai is afraid to buff Dreeg/DEE these days




Grim Dawn is the first game in existence to not have perfect balance. Zantai should be ashamed.


Wouldn’t exactly make much sense for me to talk about the state of balance and how perfect they are not in other games, on the Grim Dawn forum though.

So, my complaints will have to be limited to Grim Dawn alone.


They knew but did not delay the release because they release patches.

Heck, according to your logic even vanilla GD should not yet be released, because those skills and items still get tweaks too…

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