Menhir's Will, Arcane Will and Prismatic Rage - bad devotion proccers compared to Blast Shield, Serenity and Resilience

Blast Shield is often used as a devotion proccer for Behemoth or Wayward Soul. It gives nice 90 % chance when hit for Behemoth but using Menhir’s Will it will give only 15 % chance. Resilience gives great 88 % chance. Serenity gives 100 % chance. Arcane will gives low 29 % chance. Prismatic Rage low 38 % chance. These % values should be looked at and harmonized. Especialy on Menhir’s Will, Arcane Will and Prismatic Rage. Similiar % values are for Wayword Soul and they should be changed as well.
Edit - Healing Rain could have similar % chance problems.
2nd edit - also Shatterguard from SR set should be looked at about these % chances or procs like these on other items


Why on earth would you want to bind Behemoth or Wayward Soul to Menhirs Will?

Because you need them most at 33% level health. And when playing for example soldier+occultist, you don’t have any other choice if you want similar version to Blast Shield. Prismatic Rage perhaps can be used at 50 % health but still bad % chance values. Doesn’t even matter if I want to do it or not. It should be an option and it should be changed.

Menhirs will heals the ever loving shit out of you on its own

Then Arcane Will, Prismatic Rage same principle. All very similar skills. Especially Arcane Will and Resilience should have similar values. But I would not take out Menhir’s will out of it. As a typical one pointer it doesn’t heal that much. Boost from devotion proc is nice with it.

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I never only put 1 point in Menhirs will, but that’s just me. I usually pump like 8 points into it at least, if I’m using it at all. I could be wrong but I dont think that skill is a 1 point wonder… lol like fighting spirit.

See I put fighting spirit at 12/12 always. Everybody uses skills differently. But these % chances are just wild. It should be harmonized. All of them are way too similar skills for these wildly different % chances.

I have not checked it in game but similar thing could be true for Healing Rain with % chances. I don’t actually use it on any of my characters. I edited this to the main post.

I have added % chance for Serenity it is 100 % for Behemoth. Similar skill to Menhir’s Will which only has 20 %. This needs to be changed.

2nd edit - also Shatterguard from SR set should be looked at about these % chances or procs like these on other items

So, from what I can remember about these circuit breaker skills, and devotion proc percentage rates, is this;

A devotion abilities % chance on hit proc, in particular Giants Blood or Healing Rain, is that the % value is relative to the duration of the effect its bound to.

For instance, works nicely on Blast Shield due to its 4 second uptime, as opposed to a skill like Menhir’s Will which has a 10 second uptime.

Think of it logically.

The chances you are hit in a smaller window of time (4 second duration, with Blast Shield), are lower than the chances you’ll get hit in a 10 second window (Menhirs Will).

Therefore, it only stands to reason that the % chance on hit proc probability is higher on those skills with SHORTER UPTIME DURATION, as these skills provide a smaller window of opportunity to be hit.

I dont think anything needs to be changed here, personally. In fact, I prefer it this way. It makes the devotion procs a lot more reliable.

If anyone disagrees or if I have incorrectly assessed this, please let me know as maybe I misunderstand the mechanics on these skills?

EDIT: Cooldown duration may also play a role but I’ve always understood it that uptime duration is what has more of an impact on the proc chance for Giants Blood and Healing Rain, in particular.

@Contragor, @Nery, @mad_lee, @banana_peel, @MikeHeydon, @malawiglenn, @ya1, @CaiusMartius, @tqFan you’ve all given me great advice in the past. Am I misunderstanding this?

Arcane Will has 6s duration and only 29 % chance. Doesn’t really work.

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Well, remember what I said about cooldowns, now…

Arcane will may only have 6 second uptime, but it also only has 6 second cooldown, and also procs when you dip below 70% hp, so it can proc a lot more often and reliably than the other examples.

The best way to understand all this is to build and playtest in game, not just grimtools. You’ll see what I mean. Arcane will is ALWAYS going off.

So again, by the logic above, what I’m saying makes sense for balancing purposes otherwise you get lopsided probability and eventual nerfs and lots of people upset (depending upon the builds and crucible/SR times that are affected by whatever the skill/proc chance interactions are).

I am actually not sure of this but I think @Knife’s explanation is correct. The shorter the spell’s uptime the higher the chance to proc “on hit” devotion is.

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I think the numbers are suspicious and should be changed. And I don’t like them most of all :slight_smile:

They’re not suspicious at all is what I am trying to show you- you dont have to be a programmer to see there is obviously a formula in place that calculates these percentages relative to the aforementioned elements above.

I think the more you playtest these elements, the more you may realize the way it is right now actually does make sense.

Yes there is and it should be changed if you look at the results so that some of the skills are actually usable this way.

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How would you propose they change the formula, without knowing what the formula is first?

That’s why I’ve included all the people on this thread, to help shed light on this first. Let’s not get carried away lol, we need to understand before demanding change.

I dont need to know the formula for the function. Dev need to know it I just see its results for some variables and I would like to change it to make more skills usable like Blast Shield. Especially Arcane Will and Prismatic Rage.

Look at the numbers
Blast Shield - 12s cooldown, 4s uptime at 60 % health, chance to proc Behemoth 90 %
Prismatic Rage 25 s cooldown, 8s uptime at 50 % health, chance to proc Behemoth 39 %
Those are just inconsistent numbers.