Mesh net principal instead of circle for coverage - food for thought

I like to build organic towns with curved streats and houses a bit higelty pigelty. This game provides ample oportunity to do so with great visual results. I get the impression that some effort has gone into making this possible.

But I have noticed that building this type of city becomes difficult since houses needs to be within areas of influence of other buildings that raises the status of the houses. That area of influence is a fixed circle. My impression is that if you build an organic city a bit loosly with curving sweeping roads and not so dense housing, it becomes difficult to increase the status of all buildings. When the buildings are built more organically and further apart, you need more status increasing buildings to cover the larger area. That becomes a limiting factor as this becomes to expensive. My impression is that it is really only possible to build the houses/shops/factories etc as close as possible to each other. Basically using a square grid of streets. And that is a shame in such a lovely game.

Would it not be brilliant if the area of influence could be not a circle, but a sort of mesh net. Basically if you have build houses far apart and place an influencing building in the middle, and all houses are outside the yellow circle of influence, the influencing functionality would look outside the circle and influence the X number of closest buildings regardless of the circle. Doing so would keep the basic functionality of influenceing areas with limitations, but not restricted to a circle. If this would be possible you could build any kind of town and focus on estethics to a much higher degree.

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