MI Question

OK i hope this doesn’t sound silly but can someone explain Monster Infrequent’s to me? I just want to make sure i understand them right. What am i looking for in the tool tips?

Theyre basically special rares with sorta unique effects that are “target farmable” from specific enemies.

So like, a particular enemy will have % chance to drop a specific item when killed, which means if youre trying to get that item, you can farm it by going to areas where there are high concentrations of that enemy in order to have a better chance of getting it faster.

Many MIs are dropped by specific enemy heroes as well, even moreso after the MI update, starting with Kyzogg in Burial Hill.

MIs are items dropped only by a specific monster or faction and usually that monster/faction is in item’s name.

I recommend ‘installing’ (copy few .txt files) Rainbow filter:

Then MI’s have a nice olive color