Military state overview

It is kinda hard to follow the equipment all the soldiers have. It would really help to have an overview of this statistically per barracks or something. How many are equipped with heavy weapons, how many are equiped with heavy/regular armor etc.
This would also help prioiritize production in the blacksmith and armory

If we are talking about the state of the “guards”, I find them nearly useless compared to towers. Having to manually tell them where to go, and the town being destroyed before they get there anyways, makes them kind of pointless.

They should be more automatic… when I receive the message raiders were spotted, so should they and head to intercept and engage them. I am not a big fan of micro-management, especially if I had to turn my sound off and look away for whatever reason, and miss the queue that a raid is happening.

Not to mention that the guards tend to brood and be unhappy a lot, regardless of pubs, markets and desirability of their location. Which never seems to end well, especially if there is a pub in range and they get drunk.

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