Minor Change Suggestions

Playing now, wanted to suggest while it’s fresh lol.

In storehouses, stockyards and the storage cart you should add a checkbox by each category (Usable Items, Food, Produced Materials, Raw Materials) so we don’t have to uncheck each item individually if we want better control over what is where. Could potentially benefit from more categories for the “Usable Items” to break it into Equipment and Luxury Goods. That would let us store those specific items by the trader for easy porting.

I noticed that the harvest tool only works when dragged. Sometimes I see a specific tree or rock that I want to have harvested aside from things I dragged so single clicking on it is easier but a single click exits the mode. It does pull up the interface to mark harvest, but it slows down what I’m after. I think right click/escape is an easy enough cancel button. Alternatively you could add a keybind when clicked on a tree to mark it as harvest. Like ‘H’ when a tree is selected.

I’m sure there are plans for much more of that sort of thing (keybinds and shortcuts). The villagers need much more controllability. I’d love to be able to tell them to equip things. Sometimes they won’t put on shoes/clothes automatically. It would also be useful to have some of them armed without needing them to be soldiers or hunters. I suspect this may be prevented to require gold usage to defend the settlement, but I think the civilians are still easy enough to kill outside of a tower that it wouldn’t break the game.

Enjoying the game so far! Love the concept. Something fun from other Sims I recall is being able to lock the camera onto a particular citizen and watch them live out their day-to-day which adds another way to enjoy the worlds we create.

Hope you like my suggestions :slight_smile:

Also, the ability to toggle on/off the icons over buildings that show no workers or the construction is disabled. The red is so jarring, but I’m trying to plan my city in the long term so it makes sense to have those set out but not constructed immediately.

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