MI's to farm for transitioning Pet Conjurer to Vitality Conjuror at level 50

The title says it all, really. I do not possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the game items the way many builders do but I am tired the way my pet based conjuror has been struggling through Season 6. I would like to find the basic farmables that will help me migrate to a vitality caster build. Guidance appreciated.

Why transition now? You’re through the part of pet conjurer that sucks. From about level 40-50 you should have the skill points and devotions available to make the Conjurer’s pets not shit and from about level 70 or so, Conjurer isn’t that much slower than the Necro based pet builds and it’s tankier.

As for Vitality caster, there’s this guide by Nery that should help you to swap. Be aware that Conjurer is a DoT Vitality Caster though. You throw out a bunch of DoTs and then wait for them to kill things and you hope that the leech is enough to keep you alive while they die (it usually is).

I recently did a run through with both a pet and vitality caster Conjurer and I really wasn’t impressed. I’d strongly recommend a different mastery combination if you’re not going to play pets. Before you throw it all away though, maybe post a grimtools link so that people can help you fix the Conjurer? It honestly should be fine by that level. Not great, but fine.

All good points, Paikis. Thank you. I have many hours in the game over the years but only ever as a filthy casual. I know very little about the masteries and always take a build from the forum to plod through until rl pulls me away again. I have been using the “fluffy squishy” guide which describes levelling. Will follow your suggestion and play it through a ways further but with an eye towards gathering vitality gear along the way just in case. Someone provided this skeleton profile in the season’s Discord: Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (grimtools.com)

Please feel free to refine. That Korvan hat is proving elusive.

Nothing wrong with being a casual player. Those MIs look good if you’re going to go with the Vitality caster route. I’d recommend focusing on the Sigil of Consumption as shown there. The single target damage of DoT Conjurer is kind of bad, so Sigil is almost required.

If you’re wanting to level a pet Conjurer in the future, I’d say go with this levelling guide and then look at Maya’s stuff later. Maya doesn’t really do levelling, so while the levelling dot-points in the Carnival will technically work, it’s an all-round horrible experience unless its your first character and you don’t know better.

Good luck!

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