MIs Worth Caring About

Its weird to see Stonehide and Thunderstruck rated over Ancient, Bloodletter, Formidable, Palladin. AoM trivialised resistance capping and introduced phyz resist stacking. And the recent changes to blessings inflated stun resistance sources to the point when you can have none on your build and still rock.

Are you saying that it is less likely for an item that rolls with stonehide or thunderstruck to be useful than if it had rolled with one of the other affixes, disregarding the suffix? Specific builds will want specific rolls to fine tune their gearing but this isn’t a guide speaking to every build option ever. We’re here to talk about MIs in general terms of what might be, what tends to be, and what generally isn’t useful. It is up to the player to assess the value of each item they come across, these guidelines are being developed as just that - guidelines. There’s no knowing what a player might want for a build, what they might encounter in terms of trade demands. But we can make an educated guess that items rolled with tons of resistance are more likely to be useful than an item with less resistances.

Crucible is another two part discussion by itself. The first question being “is this guide exclusively for people who play crucible?” to which the answer is a simple no.

The second is more elaborate and goes into builds options and choices, run sustainability and blessing/banner decisions where some excess of OA and DA would incline a build to skip Ulzuin’s pact, or healthy overcaps all around and sufficient mitigation would make Ulo’s blessing a waste of tributes. There’s a bunch of lengthy discussions to the second and many case by case answers that boil down to “this is the current BIS setup that has consistently yielded me the best times with no/low risk of death”

I would agree with Xervous on stonehide. Many non occultists still have trouble maxing poison res and not everyone can afford going ugdenbog leather on pants and gloves cause they have other things to put in there (mark of mogdrogen or restless remains).

Are you saying that it is less likely for an item that rolls with stonehide or thunderstruck to be useful than if it had rolled with one of the other affixes, disregarding the suffix?

I would prioritise Formidable roll over any other rolls for boots/shoulders. Once you stack 40%+phyz resist you can ignore armor absorption and unless you run aether build 2 seal of might in weapons is a nobrainer.

I did not say at any point that formidable is a bad or worse option than other affixes in a general case. It provides different benefits from thunderstruck and others. The main difference I am highlighting is that, on its own, it is not supremely exceptional to the point that any old player would have a good chance at getting use out of the item. For the fine tuning of builds where players are tracking down specific double affix rares to squeeze out every last drop of potential - it’s a case by case basis of what exactly a build wants. But it’s a simple fact that an item that rolls with a higher density of useful stats will have a higher chance of being useful for a generic player.

Optimizers and theorycrafters are making use of specific setups and they already know how to appraise the MIs that get dropped for them, are aware of what rolls line up with the niches each item falls into. The generic player who is glancing here for guidance only knows as much as they’ve seen in build guides, fabled Stonehide of Kings, or Ancient of Kings, or etc. As it is ludicrous to attempt to detail every last set of niche rolls that line up on various armor pieces the affixes are being appraised in terms of how likely they are to make an item useful/worth keeping on its own.

On a side note I feel many of the pet affixes need to be reappraised. As they are useful in niche setups but do not always carry a load of general benefits - such a description is more or less what qualifies the yellow ranking currently in use for affixes.

If, at any time in the future, people feel that the rankings do not express the current state of MI desirability please feel free to mention it. This resource is only good if it is maintained and I do not claim omniscience on all the new build theorycrafting developments.

Additionally it is my hope that a massive overhaul will be needed once Forgotten Gods arrives. MI reworks and new items promise to broaden the list of appealing options that players should consider keeping.

Zantai said in the last stream that there will be many new MIs, so you can look forward to a lot of work. Old ones will get reworked as well.

I mention hope because weapons like the wendigo swords lack the sort of appealing or standoutish bonuses that tend to make MIs useful when the niche is already plastered with good legendary options. It’s going to take some well thought out changes, I don’t expect every last one to turn out good, just hoping for a majority.

Thanks for taking the time to create this guide, it’s very helpful, well done.

My next question: is there a similar guide on the forums for blue items? With the exception of a few items, I’m not really sure which blues are desirable.

There is no guide I am aware of and it would probably be pretty small. Most of the nice blues tend to be jewelry that do things that aren’t covered by legendaries, but that’s not the entire story.

Understood. The best bet is likely to pop over to the Build Compendium and browse grim tools build links to see what’s used most often. Thanks again.

The affix list is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!

what a list thx a lot for the huge work, knowing that ist as been made a year ago is there any update to had to it?

May 2018 = a year ago? Man I must have overslept.

No new patches, no earthshattering meta revelations, things are still as they are.

Incendiary Shoulderplates are underwhelming

They are actually an excellent leveling tool for BWC builds and can be dropped very early. Level 20-50 or 75. High potency + enchanted flint + Incendiary shoulders. + (emp.) Molten Walkers.

I would mention this if leveling with BWC was a wise choice, which it isn’t by current standards. Fire strike will drastically outpace it if your other mastery isn’t providing an even superior skill for cruising through content.

Soldier -> forcewave
Shaman -> primal strike
Necro -> delete character
Arcanist -> life sucks =/
nightblade -> fire strike wins
Occultist -> fire strike
Inquis -> word of pain if you’re not using fire strike

Now if incendiary shoulders had a mod that reduced CD on BWC or gave it significantly increased damage we would have a different case here. Bonespike, sky effigy, spectral longsword, obsidian warcleaver all provide massive benefits to their associated skills that jump them up a magnitude of power, rather than just a simple +X.

Sounds like min-maxing :(. Xervous, do you know min-maxing is a mortal sin now? Don’t boast it so openly. Fun is allowed. Demolitionist has other skills than fire strike. :slight_smile:

Hey for the armor affixes, you forgot to add Gloves-specific affixes.
There are a ton of suffixes: Of Aether Storms, Of Amarasta’s Alacrity, Of Arcane Might, Of Arcane Minds, Of Battle Fury, Of Dark Intent, Of Rapid Reflexes, Of Stone Fists, Of the Honor Guard. I’m pretty sure they’re all gloves-only. Some are quite important since they give attack/casting speed, which is really nice if your build doesn’t have a well-fitting pair of gloves.

With the small amount of builds that actually opt for green gloves I excluded this because such builds are niche to the point that your average player has no reason to so much as look at gloves that drop. As there are no MIs in that slot, crafting is the primary option for obtaining such affixes on gloves, so you’ve only got players who are actively searching for a glove for their niche build crafting. This makes it rather pointless to detail a whole class of affixes that are going to be used very infrequently.

You don’t have a monopoly on defining fun. People are coming here so they can rest assured that the options they are pursuing are worthwhile, so they can better appreciate the loot they get. A piddling +3 to an undertuned skill does not a leveling item make.

I’d argue that green gloves are less niche than green chestplates, and you still included those.

This is true. Although this guide still applies to crafting, so you might want to add in a rating so that people who are inexperienced with crafting will know what to look for.
I don’t want to sound pushy, I’m just voicing my thoughts. Take my input and then do what you want :stuck_out_tongue: