MIs Worth Caring About

Scheduling time to review items added and reworked recently. additions will filter in over time.

Overall this is a summary of how useful each MI tends to be. MIs are rated (common)1-5(extremely rare) on how frequently a given item is expected to roll affixes that make it equal to or better than other items that compete with it.

  • Ascendant PauldronsCold->Lightning and +3 Shattered Star gear this towards Trozan’s Sky Shard. Trozan’s and Allagast sets occupy the shoulder slot. Both sets have powerful completion bonuses that make it unlikely Ascendant Pauldrons will see use.
    Currently there is no clear use for this MI
  • Ascendant ShoulderguardsHealth and three resistances make this a high stat density piece from the start. Noteworthy sources of pierce damage are found in Nightblade (phantasmal blades builds already have 100% conversion), Inquisitor, and in Necromancer on the flat damage portion of Bone Harvest. Shadow strike and soul harvest bonuses may not be put to good use as Morgoneth or blood knight set are ideal for various builds there.
    Currently there is no clear use for this MI
  • Ascended EpauletsAether to elemental doesn’t enable any noteworthy builds as of current.
    Currently there is no clear use for this MI
  • Ascended ShoulderplatesFlat aether damage and elemental to aether set this item up for use with weapon damage builds. For some niche builds this is a welcome addition that frees up other slots that might otherwise be dedicated to conversion.
    2-When compared to the available legendary options, this item only needs one decent affix to secure its place on its given build.
  • Benn’Jahr’s PauldronsBuilds desiring bonuses to blade arc, bone harvest, judgment, and/or Solael’s Witchfire may make use of this. Deathguard set blocks this item on acid Bone Harvest. Bloodrager set blocks this item on bleed Blade Arc. Highly synergistic for chaos Bade Arc.
    3-When compared to the available legendary/blue options you’re going to want good rolls in order to justify selecting this MI over another item.
  • Benn’Jahr’s ShoulderguardsDoom Bolt and Flames of Ignaffar are the two main reasons you’d be looking at this piece. Loghorrean’s Corruption also has bonuses to those two skills and OA besides, so you’re going to be looking at whether you need +3 and 4% cast speed (and will be taking this item) or +2 is good enough and you want the OA on Log’s.
    3-Granted you’re here for the skill bonuses, this item is competing with another MI that does very similar things. You’ll want a decent baseline roll for this item to sit nicely on a build.
  • Chosen EpauletsMay find use on some oddball pierce builds, pierce shoulder slot is highly competitive with the prevalence of Belgo set.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Chosen SpauldersElemental builds are supremely rare and almost always occupy the shoulder slot with an enabling set piece.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Fabius’ PauldronsWith many pierce builds making use of Belgothian shoulders it’s hard competition for this item. With enough additional stats from good affixes it can secure a position on builds that aren’t committed to a full set.
    3/4-The main reason to be using this over belgothian’s shoulders is for stat density. Decent rolls that give the right stats are the minimum, likely two good affixes preferred.
  • Fabius’ ShoulderguardNiche if you’re doing grenado and don’t have any other things to fill the slot.
    2-Some baseline rolls at least.
  • Fleshwarped PauldronsIron Maiden’s surpasses this on cadence, aether conversion is useless outside of necro using combinations but even then there’s better options.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Gargoyle SpinesBlocked on pretty much every physical build. Gladiator’s Distinction invalidates this with its easily accessible 100% vit -> phys if you desire that.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Haunted ShoulderpadPrimarily useful in a niche for the +2 to word of pain, the conversion isn’t easily leveraged by the current assortment of skills and builds. Chaos -> Ele doesn’t have a clear application.
    2-While there is a lack of direct competition within this niche you’ll want at least a baseline roll for this item to fully carry its weight.
  • Incendiary ShoulderplatesChaos/Fire overlap is seen on Demolitionist, though every fire set occupies the shoulder slot. While Occultist offers a lot of flat chaos damage, Inquisitor is more appealing with its suite of WPS and bonuses for weapon damage based builds.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Iron Maiden’s MantleThe primary competition for this item is the Infernal Knight set, which takes up the shoulders slot and interacts with Black Water Cocktail. Sorcerer builds that are selecting non set options for the helmet will make use of this item.
    3/4-Pyran’s has risen to be a ridiculous option for sorcerers leaving only well rolled IMMs that might show up in a build.
  • Iron Maiden’s ShoulderguardsThe general go to option for cadence bonuses on non physical cadence builds, preferable over Fleshwarped Pauldrons owing to its resistance. Also useful for Aegis builds that don’t have shoulders blocked.
    2/3-Generally you’ll want at least decent rolls.
  • Korvan PauldronsZip
    Currently no clear use.
  • Korvan SpauldersPotential applicability for some physical builds.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Kra’vall’s ShoulderguardsOutmoded by Harra’s set
    Currently no clear use.
  • Krav’vall’s ShoulderpadsWith strong competition among epic and legendary pet shoulder options this just doesn’t bring anything special.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Loghorrean’s CorruptionIt has two powerful stats, %OA which is near universally useful, and % phys res which is both powerful and not especially common on gear. Builds may make use of this item for its %OA and phys res alone, or more often with one of the skill bonuses and the aforementioned stats.
    3-While for some builds a singular decent roll will do you’re really going to want a decent baseline to work with on this item.
  • Magi MantleVit -> cold is rather alluring for reaper builds. If you’re not using a set piece this gives a cold reaper massive amounts of flat damage and has stunres to boot.
    3-While there is a lack of direct competition within this niche you’ll want at least some decent rolls to put resistances on this item.
  • Moosilauke’s PauldronsNoteworthy for being a source of + phantasmal blades for reaching towards that 6th blade. The drain essence set occupies this slot, a clear no show in that regard.
    2-While there is a lack of direct competition within this niche you’ll want at least a baseline roll for this item to fully carry its weight.
  • Moosilauke’s ShoulderguardsA complete strikeout. TSS itself is easy to cap and both TSS sets occupy the shoulders slot. Rune of Hagarrad is overwhelmingly a cold build and has silver sentinel shoulderguards for that. Ring of steel as a cold build has deathmarked blocking it, zantarin’s shoulderguard on the acid variant.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Murderer’s EpauletsThe only current sighting of pierce/vit overlap is on nightblade. Cooldown phantasmal blades has shown its potential as a cold build, however there is a lack of support for pierce PB. Other pierce using builds are overwhelmingly likely to be auto attack builds and have a set piece occupying the shoulders - or lack sources of vit to benefit from this.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Valdaran’s MantleThe primary bonus of concern here is to PRM, placing it up against The Cortosian Scrolls. Depending on a PRM build’s need for bonuses to the primary skill/Cast speed or Distortion with the potential for resistances factored in here it’s not always going to be a clear choice.
    3/4-With decent legendary competition you’ll want specific decent rolls, or exceptional rolls for this item to secure its spot in a build.
  • Valdaran’s ShoulderguardsBlade trap is irrelevant, AAR has legendary competition, main obvious niche at the moment are Eye of Reckoning builds that aren’t otherwise occupying the shoulder slot.
    3-As there’s a number of general use options it may run up against you’ll want some decent rolls here.
  • Zantarin’s MantleAs of current this item does not provide the right skill bonuses that merit its inclusion on pet builds.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Zantarin’s ShoulderguardsBonuses to Lethal Assault, Blood of Dreeg and Ascension are the primary allure here. Acid weapon damage based builds that use Occultist have a dearth of alternative options in this slot making Zant Shoulders the main choice. For builds that get use out of the Lethal Assault bonus (mainly cold builds) there is competition in the form of Deathmarked where Zant Shoulders offer more durability and DM offers more damage.
    3-You’ll want baseline to decent rolls on this item as its main purposes beyond the skill points is in filling resistance and health holes.

Ashes of Malmouth Nemesis pants, plus the Hidden Path Sect pants. Skill bonuses or delectable bundles of stats are to be found here. Given that there aren’t too many amazing legendary and blue pants out there you’ll see a lot of builds toting green pants for the stat density they can roll with and/or the unique bonuses they offer.

  • Aleksander’s ChaussesTemper and Steel Resolve - for builds that due invest heavily in them for this purpose Aleksander’s Chausses offer a good blend of defensive (both innate and through affixes) and offensive stats. The bonus to Rending Force is appealing for most spam Forcewave builds. Health, high base armor are nice, though vitality resistance is rather easily found.
    3-You need good enough rolls for this item to outvalue general use legendaries
  • Aleksander’s LegguardsWhile the builds this item supports are extremely niche or otherwise lackluster it doesn’t require crazy rolls to be useful.
    2-You want at least one nice affix for this item to shine on the builds it supports.
  • Bysmiel-Sect Legguards Health, a resistance and trapres are nice for general use pants but not universally appealing.
    3/4-Good rolls make it a stat stick.
  • Dreeg-Sect LegguardsOA a common res and stunres make these pants an okay baseline for a statstick. Useful for acid retal.
    3/4-Good rolls make it a stat stick.
  • Grava’thul’s LeggingsVulnerability makes these a modestly appealing option for stat filler on Occultist builds as the bonus frees up a few points for elsewhere. Death Sentence is a critical bonus for Word of Pain builds and makes these ideal for such builds.
    2/3-You’ll want at least a decent baseline if the bonus you’re ogling is build critical, otherwise you’re here for stats so it’s a decent roll at the very least.
  • Grava’thul’s LegguardsNight’s Chill, Elemental Balance, Spectral Wrath, Celestial Presence. All nice skills to have bonus points to. Depending on what other options the build has these might be the go to for +skill padding.
    3/4-Depending on how nicely other pants shape up for the build, this item will need good to amazing rolls to justify its usage.
  • Kubacabra’s ChaussesDeadly Momentum and Lethal Assault are two of the most desirable bonuses seen on MI pants, both of them providing significant amounts of flat damage to any build that can utilize them. Tenacity of the Boar is welcome on Shamans with Savagery but other pants usually perform better.
    2/3-For what it does with LA and DM there is nothing that quite compares, but you want some baseline affixes on these pants.
  • Kubacabra’s LegguardsWhile this item benefits niche or otherwise unpopular/underperforming builds it doesn’t need much in the way of rolls to function nicely for said builds.
    2-You want at least one decent affix so it’s not barebones.
  • Reaper’s LeggingsSought after on AAR builds and to a lesser extent Drain Essence builds, the former having no other options for boosting Disintegration in this slot.
    3-You’ll want a decent baseline of affixes for this item to compete with the other general use options in the slot.
  • Reaper’s LegguardsSoul Harvest is the only bonus worth caring about and it is comparable to Lethal Assault/Deadly Momentum on Kubacabra’s Chausses. For Necromancer builds that are getting mileage out of Soul Harvest’s flat damage this item provides a large benefit.
    2/3-For what it does with Soul Harvest there is nothing that quite compares, but you at least want some baseline affixes on these pants.
  • Solael-Sect LegguardsFor general use pants these are the best and most sought after. Aether resistance rarely goes to waste and there’s a handful of cases where the bleed is also useful. Top it off with Attack Damage converted to Health (ADctH) and it’s one of the more appealing stat packages. The recent addition of freeze res is minor but welcome.
    2/3-You need good enough rolls for this item to outvalue general use legendaries
  • Bloodsworn SignetWith the abundance of powerful pet ring options this item is mostly relegated to filler, often to take advantage of its cast speed.
    3/4-Given this is sought after as a filler option it’s all about the rolls. Good to amazing ones.
  • Creeping Ring[8}Has a res and gives acid retal, could figure into something but there aren’t any compelling builds out there at the moment.
    3/4-Probably a stat stick for some acid retal sentinel that has yet to surface.
  • Cronley’s SignetThis will see use as a stat dense generalist ring. Attack speed lends it to weapon damage builds, and the pierce res is sometimes useful. Bleed focused bonuses also lend it to bleed builds.
    3-You want decent rolls at the very least.
  • Gargabol’s RingBonuses for Grenado builds, % damage for physical builds. Fire builds looking for high % damage rings are more likely to want Living Ring for a base item but if this thing rolls amazing you’ve got a keeper.
    4-As this item is more niche it demands a narrower range of affixes tailored to those builds, though general high stat density defensive rolls aren’t exactly bad.
  • Gollus’ RingHealth and health regen doesn’t do as much as living ring. It has its place as a generalist option.
    3/4-With Gollus’ only offering health it needs a little more in ways of nice rolls to secure its place.
  • Living RingHealth, a resistance and other potentially useful stats make this a strong base ring for generalist options as well as a potent platform for rolls that put some legendaries to shame.
    3-At the very least you want decent rolls here.
  • Viloth’s RingThe ring for acid weapon damage based builds. Note that there are other acid legendary rings to consider, but this will outperform at the high end of rolls. +2 to Path of the three makes it ridiculous for Dervishes.
    4-With existing legendary rings setting the bar high, you are going to need a good combination of rolls for this to truly shine. But when it does it is unparalleled in its power.
  • Vine RingThe only reason to even glance at vine ring is for the damage bonuses it grants.
    5-Perfect rolls for pierce damage or just ignore this thing.
Swords, 1h
  • Bloodlord’s Blade Fang of Chthon drastically outperforms this item.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Bloodlord’s Vengeance May see use on various fire oathkeeper builds for all its nice to have benefits.
    3-You want decent rolls at the very least.
  • Boneblade Fang of Chthon drastically outperforms this item.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Dermapteran Slicer With some very powerful options out there for pierce melee this item mainly sees use as a leveling option, or potentially on final builds with literal perfect rolls.
    5-GG rolls or it’s little more than leveling/filler.
  • Kymon’s Sanctified Blade Compare with Empyrion’s Mercy for lightning EoR
    4-Higher end rolls to outvalue Empyrion’s mercy
  • Malkadarr’s Dreadblade Ugdenbog Chillstrife and 5p Deathmarked are the only two things you’ll be considering in place of Malkadarr’s. For sheer single target damage this weapon is unparalleled on cold melee builds.
    2/3-You want at least a decent baseline of rolls for it to vastly outperform random legendaries.
  • Spectral Longsword With better options existing for cold Shadow Strike this item is a filler option, though it outperforms legendaries and is easily accessible due to vendor farming.
    1/3-For leveling any old one will do, but you have the luxury of quickly farming a vendor for decent rolls.
  • Wendigo Barb Mad Queen’s Claw does what this tries to do, and does it far better by not being shackled to occultist.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Wendigo Claw Bleed builds have a massive assortment of very powerful legendaries they can choose from, though recent buffs may put this on the map?
    Currently no clear use.
Axes, 1h
  • Aetherwarped Cleaver The bonuses to Zolhan’s Technique are lackluster, much like the base skill. This item has raw damage but 1h physical melee weapons are dominated by supreme legendary options such as Warborn Mace and Beronath Reforged that make it hard for anything but perfectly rolled MIs to secure a spot on such builds.
    5-There may be a case where a perfect roll makes this outperform legendaries but in general you are nowhere near likely to see one that good.
  • Bone Scythe Soulbearer does more or less the same thing as this item, except it does it better.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Boneslicer Bleed on judgment is lackluster compared to other weapon options.
    Currently this item has no clear use.
  • Moltenclaw Slicer Canister bomb hasn’t been seen using this yet.
    Currently this item has no clear use.
  • Pit Master’s Axe This item is not seeing use due to better bleed options being available for blade arc and no other types having enough support on blade arc.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Sandclaw Slicer Physical blade arc isn’t seeing widespread use, and physical has very powerful legendaries.
    Currently this item has no clear use.
  • Servitor’s Cleaver Fire RF has better legendaries.
    Currently this item has no clear use.
  • Servitor’s Corruptor A rather powerful option for chaos cadence, the only competitor of note is Fang of Chthon.
    3/4-Up until a certain point Fang of Chthon just offers more damage. A (1x) sufficiently well rolled Servitor’s Corruptor will displace one (of the two) fangs the build is likely using.
  • Servitor’s Slicer Ring of Steel has minimal pierce support, and pretty much all the really good options for Ring of Steel occupy the weapon slots making this item irrelevant.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Spectral Battle Axe There are far better options for cold melee weapons (Chillstrife, Malkadarr, various sets) and DW cold reaper < other DW cold.
    Currently no clear use.
maces, 1h
  • Bargoll’s Heart (Currently in need of more information on how (ir)relevant this is)
    Currently no clear use.
  • Bargoll’s Root Negligible bonuses, boosts a single average WPS. Not likely to see use.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Gannar’vakkar’s Sting Outperforms venomblade set for specific dervish gearing.
    4/5-Requires high end to extreme rolls.
  • Kilrian’s Skullbreaker There’s nifty fire legendaries around that raise the bar for rolls on this item.
    3/4-Generally you’ll want good to above average affix combinations on this item.
  • Mutant Bludgeon Pummeler has pushed this entirely out of the running.
    Outside of leveling this item has no clear use.
  • Scorpius Bludgeon Pit master’s axe is better and doesn’t see use.
    Currently this item has no clear use.
  • Scorpius Pummeler Acid pets? Not sure if used.
    Currently this item has no clear use.
  • Spectral Bludgeon An enabler for cold TSS. While Trozan’s Scepter doesn’t offer as much potential for cold support, it outperforms this item unless there’s good enough affixes. (Note, unless various blues/legendaries receive a rework this item is actually IRRELEVANT due to the ease of obtaining 100% lightning -> cold)
    3-You need a decent baseline of affixes for this item to outperform the main competition.
  • Warden’s Judgment A readily accessible leveling item for skeletons, but otherwise outmoded in terms of endgame gearing.
    Outside of leveling this item has no clear use.
ranged, 1h
  • Bloodsworn Repeater While the bonuses to Doom Bolt are quite potent, the Harbinger set yields better results overall.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Ugdenbog Howler Every vit build has far superior choices for a mainhand, be it a Bonespike to boost Ravenous Earth or Fang of Chthon for overall superior bonuses etc.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Ugdenbog Repeater Physical aegis has better weapon options.
    Currently this item has no clear use.
  • Ugdenbog Venom Launcher Generous support for DW acid ranged that doesn’t have much else propping up the concept as a whole.
    2-you want at least one useful affix here, attack speed being noteworthy.
  • Viper Hemorrager Bleed builds have vastly better weapon choices.
    Currently this item has no clear use.
  • Viper Sandspitter Potentially useful with its conversion, uncertain as of now.
    Currently this item has no clear use.
  • Bonespike For Ravenous Earth this item has been nerfed to something of a sidegrade at high end rolls.
    4/5-Pandemic has usurped the slot for ravenous earth builds, use only with godly rolls.
  • Korvaak’s Burning Blade Fire pets currently aren’t a thing.
    Currently no clear use
  • Loxmere’s Frostblade For dual wielding Cold Shadow Strike vs. more easily obtained Spectral Longswords. With the existence of Soulrend the 2h variant sets the bar high. The limiting factor in such cases is not the rolls on the Frostblades, it’s the rest of the gear that is necessary to match the durability and convenience granted by Soulrend.
    3-You’ll want decent rolls to outperform Spectral Longswords that you could vendor farm.
  • Rift Scourge Slicer A very potent weapon for dual wielding Acid Shadow Strike. This item is competing with a second Deathguard Blade.
    3-You’ll want decent rolls for this item to shine above the suite of bonuses and raw damage given by Deathguard Blade.
  • Salazar’s Sovereign Blade Pet items are a competitive lot, currently this doesn’t do enough to warrant its inclusion on builds.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Segarius’ Sacred Blade Wind devil builds have vastly better item choices.
    Currently this item has no clear use.
  • Segarius’ Tainted Blade Chaos ignaffar has vastly better weapon choices.
    Currently this item has no clear use.
  • Ugdenbog Chillstrife Outside of cases where you want set items or the focused benefits of Mythical Crescent Moon this is a general power option for cold builds. The RR bonus to Veil of Shadow is a significant overall damage boost for cold builds.
    3-You want at least a general baseline of useful rolls
  • Ugdenbog Flamestrife Flames of Ignaffar got buffed recently, though it’s not clear where this item fits in.
    Currently no clear use
  • Ugdenbog Stormstrife As a 1hander for totem caster builds this item’s skill mod is the selling point. One extra totem is unparalleled from a 1h slot.
    1-There is no competition, this is the king. Use whatever you find, but of course better rolls are nicer to have
  • Ascendant Authority Vendor bait at its finest.
    Currently this item has no clear use.
  • Ascendant Conduit Overall lackluster item with no reason you’d use it.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Ascendant Source May be useful for sigil builds but those aren’t currently making a showing.
    Currently this item has no clear use.
  • Bargoll’s Core Doesn’t find a place on pet builds as of now.
    Currently no clear use
  • Bloodsworn Scepter Chaos has better weapon choices.
    Currently this item has no clear use.
  • Crimson’s Arcane Scepter Ideal for lightning AAR.
    1-Better rolls are nicer, BiS regardless.
  • Crimson’s Vile Scepter Might see use?
    Currently this item has no clear use.
  • Heart of Theodin Marcell A definitive option for melee aether builds. Between the copious amounts of damage and the powerful auto attack replacer this is the go to for many dual wielding aether builds.
    2-You’ll want at least one decent affix.
  • Scorpius Pummeler Not seeing use
    Currently no clear use
Weapons, 2h
  • Melee

  • Alkamos’ WarswordStill a novelty
    Currently no clear use.

  • Alkamos’ ScytheStill a novelty
    Currently no clear use.

  • Barthollem’s GavelCurrently no builds making use of this, CDR is noteworthy but skill mods lackluster.
    Currently no clear use.

  • Barthollem’s WarmaulA 2h cleaving monstrosity for fire strike. Main competition is Sharzul’s Worldeater.
    3-You want a decent baseline of rolls for this item to compete with Worldeater, attack speed is crucial.

  • Bonebleach HalberdPierce SS is undersupported and 2h SS requires a ridiculous 2h to work, which this isn’t.
    Currently no clear use.

  • Fleshwarped CoreTemporal Arcblade is the main competition for 2h Callidor’s Tempest. Soulsplitter is one of the main competitors for 2h Aether auto builds.
    3/4-You want decent to above average rolls for this item to outperform other options overall.

  • Fleshwarped ShardElemental damage does not mix with Necromancer very well. This item is all over the place and not really competing with anything.
    Currently no clear use.

  • Korvan Burning HalberdMay see use over Infernal Brimstone with ideal rolls
    4/5-Possibly outperforms IB with amazing rolls

  • Korvan Celesital HalberdNot sure where this lands for 2h phys blade arc
    Currently no clear use.

  • Korvan Eldritch HalberdOutperformed by Nightshade’s Reach in most cases.
    Currently no clear use.

  • Korvan Reaping HalberdIdeal for 2h vitality bone harvest
    1-Any rolls will do

  • Korvan Storm HalberdBlocked by Ultos set
    Currently no clear use.

  • Obsidian WarcleaverMainly a leveling item.
    Currently no clear use.

  • Spectral WarmaulFor vitality 2h build using Shaman there this item can’t compete with Wildblood Crusher. For 2h vitality Cabalists, Reaping Halberd exists.
    Currently no clear use.

  • Steward’s HalberdCurrently not seeing use
    Currently no clear use.

  • Troll BonecrusherSorry, try again. The bonuses here aren’t enough to outperform the Guillotine for a bleed build, or any number of savagery legendaries.
    Currently no clear use.

  • Ranged

  • Fleshwarped Carbine 2h aether rifle doesn’t really do anything for any builds that legendaries don’t already excel at.
    Currently no clear use.

  • Fleshwarped Incinerator Pretty potent for canister bomb, though there’s a variety of options here
    3-You’ll want decent affixes

  • Messenger’s Blaze Cannon Not seeing use
    Currently no clear use

  • Messenger’s Repeater Not seeing much use
    Currently no clear use

  • Spectral Arbalest Not seeing much use
    Currently no clear use

  • Ugdenbog Arcaneweaver updated 100% penetration has degenerate interactions with various inquisitor WPS and firestrike.
    2- You want at least something good for rolls, amazing regardless.

  • Ugdenbog Bilelauncher With decent rolls this item outperforms Quillthrower of Dreeg for 2h ranged Amarasta’s Blade Burst builds.
    3-You’ll want a decent baseline of affixes for this item to pack more oomph than Quillthrower of Dreeg.

  • Ugdenbog BoltthrowerThere’s a set for 2h pierce ranged that invalidates this item.
    Currently no clear use.

  • Ugdenbog Flamethrower Generally better options abound
    Currently no clear use

  • Ugdenbog Sparkthrower A rather potent option for ranged Primal Strike that doesn’t see much competition from the likes of attack speed deficient Raka’Jax.
    3-You want a decent baseline of rolls for this item to shine above the other legendary options.

  • Bloodsworn Codex(Need insight on relevance)
  • Bound Wraith(Need insight on what degree of rolls are necessary)
  • Coerced Wraith Lightning devastation isn’t a thing at the moment
  • Compelled Wraith Vit siphon has a dedicated set. Fire + necro hasn’t shown itself much recently.
  • Enslaved Wraith A potent option for lightning builds employing Storm Box, though there are other items that intrude frequently on the slot.
    2-It’s really about the built in goodies, you just want one nice affix to have this item truly shine.
  • Fleshwarped ArchiveWith there being far superior general or specific application pet offhands out there this item is not worth considering.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Fleshwarped Codex For one handed aether Callidor’s Tempest there’s just better options.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Fleshwarped Tome Puts a noteworthy amount of damage onto AAR. Though has competition in the slot depending on setup.
    3-You want decent rolls for this to shine over other options.
  • Groble Death Effigy The definitive offhand for vitality Phantasmal Blades.
    2-You want at least one decent affix to keep this item from being bare bones.
  • Groble Ember Effigy There’s simply better options for fire offhands. If the RR bonus wasn’t tied to thermites it might be more appealing.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Groble Sand Effigy Bonuses to grasping vines are lackluster.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Groble Sky Effigy The definitive offhand for Storm Totem builds. If you’re not using Stormreaver this is likely your item of choice short of working with Valguur set.
    1-Anything you roll on this is gravy. The skill modifier is the real winner here.
  • Groble Stone Effigy For aether Panetti’s Replicating Missile this item can sneak in with exceptional rolls.
    3/4- Competing with Terrnox’s devastation modifiers makes this a tough sell determined by affix rolls.
  • Groble Toxic Effigy Wretched Tome of Nar’Adin is the winner for cooldown based acid/poison Dreeg’s Evil Eye, toting a boost to poison duration as well as +1 Occultist. This item puts a noteworthy chunk of weapon damage onto a spam acid DEE build. Blood Orb of Chthon is the clear winner for vitality DEE.
    3-You’ll want a decent combination of affixes, cast speed being important for spam DEE.
  • Groble Vile Effigy Bloody pox has never (and probably will never) be worth building around.
    Currently there is no compelling reason to use this item.
  • Leafmane Horn Definitive option for acid ravenous earth.
    1-You’re playing acid RE, you use this.
  • Leafmane Trophy Vitality + inquisitor = (error 404)
    -Currently there is no clear use for this item.
  • Overseer Eye God item for stunjacks
    1-BIS for lightning stunjacks.
  • Pulsing Shard Other alternatives have arisen mostly relegating this to a leveling item
    4/5-Godroll it, otherwise it can’t come close to the competition.
  • Rolderathis’ Tome For Trozan’s Sky Shard this is a potent option for improving the consistency of the skill.
    2-You want at least one useful roll for this item to perform.
  • Terrnox’s Aether TomeThe tome for most Devastation builds. More uptime on Devastation is a wonderful thing, and this item delivers like no other.
    2-You want at least one useful affix here so it’s not a bare bones item.
  • Terrnox’s Arcane TomeExceptional for various non pyran mortar builds.
    1- +1 summont limit carries this item hard
  • Yeti HornBiS on vindicator caster builds where Wind Devil is the primary focus
    2-You want at least one useful affix here so it’s not a bare bones item.
  • Zarthezullan’s ArchiveA useful option for Vanquisher builds, though the CDR is sometimes overkill.
    3-Decent rolls are the minimum you’re looking for here.
  • Zarthezullan’s CodexThe extent of this item’s relevancy is confined to the realm of spam BWC which is currently undersupported.
    3-Decent rolls are the minimum you’re looking for here.
  • Colossal BulwarkA mix of defensive bonuses and other features that can yield an interesting option for select aether melee builds. Main competition is Will of the Living.
    3/4-It’s a narrower range of affixes that truly make this item shine.
  • Colossal DefenderFire Aegis has a dedicated set, not much room for this item.
    Currently no clear use for this item.
  • Colossal FortressAn excellent option with little in the way of competition for Blood Knights that include Soldier.
    1-Any affixes work, though given it can be vendor farmed it isn’t hard to get useful affixes on one.
  • Fleshwarped BulwarkShields on Shaman currently isn’t the best approach to anything.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Fleshwarped DefenderLackluster caster offhand wannabe?
    Currently no clear use.
  • Obsidian BulwarkThe benefits offered to Rune of Kalastor aren’t enough to make it worth building around this item, and the other bonuses don’t lend themselves to general use.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Obsidian DefenderChaos shattering smash meh.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Scarab CarapaceAuradin meme builds?
    Currently no clear meta use.
  • Scarab ShellBleed meme build?
    Currently no clear meta use.
  • Spectral War Shield(Need insight on relevance)
  • Vampiric BonewallThe duration bonus offered to Sigil of Consumption pales in comparison to the benefits offered by various legendary offhands.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Warden’s FortressThe benefits to Blitz fall short of what other shields can offer, both MI and legendary.
    Currently no clear use.

Medal MIs tend to be used for a powerful skill modifier or on builds where the medal is an acceptable slot to sacrifice to pack a build with needed resistances or other stats that can be rolled into the slot.

  • Basilisk Crest The skill mod alone makes this an amazing item, BIS for ravenous earth.
    1-Get whatever you can on it. This is the only medal to consider for Ravenous Earth builds.
  • Basilisk Fang Useful slot filler for various non physical aegis builds
    2-You want at least one nice roll, though some builds may be calling for higher stat density to fit in every last desirable piece.
  • Basilisk Mark Acid Ring of Steel and to a lesser extent acid nightblade builds make use of this item.
    2-You want at least one nice roll, though some builds may be calling for higher stat density to fit in every last desirable piece.
  • Bloodsworn Sigil Fire Doombolt is currently nowhere on the map and this medal doesn’t offer any compelling bonuses.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Ikrix Scale Potentially useful for burn? RATA builds
    4-One specific suffix has burn retal, outside of that there’s probably better legendaries that pack flat retal.
    Kymon’s Badge The badge for lightning Grenado, do not pass GO! without it.
    1-The skill mod alone is the winner here, use whatever rolls you can get your hands on. If you’re not using Scion of Burning vengeance this is the only other option for 100% pierce -> lightning on grenado.
  • Rylok Cest The general bonuses this item offers make it the preferred filler medal for soldier builds that lack other options.
    3-Overall it’s a stat stick, so you want a collection of decent rolls for it to round out the slot nicely.
  • Rylok Mark Filler vitality medal statstick
    3-As a stat stick it’s all about the rolls of course.
  • Slathsarr’s CrestIdeal for Aether Panetti’s Replicating Missile as well as for various other builds where there isn’t an optimal legendary and the cast speed can come in handy.
    1/3-For PRM this is the straight up winner, for other builds you want some decent rolls.
  • Wendigo EyeThe definitive medal for Word of Pain builds.
    1-The collective benefits before rolls are enough to justify this items inclusion on WoP builds.
  • Wendigo GazeGenerally pets have nicer options on medals.
  • Death Watcher Pendant There’s pet amulets that do so much more…
    Currently no clear use.
  • Ellena’s Necklace The RR and flat damage don’t really measure up to other potent options that have +1 class as well as other goodies.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Gulgazor’s Heart Hardly does anything, plus putrid necklace exists.
    Currently no clear use.
  • Kaisan’s ___ Eye A universal amulet whose potential is only limited by its rolls
    3-Roll amazing, get amazing.
  • Putrid Necklace Crit damage and a large chunk of conversion make this the definitive necklace for acid Occultist builds that end up with sizable sources of elemental damage to convert.
    2-You want at least one roll here to be useful.
  • Vilgazor’s Heart The conversions are far from impactful, this necklace gets floored by +1 class.
    Currently no clear use.

As of current these MIs have few to no widely acknowledge uses and tend to show up as filler items on unconventional builds.

Ascended Vestment

Bloodsworn Vestment

Chosen Raiment

Chosen Robes

Fleshwarped Platemail

Galakros Dread Plating

Galakros Singed Plating

Haunted Vestment

Korvan Armor

Korvan Plating

Murderer’s Breastplate

Valaxteria’s Arcane Robes

Valaxteria’s Skytorn Robes


The recent addition of +1 to a mastery to these belts has yielded varying results, some are flat out BiS for a given setup, others are still hovering in uncertainty.

  • Chains of Brandis While the slow resistance is nice the conversion doesn’t open up any spectacular builds. This is mainly a statstick alternative to the other belts that are loaded with stats you can’t roll on MIs.
    4 - You’ll need a pretty well rolled belt to outperform one of the other shaman belts for physical, bleed or lightning.

  • Chains of Ordas The reduced stun duration is a good stat and the conversion supports fire based sorcerer builds where this belt will beat out Ulzuin’s Torment without needing godlike rolls.
    2 - Some baseline rolls recommended. You’re probably looking at this item for its conversion

  • Chains of Ygraad Reduced freeze duration is lackluster and the vitality to aether conversion just doesn’t play nicely with anything of note.
    Currently this item has no clear use.

  • Gargoyle Girdle Piercing to fire is niche on an OK belt, petrify res is cute but not supremely relevant. The +% retaliation damage lends it to some RATA builds.

  • not really being used widely, hard to place.
  • Gargoyle WaistguardConversion is the be all end all here. Amazing for cold reaper builds.
    1-BiS on cold reaper with no affixes.

  • Lunal’Valgoth’s Girdle Elemental to vitality may have potential but hasn’t been put to much use yet. Pet conversion seems lackluster as vitality is a damage type that requires a lot of focused support to overcome high monster res.
    Currently this item has no clear use.

  • Lunal’Valgoth’s Waistguard Stunres is nice, chaos to vit conversion may have some exotic use but that hasn’t been dredged up yet.
    Potential niche, no clear use yet.

  • Ugdenbog Gidle Petrify res AND armor AND a resistance make this belt somewhat abnormal for stat density on a belt for a mastery that already has generous resistances and durability. Conversion’s most likely application would be a physical blademaster? Soldiers generally end up using aggressive belts as they are pampered on durability.
    Potential niche, no clear use yet.

  • Ugdenbog Waistguard Aether to ele may enable some niche setups down the road but when the most likely source of aether is arcanist there needs to be sufficient item support for the ability otherwise it’s doomed to fail - lacking RR.
    Potential niche, no clear use yet.


Until an MI helm becomes worth using this will remain empty. They’re just for meme builds as of current.


Affix Zoo be blessed, many affixes are now passable. Some have ascended to god tier. Not updated yet.

RIP COLOR FORMATTING, going to fix this eventually

Given that MIs are often about finding that specific combination that works well with your build it would be an exercise in futility to name every possible combination that turns out extra useful on specific gear pieces. What is presented below is a ranking of affixes by how often they tend to make an item worth keeping/useful.

This affix makes/nearly makes an item good on its own
This is a strong affix when paired with a decent suffix
This affix may find a use but isn’t likely to be useful
You’ll rarely if ever want this affix. Extremely niche if it’s not a nigh worthless bonus.

When it comes to MI affixes you are dealing with two and the base item to boot. In general (on whatever random ring) Light Bringer’s isn’t a stellar prefix. Scorched ends is a suffix that doesn’t do much for most builds when it shows up on a ring. However if you line up a Light Bringer’s Living Ring of Scorched Ends - that’s a really nice ring for fire builds that care about cast speed. Meanwhile the prefix incorruptible is never -bad- on a ring, it’s lots of free resistances. Of the Dranghoul is OA/DA/armor and similarly never a bad thing to see. So what these affix rankings are getting into is partly how niche is the affix with regards to rolling alongside other good affixes / right item. Short of a small handful of truly worthless affixes (I’m looking at you energy…) there’s an application to be found for some specific combination, you just might be dealing with powerball odds of seeing such an item.


[spoiler]MI rings are generally used for resistances/health, attack/cast speed, sometimes flat damage, often OA/DA. Affixes that give a lot of resistances / a good mixture of resistance/health / high amounts of AS,CS or OA/DA are naturally some of the most appealing rolls, but that’s not to speak ill of the more niche roll combinations that can come up.


Magic Affixes

MASTERY’s. Between the prefix being the more powerful part, the +1 to a skill not doing much, and the affix not having any other significant bonuses, having a single mastery prefix on a ring/neck/medal will make it trash.

Aggressive. It is a chunk of OA that could otherwise be flat damage or lots of resistances. May be useful with the right suffix on the right build but is generally not a useful roll. OA is more easily sought elsewhere and a ring prefix slot is a hefty price to be paying.

(Flatdamage). For weapon damage based builds there isn’t always an epic/legendary option that has flat damage or an assortment of stats that line up perfectly. May be useful with the right suffix, assuming it’s flat damage of a type that doesn’t have eternal BIS options, alkamos rings for cold as an example.

Energizing. max energy is never an issue, this is a trash affix.

Impenetrable. If you need a TON OF pierce res this could be just what the doctor ordered. However the large value and narrow applicability means this will be a niche application as high pierce overcaps generally aren’t needed and not many builds have this hard a time getting pierce res. This being jewelry slots there are far better things to be on the lookout for.

Impervious (Pierce/Acid). Large chunks of resistance spread out in categories that most builds can make use of is nice, but nothing amazing for a jewelry item.

Impervious (Pierce/X). Fire/Cold/Lightning resists aren’t useful rolls as elemental is so easy to get.

Insulating. It’s a singular elemental resistance and it’s such a large value that you’re sure to go way into overcap. Trash affix.

Mighty. Physique isn’t sought on items.

Mystic. Spirit, if sought on items to meet requirements, is better found elsewhere.

Negating. Singular elemental resist. Same deal as with insulating.

Nullifying. The only place skill disruption would ever get you killed is crucible and even then it’s not something people build for.

Ordered. When builds have trouble with chaos resist it tends to be a big hole that needs filling. However the existence of Incorruptible tends to leave Ordered on the sidelines for jewelry simply by giving more total resists overall.

Preserving. Vitality resistance is relatively easy to address, other affixes offer better stat density/coverage that isn’t as likely to needlessly overcap etc.

Prismatic. One of many examples of how easy it is to get heaps of elemental resistance. As there are far more powerful prefixes this affix isn’t generally that useful. In the absence of a specific double rare roll, this is a step down from some of the elemental res prefixes.

Purging. Solves acid resistance on its own, but too often is wasted beyond overcap territory. Other affixes with more even coverage are nicer to have and between Ugdenbog Leather/Sylvarria’s Essence and other affixes this is generally not useful on rings.

Resistant. See Impervious (Pierce/X)

Resolute. Rare affixes exist with reduced stun duration and other bonuses.

Restorative. % health regen is not a desirable roll on MIs.

Sheltering. Another singular elemental resist.

Shrewd. % cunning is not sought on gear.

Stalwart. Defensive ability being more important than OA in the sense of not dying, this affix may be useful to builds that desperately need DA and lack other places to seek out enough of it.

Staunching. Bleed res is easy to get elsewhere, this singular instance is often far too much, other prefixes offer more even coverage.

Subjugator’s. Pet damage for pet rings, one of the most desirable prefixes for pet rings.

Thawing. Chug a pot for freeze.

Vampiric. Dread Lord’s exists if you want an ADCTH ring, this is the poor man’s substitute.

Vigorous. There are better places to look for sources of health.

Wanderer’s. Some pet builds lack health for their pets, this helps a lot.

Warding. Large chunk of aether resistance, pales next to incorruptible and others but has niche uses on builds that desperately need aether res and have the free slot.


Aetherfire. Low resistance value, no other special benefits.

Blighted. Poison duration is noteworthy and it has a moderate chunk of resistances. Altogether nothing special.

Bloodletter’s. OA, health and a resistance, can line up with a build’s desires but it’s narrowly applicable.

Consecrated. Main things here are health and a resistance. Not a good prefix on rings.

Cutthroat’s. Amazing arrangement of bonuses for a pierce build, however there’s just no chance for it to be useful on rings outside of near perfect suffix/base item rolls because of how strong the epic and legendary options are.

Demonic. One low value resistance, life leech res doesn’t really count.

Devastating. Chaos and elemental res, low values thereof.

Dread Lord’s. Chaos res and adcth. Doesn’t make an item amazing on its own but is a supreme roll with any decent suffix.

General’s. Health, a resistance, and reduced stun duration. One of the better possible ring prefixes.

Glacial. One low resistance and that’s about it.

Harmonious. Health and lots of elemental resistance. May be desirable in niche setups.

Imposing. Lots of health but that’s about it, generally better places to look for health.

Incorruptible. Aether, chaos, poison. Three resistances that a lot of builds have trouble getting. High values make this roll widely useful on many builds to the point that most incorruptible MIs are good regardless of their suffix.

Lich’s. Low resistance values, not much else.

Light Bringer’s. One resistance and not much else. For cast speed on rings there’s Celerity suffix.

Magestorm. Two mid tier resistances at a low total, not much else.

Maniacal. One resistance, not much else.

Menacing. Chaos resistance? Incorruptible is a thing. Bleed easy to get, etc etc.

Rimefrost. Just aether res, incorruptible exists.

Runecarved. Elemental, bleed and health. A solid affix.

Stonefaced. Has reduced stun duration but not too much else.

Tempest. Elemental and bleeding and OA. Could be situationally useful.

Thunderstruck. Aether, elemental, reduced stun duration. Can easily make a ring worth using regardless of the suffix, and with a good suffix a ridiculously strong ring.

Unyielding. Physique, DA, reduced stun and pierce res. It’s very similar to General’s but overall General’s will be more preferable because of its health bonus. However some builds will appreciate the DA.

Wraithbound. It’s one of the three pet prefixes available on rings. Provides a resistance for the pet master along with OA and damage for the pets.



Of Alacrity. If you need attack speed this is one of the best places to get it.

Of Attack. OA is always nice to have in such a large quantity. One of a few preferred suffixes to pair with a good prefix like Incorruptible.

Of (+% damage). Generally not too desirable when there’s other far more potent suffixes around.

Of Celerity. If you need cast speed this is one place to shore it up, due to not as many builds using cast speed this isn’t as useful as Of Alacrity.

Of Fortitude. Attribute affixes on rings, you don’t want them.

Of Meditation. Energy regen is best addressed elsewhere, not a good suffix.

Of Mending. Health regen is not a desirable stat for survivability generally.

Of Potency. Gives health and energy, energy being next to useless this is just a downgrade vs. a flat health option.

Of Protection. Like Of Attack, this gives a nice big chunk of DA that goes nicely with a strong prefix.

Of Prowess. Attribute affix on ring.

Of Psyche. Attribute affix on ring.

Of Readiness. OA and DA, in the same boat as Attack/Protection.

Of Renewal. Regen values on rings, see mending and meditation.

Of The (animal). More attribute affixes on rings.

Of The Sea. Energy, again.

Of Vitality. HEALTH, lots of it. A very nice roll to have.

Of Wisdom. Energy, woo.


Of Albrecht’s Focus. AAR is trivial to get to 26/16. AAR builds tend to have both ring slots dedicated to epics/legendaries.

Amarasta’s Flurry. Noteworthy for giving a useful resistance. Not amazing on its own but is a nice complement to a strong prefix.

Of Anomalies. A bit of cast speed and elemental resistance.

Of Arcane Balance. It’s another case of the plentiful elemental resistance.

Of Blight. It’s a better poison damage suffix with a proc, niche (think Viloth’s Ring).

Of Butchery. It’s health and some other assorted minor bonuses, mainly health.

Of Caged Souls. Bonus to raise skeletons AND a pet bonus. Very nice for Necromancers and pet builds overall.

Of Destruction. More Elemental Resistance and +2 fire strike.

Of Dreeg’s Gaze. Two resistances on a suffix is a lot more than you usually see, but it won’t make the item on its own.

Of Fallen Skies. Small amount of pierce res and a sky shard proc. Not that useful on rings but it’s still a bit of resistance.

Of Hungering Rifts. Bleed resistance isn’t the most valuable thing to be getting here, sigil builds tends to have both ring slots dedicated, and likewise for chaos builds.

Of Incineration. Fire damage, a proc, cast speed, BWC bonus. Might lend itself towards fire forcewave, spam BWC or Flames of Ignaffar.

Of Nature’s Bounty. Health and elemental resistance. One of the stronger suffixes. Won’t make the item on its own.

Of Oleron’s Wrath. A single resistance at good value combined with +2 to a skill that is often thirsty for points.

Of Scorched Ends. Small amount of chaos resistance, proc.

Of Scorched Runes. Health, two resistances. When all other suffixes are giving a single resistance or at most two, Scorched Runes is a very high density-high value suffix. Though given that elemental and pierce aren’t as hard as aether,chaos and stunres to patch up it isn’t quite on par with Incorruptible and Thunderstruck.

Of Shadows. One resistance, other assorted bennies.

Of Shattered Reality. One resistance at low value, few other bonuses.

Of Solael’s Malice. Elemental res and +2 to a good skill.

Soulwarding. Aether res and health, a useful standout among other potential rolls.

Of Squalls. Elemental res and a proc.

Of Supremacy. Pierce res and physique(it’s a little more than nothing).

Arcane Blaze. Another case of singular resistance + proc.

Of the Basilisk. Two resistances, armor bonus and DA. Overall a nice combination of bonuses.

Of the Cabal. One resistance, some minor bonuses.

Of the Diviner. One res + cast speed, doom bolt builds tend to have both rings dedicated.

Of the Dranghoul. Similar to of Readiness, trading a bit of OA/DA for armor and health regen. Amazing with a good prefix.

Of the Gildam Arcanum. Above average amount of cast speed and a minor random CDR bonus. Somewhat desirable wherever of Celerity would be wanted but it’s rarely if ever a best option. Generally you’d rather see other things on a ring.

Of the Glacier. Flat cold damage has trouble getting recognized on rings when Alkamos Rings utterly dominate the slot with their wide spread of bonuses.

Of the Hurricane. Flat lightning has a niche on rings where a build wants resistances/other stats from a prefix because it can’t fit in a Glyph of Kelph Zoth. However this needs to be paired up in a really unlikely scenario to be desirable (double rare)

Of the Slith. Pierce res and poison duration are the main things here (Viloth Ring says hello)

Of the Untamed. Health and OA make it nice as a general roll, the pet bonuses make it desirable for pet rings.

Of the Wild. DA and elemental res make it a slightly above average general roll, pet bonuses make it good for pet rings.

Of the Winter Storm. Proc and a single res, we’ve seen a lot of this.

Of Tormented Souls. Drain essence builds tend to dedicate both ring slots and this doesn’t offer any other persuasive stats.

Of Voidfire. Proc and a single res, being bleeding res and a chaos proc this is hardly much of a benefit to most builds. Chaos builds tending to have both ring slots locked away.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Medals share much of the same affix pool with rings, the main noteworthy differences being that medals can’t roll attack/cast speed outside of a handful of rare affixes - and that medals can roll rare dual mastery prefixes with bonuses of varying impact. Shared affixes with the same degree of desirability as they are given on rings will be skipped here, only exclusive affixes and those that differ in impact are to be detailed.

Rare Mastery Prefixes. This is a very diverse grab bag of bonuses, skill bumps, sometimes resistances, sometimes other things. The main attraction here are the affixes with bonuses to skills that want to be overcapped as high as possible but don’t always have the means to do so, and the build is likely to have the medal slot open for a green.

Cutthroat’s. What’s the difference here when this can also show up on rings? Far less competition in the medal slot for pierce builds. The poster child of melee pierce being the blademaster, Direwolf Crest isn’t a supreme option with how it can dilute the WPS pool.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Similar to medals amulets have some potentially high power skill boosting prefixes while they can’t roll the attack speed / cast speed suffixes generally. If an affix isn’t listed here just refer to the rings section as it’s more or less the same degree of usefulness. For instance cutthroat’s isn’t good here either because pierce builds lack an appealing MI amulet and there are very strong legendary options available.

(SOMETHING)'s: These are higher power single mastery prefixes that offer a boost to a lone skill from the associated mastery. Given each of them have a broad pool of possible rolls it won’t be likely you see the exact one you want. Seer’s, Magi’s and Interrogator’s are noteworthy for having cooldown reduction which can make them amazing regardless of what skill bonus they rolled, but ideally you’ll want that one skill bonus a build is desperate for on whichever MI necklace best fits it.[/spoiler]

Armors (general)

[spoiler]Outside of select affixes that appear only on one or two item slots the following degrees of usefulness will hold for most armor items. OA/DA affixes being of lower power on armor while many high power rare suffixes existing tends to limit the most desired rolls on armor to HP, resistance and reduced stun duration. Belts are funny in how they can roll some armor, some jewelry affixes, so not all of these are applicable to belts. % damage rolls are typically considered empty stats because of how low they tend to roll on armor pieces and how much a suffix/prefix tends to give up for % damage compared to the leading defensive options.



Energizing. Max energy is basically an empty affix, pass.

Impenetrable. Pierce resistance and not a ton of it, better rare affixes exist with more total resistance. While it is something, you’ll pretty much never say to yourself “I want an Impenetrable X of Y”.

Impervious(Pierce/Acid). A decent amount of two useful resistances, better than a number of rare affixes but nowhere near ideal.

Impervious(Pierce/X). Single elemental resistances aren’t worth much, this doesn’t give much. Not too useful.

Insulating. Single elemental resistance, pass.

Mighty. You don’t want % attributes on armor on their lonesome.

Mystic. You don’t want % attributes on their lonesome.

Negating. Single elemental resistance.

Nullifying. Skill disruption isn’t sought after, exists with other bonuses on some affixes.

Ordered. It’s chaos res and a build just might be lacking for it, but Ancient gives about as much and has other benefits.

Preserving. Vit res is rarely an issue, there’s a rare affix that does this better.

Prismatic. Full coverage elemental resistance, but again better affixes are out there.

Purging. Large chunk of acid res, not frequently needed but it doesn’t have a comparable rare affix.

Resistant. Single elemental res + maybe something that’s useful, it just doesn’t do that much.

Sheltering. Single elemental resistance.

Shrewd. % attribute on its own.

Stalwart. It’s much more rare to see armor being used to shore up defensive ability, especially when there are a number of rare affixes that give flat DA and other survivability oriented benefits. Builds that seek out stalwart on general armor slots are an exception, not at all the norm.

Staunching. Bleed resistance. Large chunk, often much more than is needed and is rarely needed. Better affixes with better coverage, it’s a common thing.

Tough. % armor on its lonesome, you can do much better.

Vigorous. % health on its lonesome, you can do much better.

Warding. Useful for offering a lot of aether resistance whereas most rare prefixes are spread across others and aether is harder to get on some builds. Still nothing special with better affixes being out there.


Aetherfire. Modest amount of aether resistance, a dash of OA, sprinkle of energy regen, some % damage bonuses. We’ve seen this lackluster sort elsewhere and it’s still not an appealing roll for a prefix. Really, you’d want warding or a handful of others if you were looking for aether res because this affix does so little.

Ancient. Ordered+, you get % health and % armor as noteworthy stats while the chaos resistance is basically the same. Given that chaos is one of the resistances that builds tend to lack this is a good roll, but not universally godlike.

Blighted. Vit res and poison res. A moderate amount of each.

Bloodletter’s. %OA, %health and bleeding res. Note that it may be useful to some builds in an absolute minmax situation where this slips in as a prefix for boosting OA, but generally this won’t be desired because it gives so little in terms of defensive stats and players will choose res over OA in most cases.

Consecrated. Preserving+. Vitality resistances isn’t as big an issue as chaos resistance, so this is just less useful.

Demonic. Modest amount of single resistance, prefix, etc.

Devastating. Modest amount of chaos with elemental sprinkled on top isn’t terrible, but it’s not amazing either.

Dominator’s. Pet. Bonuses. And it has elemental resistance.

Formidable. A dash of elemental resistance and PHYSICAL RESISTANCE. You don’t see the latter too often on affixes.

Glacial. Moderate aether res and % armor, yawn.

Magestorm. Pierce + vitality. It’s a bit of something.

Maniacal. Moderate bleeding res, pass.

Menacing. Chaos + bleed, a bit of something.

Merciless. Poison + elemental.

Paladin’s. Health, pierce res, DA.

Rampage. Poison + Bleeding. Wishes it was stonehide.

Renegade’s. Pierce and aether.

Resonant. Aether and elemental.

Rimefrost. Almost as much aether res as warding, % physique isn’t too stellar however.

Runecarved. Elemental, bleeding AND % health.

Seraphim. Elemental, a dash of DA. Basically prismatic+ and still lackluster at that.

Stonehide. The legendary. Stonehide sets itself apart by offering such a ludicrous amount of defensively focused stats that even if some of them go to waste on excessive overcaps it still tends to outvalue other affixes with even a portion of its stat density. Pierce, poison, bleed and % armor. The average total resistance roll is 106% whereas most of the double resistance rolls you see on other affixes tend to sum to to 50-60% range. It’s simple why this is so desirable, it just does so much more than most of the other rolls.

Taskmaster’s. Pet bonuses, specifically resistances. Health and ele res for the petmaster.

Tempest. Elemental bleeding, the OA is a nice topping but nothing amazing.

Thunderstruck. Elemental aether and… REDUCED STUN DURATION. Lots of builds need at least a bit of elemental res, some overcap being welcome. Aether res tends to be lacking on a decent number of builds. Many builds need to resort to greens or oddball pieces to cap stun res. Mixing all these three together makes for a very dense package of stats that can be just as appealing to see as stonehide.



Of Attack/Readiness/Protection. These suffixes roll lower on armor than they do on jewelry, armor has stronger prefix options. Generally these are never wanted here.

Of (% damage). Strong defensive prefixes exist, the % damages are low. These are not desirable.

Of Fortification. Flat armor to one slot is pretty pitiful.

Of (Gives Attributes, DA, or other minor stuff). Generally not desired on armor.

Of Meditation. Better places to get energy regen.

Of Mending. Health regen is not a stat people build for, at least not on MIs with bad suffixes like this.

Of Potency. Wishes it was of Vitality. Still has some health.

Of Renewal. See mending and meditation.

Of the Mountain. Gives health and some armor, pity it’s flat armor that only gets applied to the item itself.

Of the Sea. Again, energy.

Of Thorns. Retal has a bunch of legendaries it goes after before MIs.

Of Vitality. Gives a ton of health.

Of Wisdom. Gives energy.


Of Amarasta’s Flurry. Middling amount of chaos res, better than nothing.

Of Arcane Balance. Elemental res.

Of Balanced Steel. Health and pierce res.

Of Blight. Poison proc, no resistances.

Of Caged Souls. Pet bonuses (including a resistance), bleeding res for summoner.

Of Destruction. Middling amount of elemental res.

Of Dreeg’s Gaze. Vitality and bleeding res, moderate amounts of both.

Of Fallen skies. Pierce res, trozan bonus, proc. Super niche.

Of Heroism. Bleed res and small assorted other bonuses don’t amount to much.

Of Incantations. Chaos res and a dash of DA.

Of Insight. Chaos res and a mana restoring proc.

Of Kings. Health, dash of DA, REDUCED STUN DURATION, and a total speed proc. It gives a lot of much needed stats and gives a good deal overall, however it’s not enough to make an item on its own. Still, this is one of the most desired suffixes to have paired with even a half decent prefix.

Of Maiven’s Wit. Elemental res.

Of Menhir’s Wall. Bleed res, armor, DA, health. Lots of goodies.

Of Nature’s Bounty. Health and elemental res.

Of Oleron’s Wrath. Pierce res pretty much.

Of Scorched Ends. Chaos res and a fire proc.

Of Scorched Runes. Pierce res, ele res, flat health.

Of Shattered Reality. Chaos res.

Of Solael’s Malice. Ele res.

Of Soulwarding. Aether res, health.

Of Squalls. Ele res, proc.

Of the Arcane Blaze. Vit res, proc.

Of the Cabal. Poison res, DA.

Of the Dranghoul. OA/DA, % armor. If you are still looking for OA/DA on armor, this is probably the affix you want to see paired to a good prefix.

Of the Flesh Hulk. Pierce res and reduced stun duration, doesn’t do quite as much as of kings to be universally useful but it is still stun res.

Of the Untamed. Pet bonuses and flat health.

Of the Void Harbinger. Chaos and elemental res.

Of the Wild. Pet bonuses, ele res and DA.

Of the Winter Storm. Cold%, cold proc, ele res.

Of Tormented Souls. Health mainly.

Of Ulzuin’s Flames. Vit res.

Of Vicious barbs. Most appealing part is the health.

Of Voidfire. The bleed res is pretty underwhelming and a chaos proc is rarely going to be desired. [/spoiler]


[spoiler]There’s nothing particularly unique about the rolls on MI pants. Just a few middling suffixes that only appear on pants.



Of Arcane Winds. Small amounts of dodge, movespeed, spirit and energy regen make this an affix you just don’t want to see on pants.

Of Dancing Shadows. Dodge, movespeed, cunning and pierce res put this a step above Arcane Winds but it remains nothing special.

Of Reptilian Resistance. Health regen, small drop of movespeed, physique and the largest chunk of poison/acid res you’ll ever see on a pants suffix. The advent of multiple sources of poison/acid res in components and augments has reduced the desirability somewhat, but it remains the largest P&A suffix on pants.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Boots are crafted, not dropped, minor technicality. They are still the most popular slot to turn green for whatever goodies you need.



Survivalist’s. Health, more health, DA and movespeed. Useful? Of course. Widely applicable? Not so much.



Of Arcane Winds. Spirit, a chunk of ele res, movespeed and slow resistance. Slow res does NOT show up with any frequency, which makes this suffix noteworthy for builds that desire slow res from their green boots.

Of Featherstep. Pierce res, stun duration, movespeed and trap res. Overall a very nice boot suffix.

Of Stonefooting. Pierce res, movespeed, % armor and physique. It’s alright, nothing special.

Of Survival. Main selling point is the 4% DA for players with a DA, er, foot, er DA foot fetish. Yeah, just rub it right on.[/spoiler]

Shoulders, Chest: Magic prefixes

[spoiler]Shoulders are an interesting case where they pull from a different set of magic single resist prefixes with higher values than seen on other armor slots (chests also get these affixes). Just the desirable ones are being noted here whose rankings have changed from the general armor.



Ordered. 54% chaos resist is a serious jump above ancient. In terms of shoulder MIs if chaos resist may be a problem for the related build this is a very potent roll for how much it can cover in a single slot.

Warding. 54% aether res, even more striking than ordered because there’s no real aether parallel to Ancient.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Chest pieces can roll all the same double mastery prefixes as medals, general range of valuation remains similar on that. Otherwise there’s just two unique suffixes that appear here.



Of Arcane Lore. Elemental resistance, flat spirit (hold on a second, it’s usefulish here) and 12% reduced attribute requirements. The main niche for this roll is caster builds that typically have to invest a large number of attribute points into spirit in order to hit the 724 spirit req for an offhand - and the build isn’t locked into a glorious BIS chestpiece till the end of time.

Of Blades. Health, % armor, some retal stuff. It has health at least.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Gloves have a variety of affixes that lend themselves to supremely niche builds that do not have anything near an acceptable option between epics and legendaries. Generally you are not going to be even thinking about keeping green gloves that drop, and given that there are no MI gloves the easiest way to get what you want for a niche build is by crafting.



Of Alacrity/Of Celerity Attack and cast speed respectively. Given the abundance of AS/CS suffixes on gloves there are better options, but more often than not this is the primary stat desired on the suffix.


Of Aether Storms. Aether and lightning already have good glove options. That being said this is still AS/CS

Of Amarasta’s Alacrity. Attack speed and pierce damage make it pretty obvious where this is aimed at. Grasp of unchained might reigns supreme on most nightblade builds, though it may be a tossup on other pierce setups that don’t use nightblade.

Of Arcane Might Not much of anything, lacks AS/CS.

Of Arcane Minds AS,CS and reduced cunning requirement for ranged weapons. Useful, but again there’s hard competition for the glove slot most of the time.

Of Battle Fury Aimed towards physical where there are already a bunch of very strong options. Stats are far from special and the proc has a ridiculously long CD.

Of Dark Intent Not every poison or chaos build has AS/CS options well tailored to its desires.

Of Rapid Reflexes AS,CS and reduced stun duration. Generally applicable and can build up to a very stat dense glove.

Of Stone Fists HP is nice, it’s not always the best, but lots of HP + DA is never a bad roll.

Of The Honor Guard HP, AS, CS. Generally applicable good stuff.[/spoiler]

Reserved for future use

Hey thanks for this. I’ve never took the time to actually learn the affixes/suffixes and I’m sure there are a lot of people like me in the forums that will find it very useful.


I hope to exhaustively* detail prefixes and suffixes later. For now I’m just getting all the MIs listed and color coded so people can make the fast and easy decisions - look at the middle of the item’s name and see if it’s junk because of that.

Stuff gets really complicated with affixes because there’s all these things that might be nice to have, but some are only useful in combination with something else, or you end up wanting X and Z because the build the base item is geared for really lacks Q.

*It will probably end up being a general ranking of usefulness. Always/sometimes/rarely/never. Stuff like thunderstruck and incorruptible get high marks, but say - Formidable will be rarely useful as in few builds would want it, but it can be very powerful for the builds that do want it. As it’s getting into a general hand wavy sort of area, don’t expect too much detail on individual affixes, perhaps some examples. I can’t account for every build ever, just general trends in gearing and players’ desire for specific gear.

Thanks a ton!!! This will be a huge help for me as I really have no idea what I am looking for with the gazillion green drops that litter the ground everywhere.

Very helpful thread, thank you!

well i’m gonna but this bluntly… I have some… disagreements, lets call them, with your assessment of MI’s.

Ascended Epaulets and Haunted shoulderguards have decent base stats that make them fairly respectable as items for leveling moreso with good rolls Haunted Shoulderpad giving bonuses to word of pain also makes it an incredible item to use for inquisitor leveling, as a properly built WoP build cruises through most of the game.

Muderer epaulets are the de facto shoulders for a rimetounge build before you can equip the set, same with the cowl.

also Fabius shoulderguard is vendor trash? uh hello free +3 WoR and OA

I’ll give you the IM Shoulders being slightly better than the fleshwarped pauldrons, but you’re also not considering that if you’re not already nemesis IM shoulders take a while (to grind the rep) to get, fleshwarped are far more readily available.

Pet Kra’Vall shoulders too, those are far more easy to farm than it is to farm Zantarin, or rep to get to him

Valdaran’s (both) decent enough and he is by far the easiest (next to benn’jahr and Grava) to unlock making them slightly easier to get than the sets whose shoulders also affect their skills, Shoulderguards are in particular good for shoring up aether resist and getting some OA, flashbang is gravy for demos.

Benn’jahr Shoulderguards are good for any fire/chaos build, and again far more readily available than rarer pieces of gear as with Valdaran, he’s also unlocked fairly early.

Grava’thul Leggings, just as valid as the legguards given both of them affect resist reduction modifiers for skills.

Kupacabra leggings, solid pick for FoI/ Fire Grenado builds, only weak skill here is inferno.

reaper legguards have a place in blood knight builds.

Cronley’s Signet ring: I think you’re overrating this one, its really only good for Attack based builds and even then depending on which rings give access to RR those are far better options than this ring.

Bloodsworn Signet, BiS for any occultist pet build hands down.

Living ring: I consider this BiS if you roll Incorruptible Of Scorched Runes, Every resist except bleed and a truckload of extra hp? yes please.

Boneblade: 1pt Blood pox for easy -10% vit resist? no brainer, great for leveling vit cabalist/conjuruer

Wendigo claw: see above, except oh wait it still gives extra bleed resist reduction on top of whats already there, solid pick for vit/bleed conjuerer

Aetherwarped Cleaver turns Zolhans into Spin2Win for Firestrike and cadence, pair with the conduit of warring whispers for commando spin2win.

Bone Scythe: best weapon while leveling a bone harvest build.

Spectral Battle Axe: range bonus stacks with itself gives obscene range to ABB, and also swings twice when dual wielding, not uncommon to clear half if not an entire screen some times.

Wardens Judgement, early or late game more skeletons is always better, easily BiS when Wraithbound of Binding.

Bagolls Core, uh 15% phys resist to YOU and YOUR PETS for its duration? pretty solid pick for a Blight fiend necro.

Bagolls heart is BiS for WoP either leveling or using elemental damage, can be dual wielded to stack to -24%.

Heart of Theodin Marcell, BiS for spellbinders, or anyone lookin for Aether based attacks.

Bloodsworn Pistol, the early CDR on this weapon makes it attractive for CD based casters might not be BiS lategame, but it’s a godsend before then.

Ugdenbog howler, CDR and -Vit res a conjurers best friend.

Fleshwarped Shard: BiS for any FW tactician looking to use Arcanor, this weapon serves as the in between, reap spirit bonuses feel out of place however.

Fleshwarped Carbine: I’m sorry 12% crit to reckless power is trash? BiS for Aether Firestrike builds

Ugdenbog Arcaneweaver: i’m just gonna let this speak for itself

Bloodsworn Codex: best modifier for Briarthorn good for any pet shaman that uses it.

Grobble Toxic Effigy: best off hand for DEE early on.

Spectral War Shield BiS for Drain Essence builds, hands down, the extra target means more hp leached.

In terms of leveling items I touched upon ones that are a significant boost to leveling power that are worth pursuing (going out of your way for) as part of leveling. It is generally assumed a player will keep and make use of items that have favorable stats when leveling, it is not common knowledge that picking up specific MIs will drastically improve your leveling speed on certain builds. Minor targeted benefits help, but a player is going to be getting a much larger boost farming any old Groble Sky Effigy for a Storm Totem leveling setup than a player obtaining any old Groble Toxic Effigy for a DEE setup. Helpful, but not to the point of it saving a noteworthy amount of time in the leveling process.

For endgame gearing interim options are not something I wish to detail. A player lacking the ideal gear is going to make use of whatever they can get their hands on. In a situation where there are options the better items will be chosen. This guide is not aimed at a player who is struggling to get by on gear, it’s a longer term picture where the player is filling out builds with powerful MIs that address the build’s needs to the best of the slot’s ability (within reason for RNG on rolls). Difficulty of obtaining hinges off of what kind of rolls are needed (double rare or something easier than that) given that crucible rains MIs at a rate that gives players the option to farm cruci instead of doing time consuming runs/hunts for specific items.

Fabius Shoulderguard: with the abundance of powerful shoulder options on the various builds that spans the Inquisitor spectrum I have a hard time believing there is a compelling reason that the trivial bonuses provided by Fabius’ Shoulderguard win it a place over other MIs in the absence of legendaries with stats that put the shoulderguard to shame.

Vald shoulders: Loghorrean’s corruption is the AAR option. Demo will want Ulzuin/Justice/warborn/markovian/BWC iron maiden shoulders well before flashbang shoulders.

Wendigo claw: 8% RR and 33/s bleed would be powerful if this came online earlier than level 40. At L40 devouring swarm is not your main source of damage. A vit conjurer has access to vit totem before this point, and a vit cabalist has already been wielding one or two bonespikes for many levels.

Aetherwarped Cleaver

  • Commando DW, Beronath sword beats a majority of rolls with only very specific double rare rolls working.
  • Witchblade DW, Beronath sword utterly demolishes it, no contest.
  • Death Knight, Beronath sword beats a majority of rolls with only very specific double rare rolls working.

Given that beronath is a crafted item you can produce an above average specimen with ease compared to obtaining an aetherwarped cleaver with similar potential. And at that point you’d be at the whims of RNG for the cleaver swinging into competitive range. Zolhan’s Technique is rather lackluster on cadence builds, missing out on 1/3 its proc chances and demands points that are being sunk elsewhere for global bonuses.

Spectral Battle axe: ABB hits with one hand when dual wielding.

Fleshwarped carbine is competing with vortex of souls. VoS either ends up mildly ahead on AS or ahead on flat damage depending on carbine rolling a RARE flat suffix or a more pure AS suffix. 100% passthrough and +2 arcanist go a long way in outvaluing the other benefits present on the carbine.

Some clarification was needed, but we have our different perspectives on the various subjects. I don’t see people asking after a grand majority of redlisted items (except as crafting mats). Undesirable in the general sense.

A few points to mention:

Bloodsworn Signet Ring: As already mentioned, they are essential leveling items for anyone playing pet builds, especially as it comes from a easy story boss and can provide some really good resistance prefix/suffixes. After the leveling is done and your gear is obtained, it becomes far less useful as you’ll have more than enough pet damage and bonuses like +Health Regen are far more useful in endgame.

Bargoll’s Core: I am pretty sure the Physical Resistance modifier only works on your character - can you demonstrate that it also grants pets the Physical Resistance as well? That’d be pretty huge if it did, but I’m almost positive it only affects the player.

Bysmiel Pants: How well these pants are received depends on what type of pet build you’re playing? Occultist based pet builds? Thanks, we have enough Poison Resistance and BoD gives pets good flat OA. Shaman based pet builds? They are much more useful, especially as Shamans don’t have a lot of gear that grants good Poison Resistance and - depending on the second class - can make great use of the additional pet OA.

Fleshwarped Bulwark: BiS for Retaliation Pet Conjurers and a great option for any Shaman-based pet builds that stack Physical Damage. It’s notable that this shield is the only source of Reduced Life Reduction pet builds have, and that alone is very big. The extra Physical damage for pets on top of that is icing.

Bloodsworn Codex: Unlike the above poster, I really don’t see where this shines. Before you get the Beastcaller’s Set with 2 Briarthorns, you’d rather have the Naga’Pesh tome so you can get an additional pet. Once you get Mythical gear, I’d much rather take the Fleshwarped Bulwark. Not only are the above reasons really good, but taking a Shield over an Off-hand is great for survivability in general and allows you to invest in Physique for greater health / DA in specific. Briarthorns don’t have the game-changing abilities like the Ravens / Blight Fiends do that it’s worth sacrificing that much to get the Codex.

I’m assuming you’re going to write up a section on Belts as well? It’d be nice to see how well the MI belts compare to the multiple of craftable belts you can make.

nope, tested this both with leveling dual melee and dual guns, ABB hits twice when dual wielding. Or rather, with guns it shoots two projectiles, while melee swings twice.

that aside I also look at how difficult/time consuming it is to farm certain MI’s or just getting legendaries to drop. in most cases Zantarins/IM Shoulders take ages (not counting the crucible as not everyone owns it) due in part cause of how long it takes to grind rep. fabius while he takes a while to get to has about 5 locations to spawn, but the nemesis grind for Cronley isn’t as bad as KC/DV.

same with vald shoulders, they’re more readily available than some legendaries might be for some people, again don’t count crucible as something to farm MI’s not everyone owns it.

It comes down to preference really, I mainly use shoulder/Pants MI’s for shoring up resists if I don’t have a Legendary for that slot, so they all have their uses depending on what resists needs covered.

I’ve been leveling with ABB with my latest character which is a DW melee build. And ABB only lists the offhand, meaning it only hits with the offhand.

Unless it’s an error in the description.

A few opinions of mine

Valdaran Mantle should be yellow. There’s no absolute BiS for PRM builds. Cortosian Scrolls isn’t exactly that good for Valdaran mantle to be useless.

Ugdenbog Chillstrife should be blue. This was almost undisputed BiS for Korba (until people discovered Malkadarr so opinions are probably split here now) and is very good for literally any cold build.

Mutant Bludgeon with good rolls is way better than Pummeler. Blue for this.

Lastly, Ugdenbog Bilelauncher is green for me cause it’s better than Quillthrower of Dreeg (the only other acid 2h ranged weapon worth mentioning) with the right rolls.

Fleshwarped Bulwark should not be red/should be yellow. It provides on average as much flat Physical as 12/12 Mogdrogen’s Pact or 12/12 Temper does. You could 1 point Mogdrogen’s Pact and you’re more or less getting the other 13 points (including the + skill bonus) for free.

Fleshwarped Bulwark has the misfortune of being a physical shield keyed to a shaman skill. Outside of flat damage Shaman has nothing significant to offer physical SnB. Durability is already assured, it’s more a question of what offensive prowess is derived from selecting shaman in place of other classes to butter your Soldier sandwich. If SnB physical shaman was good we’d see people using it in vast abundance, and using the Fleshwarped Bulwark. As it is there’s nothing alluring offensively about a shaman vs. Demo, Occultist or Necro.

Thanks for taking the time to write this down, I just found it and it’s very helpful! :cool:

One thing that I am still juggling for this guide is how to place items that may be ideal for a specific build, but are so infrequently sought after that they’re not as amazing as an item that has overall less impact, but is highly desired due to its applicability to numerous popular builds. The Chillstrife vs. Malkadarr’s situation is something I am not deeply versed in, Chillstrife is highly desirable on numerous builds and I have adjusted its mention to reflect that.

Mutant bludgeon is one of the tricky cases in my eyes. Here we have an item that, with garbage rolls will be the best option up until you grab ahold of The Pummeler. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Mutant Bludgeon needs very specific rolls in order to beat out The Pummeler, neh? If it were the case that a baseline Mutant Bludgeon with simple yet useful affixes outclassed The Pummeler it would be a supreme option. If it’s not I would appreciate the details for updating the guide to better reflect its superiority in such a case.

Waffling on Bilelauncher vs. Quillthrower for similar reasons as Mutant Bludgeon. What kind of rolls are we talking here?

With how many times I’ve seen people asking for a set of guidelines on MIs this is somewhat overdue. The main difficulty as you can see is the method of presentation, what exactly is being communicated, and that there is not a 100% consensus on every last item. General trends and the popular ones are easier to identify, but it is harder to account for fringe builds when popular build guides tend to drive the desire for MIs.

You’re right that there aren’t many Physical (or other non-DoT) Shaman S&B damage type builds. About the only niche I can think of would probably be a Howl of the Wendigo Warder where that Physical damage becomes an extra source of Vitality instead but that’s still only one case.

It kind of annoys me that an MI that otherwise wouldn’t be overlooked is because it’s attached to a Shield in a mastery heavily emphasising 2-handed and that other masteries are more attractive secondary masteries than it for S&B but oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah at the same time, it’s relatively easy to vendor shop Mutant Bludgeons until the right rolls come up.

I think ease of obtaining desired rolls via vendor shopping should be factored in your analysis in general.


Nevermind, this is about greens that drop. :eek:

Thanks for that thread. Salazar’s blade is a viable option for pet build, no doubt about that. Green / blue imo.