Moar FeedBack - 60 play hours. Town of 450 citizens full upgraded

Just finished my first game and developed a big town with almost 500 citizens. This is my final thoughs with the actual balance/ mechanics and some improvements (yesterday i wrote another big post)
Sorry for the big bible, but this is my feedback. I want this game to be as great as possible. :slight_smile:

Production in Endgame

1- Wood: Im sure that this depends on the map, but the production of wood is ridiculously low. It´s nonsense that the production of wood in the Endgame depends on Trading post or Planting Trees manually.
YES if you plant trees manually and let them grow a few years you can extract a huge amount of wood, and problem is solved… but this shouldn’t work like that, because it feels like using an exploit.
Trees need a grow rate boost, or every tree shoud produce more wood (at workforce cost of course)
or you need that people can replant trees in a pasive way somehow.
If you implement something to solve this, manually planting trees should be nerfed for obtaining wood.

2- Many people demands Quarries to increase Stone production. I agree with that. If not. Put huge rocks in certain places for extraction. Just like a mine with pure rock.

3- Tallow/sebum production is actually insufficient. You only obtain this hunting animals or sacrificing cattle. The amount of Tallow/sebum obtained is too low. Actually you depend too much from the trading post to keep the soap production high.
Maybe if you add pigs as farm animals, they can produce more sebum to make soap.
I don´t know if i am right but this is my experience, and only at the endgame when you are rich, you can expend tons of money buying soap/sebum.

4- Spices and Salt : In my other post I put the idea of ​​adding spices into the game. I already saw that they do exist as luxury merchandise, and they are only sold by certain merchants.
As Spices just provide a happiness bonus for the endgame, i keep with the idea of adding salt as a resource, but with a more agressive dependance on happiness. We need salt in our everyday, and it is basic for our quality of live and Health. I suggest that the lack of salt must have a negative influence on the happiness/health of the citizens and that salt mines should be assigned/built for its extraction.


5- We need a way to move graveyards from it´s original place. Graves deteriorate with years, and don´t last forever. Graves should dissapear let´s say… in a hundred years for gameplay purposes? If you don´t agree with this, please make a way to move them to other places.
I keep the idea of add Gravediggers as a profesion. Gravediggers could to the job of carry corpses, bury them, make coffins to increase happiness, keep the maintenance of the graveyard (the same way that is included with the maintenance of houses in the game) ect…

6- School: It´s not easy to know if you have enougth schools. We need a way to know if they are filled with students, to build a new one. There should be a fill bar to see if the school is full.

7- Rat Catcher: The mechanic is OK. But in my opinion it´s too expensive in gold maintenance for the “small” radius of coverage that they offer.

8- Endgame buildings: We need more buildings for Tier 3-4. For instance. A Castle, a way to unlock a second town hall, a Cathedral, a research center that provide improvements in certain technologies as i say in my another post ( better fertilizers, faster transporting, better weapons, better food preservation, gunpowder for faster mine extraction, new building unlocks for endgame ect…)

9- Nightsoil composter should have a second worker. Even if you unlock this capacity with a tier upgrade.
I need 4 of those buildings in my 500 town people to keep the city clean. More workforce is needed so they fill the building as pretended and keep the city clean.

10- Apiary: The apiary should increase the orchard yield, and the orchards should increase the apiary production rate.

11- Tailor Shop: Tailors should be able to produce a 2nd kind of luxury clothing unlocked at tier 3-4.
this clothes should demand wool/silk + linen. This should also contribute to the luxury happiness demand.

12- Armory: Add a second tier shield for endgame? Rebalance defense stats for combat if needed.

13- Add bridges and tunnels.

14- Add a fishing boat for fishing in the middle of a lake. (Tier 2 unlock)

15- As i said in my other post, we need more animals for the farm. Chickens, pigs, sheeps, horses…

16- As i also said in my other post, we need more crops and orchards types.

17- Horses and transport wagons: I think that transport wagons should be nerfed, just in the way that if you need a second wagon for 1 building, you should upgrade the building to tier 2.
Horses can be used in many ways. As a requisite to use wagon transporters. As a way to have a faster explorer with the horse. As a Endgame combat unit, Mounted Knights.

18- Add Churches, Cathedrals, Shrines (exist) and Clerics. Add a happiness new dependance based on religion or spirituallity. This mechanic should also improve marriages and childbirth. A good maintenance of the Graveyard as i said before and coffin availability should increase also this happiness demand.

Things to improve

-19 Performance: My system requirements surpases by far the recommended requirements for the game, in graphic card, processor and RAM. The game need more work in the performance.

-20 IU size: If you change the size in the option menu, every time you open a window it´s view it’s outside the screen. The window position should keep in the memory if you move it, so the next time you open that window it is displayed correctly.

-21 Graphic Table/Stadistics: I like to compare production over the years. For instance i want to know if any resource rate of production is increased from last year or the last 5,10,25 or 50 years.
This way, the information can be much more usefull.

-22 Add Minimap: A minimap is very usefull. You could add this as a unlock when you obtain Tier 2 or Tier 3 in the Town Hall.

-23 Add a production Cap so if we don’t need more of one resource, we don´t waste raw materials and we don´t fill the storehouse unnecessarily

Sorry for this big bible, but if you read all this, You are as enthusiastic about this game as I am, and what we want is for the game to be the best it can be.


All this and no picture of the cool town?!?

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Great post! I agree with ALL of it!
Little suggestion: For the orchard, if we move blueberry bushes inside the arborist’s circle, it’d be nice if he’s the one who would pick them instead of the forager.

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As you Wish my lord :slight_smile:

The last thing that i want to do is upgrading the theater to Tier 2 and build a big Wall in the South-east part, where all my invasions came from. I´ll build a Helm’s Deep in my own way with double wall, full of towers and with a Secondary Tier 2 Barracks :smiley:

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