[Mod] Diablo 1 - The Return


General Information
Hello everyone I am 1less1, and I am presenting to you my first mod creation, Diablo 1 - The Return. This mod is aimed at recreating the game world of Diablo 1 as close as possible to the original - with a twist. My original thought was to explore what Diablo 1 may have looked like in a 3D explorable world. You gain access to the houses and buildings that were not accessible in the original game, each complete with interior design and a story to tell.

At the current state, it is just Tristram, the starting town and nothing more. I have not made any quests, dungeons, or working NPC’s. This is more of an “Alpha” release so everyone can explore what this mod will hope to accomplish upon full release.

Cathedral Arial Shot

[CENTER]Cathedral Entrance


I am looking for any possible partners to help me with this endeavor. I have a great deal of work for this mod to be fully released and I can’t see myself finishing it solo in any reasonable amount of time. If anyone is interested that has a good skill set using the creator tools, then let me know if you would like to join the team for this project. Full credit and disclosure will be given to any and everyone who helps work on this mod. I want this to not be something only that I get to enjoy, but something that the community can be a huge part of and build what I hope to be an amazing experience together.

This mod is not going to change the core game mechanics of Grim Dawn. I am simply recreating the game world of Diablo 1 so as a player you can experience what Grim Dawn has to offer in a different environment. I will not alter the function of the game in any way, except the possible small side quests that I may add for a little extra depth that Diablo 1 did not offer.

I really hope everyone who downloads this and explores the world will have just as much fun seeing it as I did in creating it. Post any pictures of things you find cool or interesting, any comments and any constructive feedback will be MORE than appreciated. Enjoy guys!

Click HERE for more pictures!

[spoiler]The Walk to Adria’s Hut

Adria’s Domain

Path to Damnation

Details Make the World Come to Life

Tell A Story With Your Surroundings

Take A Seat and Enjoy the Scenery

Books On the Window Sill and Crates Under the Table Make a More Believable Environment


twitch.tv/1less1 to watch more modding content as I create it.

Diablo 1 - The Return


Holy cow change the font type or something, eyes can’t focus to read a thing you wrote.

edit: thanks for the font edit!


Trying right now :wink:

For the first impression it as too much light contrast

edit: great job, i like it :slight_smile:

Any screen shots to share?

I’ve already dabbled in making a Diablo 2 mod and have done the level design for Rogue Encampment and part of Blood Moor. Also messed around with custom npcs/enemies (rogue guards, fallen, fallen shaman, fallen assassin, etc…).

Contemplating on how far I should go with it though as it’s a tad bit daunting to think of how much can possibly changed and therefore how much time it can take to do well.

Has been ages since I saw that town :smiley:

Seems to be close enough

In the place you start out, there is an inventory bag I cannot pick up and two piles of 0 coins each, which seems an odd number to be displayed :wink:

I do like the temple, looking forward to the first few levels underneath it :wink:

I dont have screenshots unfortunately. I play on such a large monitor and have no way of sizing them down to the appropriate size for the forums FeelsBadMan

Have you tried with a program like either Photoshop or Gimp to ‘‘size it down’’?
And could you put the font size back to normal in the first post?

I just use IrfanView, small simple and quick to do small jobs like resizing and cropping.

i’ve watched some of your stream. incredible work. keep it up

Quite a good start and I’m sure you’re excited to start making the first dungeon level.

Few things I noticed:
-Clipping of objects as you walk around you’ll see this flashy effect where I believe 2 objects are clipping through each other and walking around pronounces this.
-Lighting and water looks a bit odd though I believe that’s done to emulate D1.

Ya Demasked its supposed to look the way it does for lighting and water effects. And the clipping was because I was building the cathdral walls out of floor tiles to give it the effect of a brick wall. When comes out with new walls I will rebuild that cathedral so it doesnt do that

Also thanks Davood, I love you DAIL mod as well mate lol

Sorry DeMasked I didn’t realize the bloom levels were so high at the start that is a mistake upload, i’m going to reupload the actual file here in a second

Correct file uploaded now guys!

Hey! I like that shit! Just accomplished my first quest -“collect all shivs in the town area”
It could make good use of the diabloish exocet font. GD doesn’t have cow models, does it?! (-oh it has actually… but they don’t live any more and smell) :smiley: Wasn’t there another bridge on the northern riverside at Adria’s shelter? What about the blocking rock in the river on the western side and the other on the northern riverside? It looks a bit misplaced there. Griswold missing! Not sure how you implement the vendor - maybe it could be placed in the Blacksmith’s shack?! Good job so far! Would love to see more of your work in the future!

When it comes to resizing a pic/whole librarys or conversion of files i usually like this one for a variety of media formats:

Congrats mate! :slight_smile:

Appreciate the support man! There is a few small details I have missed yea. And the shivs things was meant for decorations only I just forgot to replace all the shivs with my decoration I made in asset manager! lol

I don’t know if u did it on purpose but you shared your sources.

Open paint and crop the image first.
Ctrl+C on the cropped image, open new file and paste that new image.

Then resize it from the bottom right of the image, you might need to move the scrolling bar to see the ‘real’ bottom right corner.

You can also click the ‘Resize’ button in the Tools Bar.
Choose a resolution in pixel appropriate for the forums.

If you don’t want to to do all this you can also simply upload your pictures as attachments.

Some decent architecture here.

A little bit too much gooey red for me, though. It’s very distracting.

It’s killing me there is no Diablo music in the background.