[MOD] Enemies don't use Nullification skills (

To install this hard-mod:

  • download 4.17 MB file on MEGA

  • unpack the archive to get GDX2.arz file

  • overwrite the file with the same name in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\gdx2\database

Write if doesn’t work (on some enemies).


Updated to include Loxmere’s nullification as well.

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Ha, so you made the mana cost of those skills too expensive ? I thought you would have changed them to not dispel anything while otherwise keeping the skill intact :wink:


Here are the reasons for that (although I didn’t think much about it / analyze the problem thoroughly):

  • That was the quickest / simplest / first way to do it I came up with

  • I wanted to disable it fully because I thought there might be some Mana Burn there based on description (?) or other effects that could still cause you to lose some of you buffs that people would dislike as well

  • If the above is not the case - leaving skills that don’t do anything makes fight easier because enemies waste time for casting weak skills (?)

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