[MOD] Expanded Stash

Just an alternative for Stasher v6 mod I made for my own mod. Source files included.

Expanded Stash

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So good. So juicy.


G’Damn Crate are holding back…!

The inventory looks to be at least double the standard one, no compromise in functionality and still room for more :cool:

And space for at least 10 tabs…

hot damn…

if the devs made it like this, I would love them long time #nohomo or maybe yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes me wonder about Crate sometimes… when this mod is pretty much better than the Expansion’s "improved’ stash space…

The inventory looks to be at least double the expansion’s, no compromise in functionality and still room for more

And space for at least 10 tabs…

Haven’t I told you that you’re awesome already?

there you go then, you’re awesome.

Hot damn.

To be fair, it isn’t a matter of Crate not being able to or failing to get it right. The stash size they settled on was a balance decision they made as part of the design of the game.

How exactly does limiting the stash size balance the game? IMO, there should be an option to create characters with “unlimited” stash size.

it balances how bad your hoarding habits get and how much time you spend sifting through garbage you keep around instead of actually playing the game

There are tools for unlimited storage

I used to keep everything…

Now I’m just trying to throw it all away T_T… Seriously I have so much junk that keeps piling up on my chars T_T I don’t even bother selling it anymore haha.

Seriously I don’t think I use my stash at all anymore.
I used to though. Always wanted to keep everything even if it was useless to the current character or to any character I had haha.

I like having an expanded stash. But I forget there is a stash sometimes oops.

Like “Grim Dawn Stash” :smiley: I use it already.

Off line unlimited stash is nice, I use it, but being able to see all your gear at once on screen is still something different

Is it possible to use this mod with Crucible?

I like your Expanded Stash much more than Stasher mod because of my square display with 1280x1024 resolution.
I want to make an offer about even more place in stash - Expanded Stash v.2.0 with 19x19 cells. Unfortunately I can’t post images and links because of small post counts but if you interested in update this great mod I can send source psd-file with layers.

Oh yeah, just screenshot of new stash:

Fixed dbr-files are included also.

Is there a way to import my shared stash to this mod? I read all threads regarding exchanging the shared stash, but havent found a way to do so. I symlinked my chars, so they are available in custom with expanded stash, but i dont see a way to get my old shared stash with its content to appear in the mod?

Your shared stash is not a char, try sym-linking transfer.gst to save/<modname>. Never tried that though. Alternatively you can assign the mod to the stash in GD Stash, no idea what will happen with the size difference though.

Before you try either, back up your stash…

Well, i already tried to copy all the gsts to the user folder and it didnt work (although i didnt symlink them yet). I cant get the hang of it with GD Stash, dont get how to enable the shared stash for the mod. I can select the mod in the Configure settings to import the DB, but dont have any mods in the mod drop down in the stash transfer section.

So that if, for example, somebody wants to collect all sets in the game, they’re screwed and need to use mules if they don’t want to use external tools or mods?
Honestly, if it’s a balancing decision or whatever, it’s a bad one in my opinion. I really hope that in the future, ARPGs will break the trend of having any limit on stash space and will just have stash search and sorting function like PoE does, for example.
Let people have options. Give them an ability to sift through their “garbage”, which in a majority of cases people don’t store in their stash anyway, however much they want.

yeah, might need to change that, the Config page goes by the mods in your mod subdir while the stash page goes by the mods for which you have stash files already.