[MOD] Grim Dawn EU Lite MOD featuring GD-DPS: The "Grim Dawn Data Patching System"

Work on an update that officially support Grim Dawn version as begun is completed!

Progress : 100%


  • Setup GD-DPS development environment with Grim Dawn version
  • Repack all packages with updated timestamps on files.
  • Complete analysis of the datasets compared to the datasets to determine modified files.
  • Check “EU Lite MOD” scripts for potential problems with Grim Dawn version
  • Check “EU Lite MOD” scripts for potential problems with ‘Dawn of Masteries’ version 1.4.0b.
  • Determine what was changed in the world files and update any packaged “EU Lite MOD” levels if necessary.
  • Testing.

Check the main thread for details…


A new version of EU Lite MOD is available featuring a new ‘game changing’ script… See the main post for details.


Hi, even though you can theoretically have your character at level 200, the enemies don’t seem to follow your progression and instead use region scaling which causes them to have a maximum level, this seems to hinder progression a lot.

Could the game be patched like smash and grab does so that enemy levels scale with your level?

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Hello Sylfrain,

I assume this is playing with Grim Dawn version? So, what you are saying is that enemies levels do not scale as they should (i.e. when compared to a character at level below 100)?

You are right in your analysis that enemies uses region level scaling: This is the method I used to enforce having mobs above level 100 wherever the player is on the map. Now, I do believe that Crate, in version, implemented proper enemies scaling and, from what I understand, even above level 100. So the mechanism I used in EU Lite Mod might no longer be relevant.

I am in the process of updating GD-DPS and EU Lite Mod to support GD properly. In the meantime, if you have suggestions on how the level scaling should be done, feel free to further comment on this subject. Note that I am going to look at the mod “smash and grab” to see how it work…

It turns out that if you change the difficulty to ultimate already the scaling is much more lenient on you, it doesn’t matter anymore.

As you may know Dawn of Masteries is dead, including Grimarillion as well, in the case of GD-DPS, the installation now deletes 47 files that prevent the system from booting and when running the test the .exe x32 of the game becomes unable to boot.

I found this out by experimenting with your program to see if it was functional in the current version, not working I looked for the option to verify files on Steam and that was the result

I no longer have suggestions about the mod, all the problems that existed have been solved by the update, my old suggestions were to modify the scaling of the mods to scale by level and not by zones and to suggest that the factions gain or lose points faster because you ran out of farming zones.

Your mod is the best I have ever seen and I can’t wait for the update, do you plan to upload a tutorial on how to use it properly? After hours of using it I learned that you can change the AHK whenever you want and not only in the installation but I don’t understand what else you can do or how to do it.

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Hi galen,

Just letting you know that the game has been updated to :tada:


Be aware that there’s hotfixes.
There’s +

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Work on an update that support Grim Dawn version as begun is completed!

Progress : 101%


  • Setup GD-DPS development environment with Grim Dawn version 1.2.0.x.
  • Update core GD-DPS functionalities to support the new version of GD. Including code scaffolding to support ‘Fang of Asterkarn’ in the near future.
  • Complete analysis of the 1.2.0.x datasets compared to the datasets to determine modified files. There are more than 11,000 of them… So yes, this is a big update indeed!
  • Check “EU Lite MOD” scripts for potential problems with Grim Dawn version 1.2.0.x. Scripts adaptation and polishing are done. All scripts are functional with GD 1.2.0.x.
  • Patching support for ‘Dawn of Masteries’.
  • Repack all packages with updated timestamps on files.
  • Included the customized world .SD file as well as all related “world levels” sound fixes from previous EU Lite MOD version.
  • Lots of testing and tweaking. Phew!

To Do:


Patiently waiting for this to play the 1.2 update. Super excited, can’t wait!!

Thank you <3

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Thanks again for the Galenmacil mod, plus coupled with Dawn of mastery it’s just pure fun, I wish you good luck because adapting the mod to 1.2.0 is an arduous task :wink:

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Thanks for your hard work! This is a fantastic mod :slight_smile:

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An update to play nicely with Grim Dawn version 1.2 is available! Check the main post for details…


Nevermind, I opened the .dbr file and found the line I need to modify

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Uploaded a new version of GD-DPS + EU Lite mod.

If you intend to play with a character past level 100, this update is mandatory…

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How can I modify the drop rate for epic and legendary items?

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Ah… This is a tough one. I am not an expert on the matter sadly. Grim Dawn item drop system is quite occult to say the least.

TLDR resumé: You might be best to ask a modder who has experience implementing new items. Mamba, the creator of Dawn of Masteries, would be a good choice but there are many others…

For ‘Epic’ and ‘Legendary’ items, the big picture is this:

  • Each item gets a base definition with fixed stats and player level requirement. An item in that context can be any piece of equipment, weapons, crafting materials, consumables, etc.
  • Each items is ‘listed’ in a ‘loot table’ with each item in that table receiving a ‘weight’ that determine how likely each item gets to be picked from that list. Note that there are many loot tables for different items category and that an item can appear in more than one table with different weight each time.
  • These loot tables in turns get added to ‘master tables’. Again, each loot tables can be assigned to different master tables with, possibly, different weight distribution. These ‘master tables’ gets associated with different monster types, difficulty levels, chests, quests rewards and so on and so forth…

That’s the basics. I never could figure out exactly the precise mechanisms involved. For example, I do not know the answer to such a question as ‘how do I increase the chances for [enter item name part of a set here] to drop?’

In the broader context of item drops I experimented a bit with how to adjust ‘affixes’ generating for item above a certain level which is another ball game completely. Affixes do not concern epic and legendary items and they have theirs own separate mechanic.

Ok, sounds that is too much easy change the difficult to Ultimate than modify the loot rate

I’m trying to use the two mechanincs of smash and grab implement. The experience equation is easy, it use the same but close the equation and divide in 7

This suddenly happened

  • DoM 1.5.1
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I’m playing the updated version and the only problem playing with the new version of DoM it’s visual glitch that cause the potion and evade icons are missing

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I started working on an update to properly support GD and DoM 1.5.1…

Stay tuned, should not take too long. :upside_down_face:


A new version was just uploaded. Read main post for details.