[Mod] Grim League Season 4 - Post Season Version

:snowflake: This is the frosty mod we’ve been working on for the larger part of 2022 and that was used for the Grim Dawn Community League Season 4, aka GrimLeagueS04, which took place between the 17th of September and the 17th of December. Now with this offline version, anyone can enjoy it like any regular mod!

:snowflake:DOWNLOAD GrimLeague Season 4:snowflake:
:snowflake:DOWNLOAD Season 4 Custom Rainbow filter:snowflake:

:snowflake: Main Features :snowflake:

  • New Act
    The Asterkarn Mountains await with new maps, a new faction, new quests, new monsters, new items (MIs, epics and legendaries) and new lore all for you to explore! Looks like those Black Legion guards could use some help around the Asterkarn Mountains Rift…

  • Six Boundless Roguelike Dungeons
    Enter a new Roguelike Dungeon and unveil its forbidden secrets… but even the Roguelike Dungeons you might be familiar with offer new… BOUNDLESS challenges (6 fully scaling Boundless Dungeons offer a new alternative endgame to the Shattered Realm)

  • SR Compression
    Most of the shards in the Shattered Realm have been shattered and the remaining ones have be held together by more chunks than before! Enjoy a quicker increase in difficulty with 1-15 shards instead of 1-75 shards and 8 instead of 4 chunks per shard. One shard now provides the same difficulty and loot as two shards did before (e.g. shard 10 = 50-51, 13 = 65-66, 15 = 75-76, clear shard 5 to gain all attribute/skill points in ultimate and shard 12 to buy the full Shattered Realm Set in ultimate difficulty).

  • Hunter’s Blind - Faction Center and Hub
    Revisit the Hunter’s Blind and check out the new rewards for Hunters Coins! Once the Warden is defeated and the Act 1 main quest is completed, take the boat on shore near Devil’s Crossing.

  • The Ambush Mechanic
    Ghost ambushes from S03 make their return whenever you dare to open a chest. This time not only with 3 but 6 different ghost nemesis will await you on ultimate difficulty!

  • Six Superbosses from Season 2 & 3 make their return

  • Meh-mesis? more like actual Nemesis! Nemesis are higher level than in the vanilla game and scale up to level 120 in ultimate difficulty

  • Support for the "real game"
    Season 4 comes with grimtools support via Build Calculator, Item Database, Monster Database, World Map

  • Mogdrogen/Ravager/Callagadra/Crate fights are on a 22m 30s time limit, else they heal to 100%

  • check out the full feature overview & trailer

  • check out the changelog compared to vanilla

:snowflake: Installation :snowflake:

  • Download mod from the link above
  • Navigate to your Grim Dawn install directory → mods folder
  • Place the downloaded archive file in the mods folder
  • Right click on the archive, choose “Extract Here” option
  • Start Grim Dawn, on the left side, click Main Campaign > Custom Game select “GrimLeagueS04 ~ world001.map” and press accept.
  • To play the compressed Shattered Realm in this mod, select “GrimLeagueS04 ~ shatteredrealm.map” and press accept.
  • To confirm the installation went properly: double click on the mods/GrimLeagueS04 folder and inside you should find 2 folders - “database” and “resources”

:snowflake: A huge thank you to everyone making the Community League Season 4 come to life! :snowflake:

SeriousStan (Mod Creator)
GroundZero (API/Website)
MrMonday (Launcher)
Houck (Map Maker)
Touma (Music)
ArmoredOtter (Lore & VO)
Eluminator (Testing & S04 Rainbow Filter)
Dammit (Grimtools Integration)
MikeFic (PR aka stuffed animals enjoyer)
Scrabu (Lore)
RudeGirls (VO)
SeeShark (VO)
MajiMari (VO)
HyjinxtheMule (VO)
Ohld (Testing)
Fromangee (Testing)
ArtCrusader (Testing)
Plasmastrike (Testing)

Thank you to all others that are (still currently) missing on this list and to everyone that participated in the event! For further information and to stay tuned for upcoming events check out our website and discord.

:snowflake: Any FEEDBACK is apprechiated, happy holidays, see you next year for Season 05! :snowflake:

May the blooms be with you taken…


Thanks for the update. Can I play alone?

Yes, of course.

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need to get used to dying I will practice before I officially get into the competition . HCSSF ONLY :sunglasses:! Thanks a lot !

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A shame this doesn’t seem to work in multiplayer.

w/o the launcher and season it’s just a regular mod so it should work in Multiplayer

Which problems did you encounter in MP?

Thanks to both of you for your responses. I have since fixed our issue. It must have been user error.

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Do you also have the mod installed?

I do. We both have GrimLeagueS04 - world001.map selected in custom game. Problem has been fixed due to the help of a very nice person on community discord. The issue was a flawed extraction creating nested folders in the GrimDawn/Mods/Season04 folder. User error as usual haha. Thank you for the help all!

Any plans/dates for season 5?

Plans? Yes
Dates? No

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Question regarding the Boundless Dungeons: How does one access them, and further still, how do they actually work?

Does this file contain season 4 content only? Is there a compilation file which contains content from all 4 seasons? Sounds like that’ll be fun

Season 4 basically contains all content from all 4 seasons.

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Where does the rainbow filter file go? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Grim League folder goes inside the text_en folder you have for the normal Rainbow filter mod

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The effort put into this is awesome! My partner and I are enjoying the new content, and really appreciate the level of detail put into the zones, dialog, etc.

Unfortunately, there does appear to be some jank with some of the quests in multiplayer.

  • We’re currently unable to continue the “Valley of No Wind” zone/People of Asterkarn faction quests. Despite only playing together, I was able to get to “Liberating the Valley” quest where you need to craft the items, but I’m unable to interact with the anvil beside Adrian. Meanwhile, my partner still has the prerequisite collecting food and hammer quests, but is unable to turn them in or confirm with the village chief that it’s complete.
    We thought maybe this was just case of turning things in too fast, so we shrugged it off and decided we’d be more careful during the next difficulty run, but…
  • When doing the Peakmanes quests, we were taking it safe and going one step at a time. My partner turns in The Crimson Horror to Ari, and then I step up to do the same. However, it’s not marked as complete for me, despite having the Crimson Crystal in my inventory. Also apparently only one Crimson Crystal dropped in the first place. I also still have the Fire Giant’s Heart after we both turned that quest in, but my partner does not.

All in all it feels like the quests weren’t really designed well for co-op play, and it can be hit and miss on what works and what doesn’t. Refreshing the hosted game or starting alone in single player doesn’t seem to resolve these issues either, as if the quests are in some kind of completion limbo.

Just found the golden boar. A tusk dropped for my partner, but not for me. I’m able to drop the crystal and heart and my partner can pick them up. We’ll see if we can at least continue that quest line this way.

Doing the Vanessa Margraves content, and discovering we can’t continue that as well, as Adrian refuses to assist until “his people are safe”, but we have no ability to progress as I can’t use the anvil in my game, and my partner can’t get either him or Igor to update quest status in their game. So it’s looking like on this difficulty we’re deadlocked.

Hey Folks. I understand this has shifted to a mod from a season but I noticed the website seems to be down. Does this mean there is no option for online stash?

You are correct about your assumption here, we had 0 playtesting for multiplayer and the season was primarily designed for solo play. Any further details like these are exactly what we need to make future versions of this mod multiplayer safe as ideally it should also be flawlessly playable in MP :slight_smile:

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