[Mod] Grim League Season 5 - Post Season Version

This is the offline / post season version of the Grim Dawn Community League Season 5, aka GrimLeagueS05, which took place between the 20th of May and 20th of August. This includes download links to the mod and its launcher. Keep in mind that the Essence Crafting feature does only work when launching the game through the launcher.

:snowflake:DOWNLOAD GrimLeague Season 5 Mod - V5.3:snowflake:

:snowflake:DOWNLOAD GrimLeague Launcher:snowflake:

:snowflake:DOWNLOAD Season 5 Custom Rainbow filter:snowflake:

:snowflake: Main Features :snowflake:

  • Ghost Ambushes and Crafting Essences
    Ghost Ambushes from Season 3 have been revamped with new unique Heroes and Nemesis dropping Essences of Arkovian gods that you can use for an all new crafting experience. Do you dare hunt down those afflicted by the spreading Arkovian curse and claiming the power of their gods?
    (This feature requires you to launch the game through the launcher!)

  • New Act
    The Asterkarn Mountains await with new maps, a new faction, new quests, new monsters, new items (MIs, epics and legendaries) and new lore all for you to explore! Check out the continuation of our Season 4 story.

  • Seven Boundless Roguelike Dungeons
    Enter two additional Roguelike Dungeon and unveil their secrets. All seven Roguelike Dungeons can be enhanced in difficulty offering BOUNDLESS scaling and loot, making them some of the best places to hunt down curse afflicted ghosts. (7 fully scaling Boundless Dungeons offer a new alternative endgame to the Shattered Realm)

  • SR Compression
    Most of the shards in the Shattered Realm have been shattered and the remaining ones have be held together by more chunks than before! Enjoy a quicker increase in difficulty with 1-15 shards instead of 1-75 shards and 8 instead of 4 chunks per shard. One shard now provides the same difficulty and loot as two shards did before (e.g. shard 10 = 50-51, 13 = 65-66, 15 = 75-76, clear shard 5 to gain all attribute/skill points in ultimate and shard 12 to buy the full Shattered Realm Set in ultimate difficulty).

  • Hunter’s Blind - Faction Center and Hub
    Help out your fellow Arkovian ghost bretheren. Once their introductory quest is completed, you can travel to their hideout at Hunter’s Blind via the spectral boat on shore in Lower Crossing. Here you have access to all faction quartermasters and blacksmiths in one place as well as NPCs that allow you to trade in your Hunter’s Coins for special rewards. Hunter’s Blind also serves as a starting point for addional endgame challenges like the 6 Superbosses and teleporters to the Roguelike Dungeons.

  • Six Addtional Superbosses (also Mogdrogen/Ravager/Callagadra/Crate fights are on a 22m 30s time limit, else they heal to 100%)

  • Meh-mesis? more like actual Nemesis! Nemesis are higher level than in the vanilla game and scale up to level 120 in ultimate difficulty

  • Support for the “real game”
    Season 5 comes with grimtools support via Build Calculator, Item Database, Monster Database, World Map

:snowflake: Installation :snowflake:

  • Download the mod and the launcher from the link above
  • Navigate to your Grim Dawn install directory → mods folder
  • Place GrimLeague05.rar file in the mods folder
  • Right click, choose “Extract Here”
  • Place GDCommunityLauncher.zip into your Grim Dawn install directory
  • Right click, choose “Extract Here”
  • Start GDCommunityLauncher.exe, ingame on the left side, click Main Campaign > Custom Game select “GrimLeagueS05 ~ world001.map” and press accept.
  • To play the compressed Shattered Realm in this mod, select “GrimLeagueS05 ~ shatteredrealm.map” and press accept.
  • To confirm the installation went properly: double click on the mods/GrimLeagueS05 folder and inside you should find 2 folders - “database” and “resources”
  • Enjoy

Installing Rainbow Filter

  • Download “Season 5 Custom Rainbow Filter”
  • Navigate to documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Settings
  • Place text_en.rar in the Settings folder
  • Right click, choose “Extract Here”
  • Enjoy

Moving Save files from Season 5 Online to Season 5 Offline

  • go to documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\GrimLeagueS05
  • move “save” folder to documents\My Games\Grim Dawn

“I played Season 5 Online before and the launcher gives me the message ‘The season has ended…’”

  • delete your GDCommunityLauncher.ini file from your Grim Dawn save directory

:snowflake: A huge thank you to everyone making the Community League Season 4 come to life! :snowflake:

Grim Dawn Community League Team

Mod Creators (Maps, Scripts, Items, Quests, Monsters, Game Design)

  • RektbyProtoss
  • Serious Stan
  • Van Houck

Website, API, Client, Chat, Trade

  • Ground Zero
  • Mr. Monday

Lore & Writing

  • Armored Otter
  • Mykolas Cole
  • RektbyProtoss
  • Scrabu


  • Touma

Developer help

  • Mike Fic (ex organizer, splash arts)
  • Eluminator (Testing, Design)
  • Ohld (Testing, Website)
  • Grimer (skill effects)

Voice Acting

  • Mykolas Cole
  • Seeshark
  • MajiMari
  • Hyjinxthemule
  • Rudegirls
  • Armored Otter
  • Raptorsalad
  • Houseofbarq
  • Fee
  • RektbyProtoss

Thank you to everyone and all others missing on this list and to everyone that participated in the event! For further information and to stay tuned for upcoming events check out our WEBSITE and DISCORD.

:snowflake: Any FEEDBACK is apprechiated, see you in Season 06! :snowflake:

May the blooms be with you taken…


The launcher link doesnt seem to do anything. Theres no dl & I get an error message. something about theres no file associated.

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Should be fixed now, try again :slight_smile:

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working ty

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Hi! I updated everything and when I try to start the launcher it says that the league is over and just doesn’t do anything.

launch about offline mode!

For anyone who has participated in the season and @Reforged most likely the launcher will default to online mode and give you the message ‘The season has ended…’. To fix this, make sure you delete the GDCommunityLauncher.ini file from the game folder. This way, you will actually be able to select Offline Mode.

Thanks @RektbyProtoss for bringing this awesome mode to offline. Cheers


This working for anyone? I am launching the season 5 launcher in offline mode but it keeps bringing up my regular steam account version.

Is the mod available to choose in custom game? Also did you download the offline mod and launcher as per the first post?

Do you see the launcher’s version number in the bottom right?

Guys, I play the offline version, but the boat is not available for Krieg, it is ghostly. I didn’t speak to the referee at the beginning of the game .I started the dialogue after the commandant’s murder

Did you get the quest to gather the coins from him?

I play offline, and there was no such line in the dialogs

Did you get any ambushes?
Are you playing on or 1.2 test patch?

Played after killing Krieg, I started a dialogue with the judge and only then there were ambushes, is that it? Was it necessary to activate ambushes first, and then kill the commandant?

You need to activate the quest and complete the quest (collect 10 hunter coins), then the boat will activate. Krieg has nothing to do with it anymore.

here’s how, thank you so much for the explanation

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I re-downloaded and reinstalled and now the mod is working. Didn’t bring the characters over unfortunately but thank you both for the help!

Question can I bring over my league 4 chars w/o breaking them? Or is it recommended to start clean chars for league 5. Nm i lost inventory blueprints etc. started over.

The chars themselves should carry over and you could manually carry over your blueprints, but that requires some file copying and renaming. I can look into it tomorrow, if you’re still interesting in carrying over your blueprints.