[MOD] Grimmest FG 1.0

Moar stash? Ugh, ok…I will get to this soon, it should not take long once I can get myself reoriented to modding again.


I called it version 1.1.4 because I think that is the current released game version.

Anyway, took me a few tries to build something that worked in my basic tests, it has been awhile since I have done anything. So please backup and test and then report back here if you can. Thanks

Does this mean… updates to grimmest!? :open_mouth:

Hello =]

TL;DR: can I lower the difficulty from ~3 heroes per encounter (altoholic) to 0-1-2 heroes per encounter?

I’m playing grimarillion (always spell it wrong somehow)
And Grimmest is a revolution. It keeps me on my tows from lvl ~2. Nice!
2 questions.
A. I always want to bump into hero mobs. But each time, on altoholic - bumping into 3 heroes is a drag sometimes. I understand it happens because there are 3 groups of monsters that each spawn a hero (ish?). I would’ve liked to have the option to encounter ~1-2 hero each time, rather than 3+ (again, talking altoholic here). This will enable me to

  • rank up from grimmer to grimmest before lvl… 30? (face-tanking 3 heroes each time is hard at first)

  • make more non-pet builds viable (again, face-tanking 3 heroes each time without a shield or 2 healing buffs is hard)

it is possible? Thanks!

Hi, is there a way for me to enable this mod in my main game (on a regular non mod character)?

While I am not going to try to merge Grimmest into the base game (sorry but check out symlinking your save data), when v1.1.5.0 hits, I will have to regenerate this mod once more. I will go through this thread and try to incorporate some of the reasonable requests. So while you might think I have completely abandoned ship, it is not yet true. I jumped but got snagged on a rope and am just being dragged along behind it.

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If you have to revisit this anyway, I think asylum made some changes to it in Grimarillion. I have no idea why or which ones, but it would be good to have a definitive stand-alone version, so if you could figure out if these changes should be incorporated, that would be great.

Off the top of my head I think the only thing I tweaked was to trigger the grimmest script from devotion shrines after the shrine is restored, they wouldn’t spawn the extra stuff otherwise.

I have been having some bugs on this mod, mostly around events not triggering, such as teh gates to devils crossing not opening.

Any fix? Is this because I don’t have the third expansion?

I had an issue with the cellar not opening at the start of the game for the water pump( I restarted and it was open)

This mod needs to be updated. Stay tuned.


The super mod needs to update the (super) mod? :wink:

I can’t open the seal to the lost oasis (new content from last patch). I think it’s due to this mod? Anyone else have this issue?

Literally two posts above yours jiaco says the mod needs to be updated

Yes but how does that mean that the issue I have is caused by this mod? I was just assuming it might be since this hasn’t been updated but it could be a different mod too.

you can only run one mod at a time, so if you use this mod and have the issue, then this mod is responsible.

In order to only spawn heroes that should normally spawn in a location, I am forced to use some strings from the dbrs of proxies and proxypools. The possibilites here are area001, areac, aread, etc… probably loosely assigned to what we might call “acts”.

The question is: does Grimmest also need another option to keep the current free for all behavior or should it just be area specific spawns…I hope to release this once, so if someone(s) prefer the current system, speak up soon.

I would say area spawn… That would make most sense :slight_smile:

I kinda like the mixed up nature of the spawns in the mod. Never know what you’re going to face.

Maybe just leave it mixed in certain areas (like skeleton key dungeons for example).