[MOD] Grimtasia

This is a continuation of the Phantasia mod thread due to a name change.

You can download this mod at: http://www.motelmaya.com/_Grimtasia.html

Mod Goals

There are two main goals for this mod.

The first is to create more variety for hardcore play. My strategy is to make it easier to avoid being one-shotted, while making it much easier to get overwhelmed by creatures due to larger groups, faster attacks, and debuffs. Preparation, farming, and strategic decisions will be much more important than fast reflexes and running around in circles constantly even when on full health when facing bosses.

The second is to create a loot system more like Diablo 2. More items, more sets, greater variety. Makes farming more rewarding (while helping with the challenge of hardcore.


  • Level 60 Mastery Maximum
  • 3 Skill Points per level to level 60 (vs. 50 originally), 2 bonus points at level 10
  • Major increase in stash size to 24 by 18
  • Decreased utility of energy potions (I want spirit to be more important)
  • Idle time set to 4 seconds (I always felt this was way to low)
  • Potion stack size set to 999 (more room for other stuff)
  • Added D2 Runes (but no recipes using them yet), Gems as augments
  • Added skill bonuses to many of the original classes to help balance them with D3 classes.
  • Monsters are being upgraded, larger groups, faster attacks, more health, more debuffs. Bosses will have more skills.


  • New rank 9 skill called “Barbarian Lore”
  • Berzerker (Fighting Spirit 12), increase speed and duration
  • Hardened Spirit (Menhir’s Will 16), increase health and energy regeneraton by 30%
  • Hard Training (Military Conditioning 10), +500 health and +30% health regeneration


  • New rank 1 skill called “Gunslinger”
  • Advanced Technology (Blast Shield 12), +25% duration
  • Radioactive Decay (The Big One 12), adds poison damage
  • High Voltage (Stun Jacks 16), +25% radius
  • Cold Lightning (Full Spread 12), frostburn, 10% freeze chance


  • Hellfire (Doom Bolt 12), +100% radius, adds burning damage
  • Spirit Soothing (Storm Spirit 12), +30% energy regen
  • Fanaticism (Bond of Bysmiel 12) +100 life regen


  • New rank 9 skill called “Summon Shade”
  • New rank 9 skill called “Mistwalker”


  • Aether Ray has piercing now.
  • Negative Inertia (Mirror of Erectes 12), +30% move speed
  • Prismatic Sphere (Conversion 10), +10% elemental/aether resist, +5% max elemental/aether resist
  • Dark Thoughts (Arcane 10), +10% cast speed
  • Enlighten (Inner Focus 12), +30% energy regeneration
  • Firestorm (Inferno 12), +6 Radius
  • Apocalypse (Devastation 16) +2 meters, +.2 meter ember radius, +25% duration, +100% embers


  • No Changes Yet


  • No Changes Yet


  • No Changes Yet


  • Holy Day (condemn 16), +100% radius
  • Loyalty (Phalanx 16), +100% duration

Demon Hunter

  • Dark Cloud (Rain of Vengeance 12), +25% duration


  • Unchanged

D3 Necromancer

  • Name changed to “Priest/Priestess”
  • Bone/Ice/Blood Golems completely redone and are separate skills now.
  • Commander of the Risen dead is an exclusive skill now.
  • Toxic Tips (Bone Spikes 16), adds poison damage

Witch Doctor

  • Spirit Dust (Spirit Vessel 10), restore 20% energy
  • Chattering Teeth (Fire Bomb 12), adds 2-4 bombs
  • Peaceful Trip (Enjoy the View 10), +100 energy/sec


  • Armageddon (Meteor 12), +100% fall rate
  • Unrelenting Storm (Blizzard 12), 5% chance to freeze now


  • Designed to be a retro class in honor of the original D2


  • Loosely based on the TQ Dream class


  • This is meant to be a helper class when you really just want to focus on one mastery.
  • Wolf summons
  • Devious Contraption
  • Dagger Throwing

Credit to [SIZE=“5”][COLOR=“Violet”]Grimer for his D3 mod, errors in it are mine, great parts are his.[/COLOR][/SIZE]


A mod of my favorite Grim Dawn mod? What’s going on… ???

The first is to create more variety for hardcore play. My strategy is to make it easier to avoid being one-shotted

Well, as a lover of hardcore gameplay, you have my vote! Bravo, sir! Bravo! I can’t wait to see how this mod develops. If possible, I would like to see inclusion of hardcore specific items (epic, legendary, sets) such as the Diablo 3 item [i]Ancestor’s Grace[/i] which has a unique ability:

When receiving fatal damage, you are instead restored to 100% of maximum Life and resources. This item is destroyed in the process

Now, I doubt that this is possible to achieve in Grim Dawn but, maybe you can create hardcore specifics that help increase “survivability” or maybe add hardcore specific affixes to legendaries and sets. Not exactly sure what that would be at the moment. At least I’m not the mod-maker. Good luck, Jaime! I’m looking forward to your work.

p.s. – Can you buff the cheat death passives? I’m not so sure they even need it, but hey, peace of mind, or something… :p:D:D:D

Major update uploaded today.

The Savant mastery is finished.

Fixed a few minor bugs and a major bug with the Barbarian Battle Circle skill. It should work properly now without having to hold your mouse over a target.

I will be finishing up the Mystic Mastery next.

Great mod, thanks!!!

Today’s update has several parts of the Mystic class done. It is a cross between the nature and dream class from TQ. However, this class has a very unique feature in that it uses energy to stay alive (kind of like the sorceress energy shield in D2). Balancing it will take some work, but should be fun to play.

The last thing for the Mystic class is to add some more pet summons. With one exception, they will all get player bonuses, so should make for some good hybrid ideas.

Bug fixes: Warden 2nd form doesn’t have all the crazy additions anymore, Spirit of Vengeance can actually hit something now, fixed the floating eyes (I upped their effective level to 4X for testing and forgot about them).

So, I played for an hour on the Veteran difficulty and reached the Flooded Passage rift. I noticed that Hero Monsters regenerate their health pretty quickly, and the fight with Reanimator was more difficult because the bastard summoned lots of green crystals and zombies. I won by focusing only on him.
I wonder what kind of challenge can be find later…
Also, it will be good if descriptions of summon spells in new classes show how pets’ characteristics scale (with pets’ bonuses or player’s bonuses).

Also, it will be good if descriptions of summon spells in new classes show how pets’ characteristics scale (with pets’ bonuses or player’s bonuses).

Will be fixed in the next update.

Also, there is something wrong with the description of that crossbow.

I uploaded an update last night.

  • Mystic Mastery is complete
  • Cosmetic Fixes

If you are playing the Mystic, be sure to respec/remove all your points out of it before doing the update, so you don’t lose any skill points. I made some major changes and some of the variable names changed this time.

I am done working on class masteries for now. Total of 18. 9 from Crate, 6 based on the D3 by Grimer, and the 3 I have added. I don’t plan to touch classes again (except bug fixes or serious balance issues) till after the release of the Forgotten Gods expansion.

I will now be focusing on encounters and items.

Thanks!!! Great work!!

Could you please indicate the version number for each update? THX~:)

Great Mod looking forward to its completion!

Update today:

  • Reanimator has body guard now to give him a chance to set up his defenses.
  • Gravid Zombies can release a Pukeling when killed
  • Fire type zombies tend to reassemble, sometimes combining into something else.
  • Milton Hart spawns with more help
  • Cultists are much more likely to be possessed
  • Some zombies when killed reassemble into smaller zombies or hero zombies or who knows what…
  • Slith have discovered that they can store their puke in canisters with a bit of explosive and toss them.

Is this mod still being worked on? I just wanted to say its a great mod I’m having a lot of fun with it. I hope its still being worked on. I am looking forward to future updates! Please keep up the great work!

I am taking a break right now, but plan to get back to it. I still plan to do some more monster enhancements and add more items.

There is one other thing I want to do, but feel that I need to wait for the FG expansion to plan it properly. And that is a single play through like POE. In that regards, most of the mobs in AoM and FG would need certain built in debuffs to simulate playing on the higher difficulties. Also some mobs will tend to have predefined levels. I want the final boss for GD to be around level 70, AoM boss to be level 90, and the final FG boss to be level 100. Steps of Torment and a couple other spots will always match your level for a challenge though.

I’m glad to hear it. So many people start something great and then lose interest or give up and the incomplete mods on my hard drive just keep piling up lol. Anyway, this is great work its something different and I like it. I’m going to keep playing it for now but, I’ll be on the lookout for future updates when the new expansion comes out!

Another update today, including a critical bug fix

  • Savant: Fixed random crash when summoning wolfings if you also have skill points allocated in bloodlust.
  • Savant: World traveler skill works properly without shield now
  • Fixed some minor issues for compatibility with GD update
  • Cleric (D3 Necromancer): Skeleton count now on interface to reduce clutter.

Awesome! Thanks a lot for the update. I actually just started playing a Mystic and I’m having a blast with this class. The dual dagger concept is really cool. Will look forward to future updates. Thanks again for all of your hard work I’m not a modder but I’m sure it’s not easy for one person to do all of this.

Is it possible to make a version with fewer trash mobs? My gaming computer broke and until I can get a new one I can’t handle so many monsters on the screen at once.

Maybe a version with like normal trash mobs but keep the higher hero chances for us weak busted computer people. If you can’t manage it I understand and its cool. This mod still has my vote!

Great mod, I especially like the new enemies. One quick criticism about the new D2 runes, each rune seems to need 3 of the previous to craft. This means that the ‘12 Sol Rune’, for example, needs 531,441 total of the ‘1 El Rune’ to craft. That’s a lot of resources, and more importantly, a lot of time to craft a rune.

I noticed a missing skill in the Wizard tree. Here is a screenshot:

I based rune crafting on the D2 system, which uses 3 of the previous runes to upgrade: https://diablo2.diablowiki.net/Rune_list

Higher level runes do drop. I don’t think trying to use lower level runes to make much higher runes was ever the intention of the original D2 game designers. Irregardless, I could still switch to two for one on the upgrades. I really can’t see it causing any game imbalances. It is already done for higher level runes. Anyway, I will think about it for a while. Might be nice to have some input from other players on this.

I will fix the skill in the Wizard tree in the next upgrade. If you see any other bugs please let me know.