[MOD] Mystic Warrior - Mastery

Hey guys, I have finally made my very first mod for a game. A mastery called Mystic Warrior.

Lore wise mystic warriors are fighters possessed by aetherials. As a strong-willed persons they managed to fight and reject the possession and during the battle they learned the ability to use aetherial energy.

Gameplay wise they can use any weapon with all their skills, focusing mostly on aether and elemental damage.

I tested it to about lvl55 and I wanted to share it with you.
Maybe there will be some balance tweaks, but so far it seems ok.


v1.03 normal

v1.03 +grimmer

Changelog for v1.03:

  • The mastery at lvl50 now have +30% aether resist and +5% max aether resist.
  • Wildfire have a new projectile graphic and always do aether dmg on hit. Area of effect lowered from 5m to 3.5m.
  • Demon Armor and Military Training received a slight buff.
  • Prismatic Strike’s all dmg progression changed - it now start from 10%.
  • Dreadnaught Stance received a stun resist buff.

The changes will not break your character

Thanks to:

Ceno for his youtube clip that showed me how to start to mod a mastery :slight_smile:
game-icons net - for their awesome icons, which i took and tweaked.
An unknown artist for this nice class image, which i found from a wallpaper site.

Attachment: Bladewind.jpg

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tagClass07SkillName02A=Dreadnaut Stance


Weapon Damage on aetherialstrike1.dbr stops scaling at rank 22, despite the skill continuing to rank 26/16. Also there’s no reason to mark every Weapon Requirement as TRUE; FALSE has the same effect if they’re all the same.

Looks interesting, if somewhat underpowered, though I haven’t gone over all of it yet.

Thanks for the feedback. I made an update.

About the weapon requirements i was not sure how to proceed so i made them all TRUE. Also i would like to know where i can add the orange text, which specifies which skill needs which weapon and so on…

About if its underpowered - i still test it, but at lvl55 i got 15k dps on aetherial strike so i made it 16 points now (it was 12, infact all active skills went to lvl16) and nerfed the flat aether dmg a bit, because it seemed so strong. I guess i forgot to up the weapon damage to 26 lvl, nvm its fixed now.

Text color codes

I liked how you take the Aetherial lore and made it into a playable class, makes a lot of sense. Shouldn’t the weapons be green colored instead of the blue sword depicted in your class portrait? Some photoshop required! :stuck_out_tongue:

is there any video footage available for this mastery? Curious what the skills do and what they look like.

Seems cool and the theme is the same as my own mastery (Aether/Elemental Warrior : The Elwar) :smiley:
Love the skill icons to ! Definetely need to try it out tonight. Cheers !

Hey, i dont have any videos yet.
There are 3 active skills.

Aetherial Strike is a normal swing (single target charge skill for the mouse button).

Wildfire is a blue ball that explode on hit and then 3sec dmg over time.

Bladewind is like the blade vortex from PoE.

Jaggd, if this mastery were exposed to a player base ( DAIL ), would you be open to feedback and have the time to continue development?

a true aethereal fighter, that’s what i was missing o/

It seems that activation of Bladewind differs from usual.

Usually, the Celestial Power is caused only by the attack by the skill to which it was assigned. However, when Celestial Power is assigned to Bladewind, Celestial Power is activated regardless of the attack of Bladewind.

For example, when assigning the Falcon Swoop to Bladewind, if Bladewind is activated, falcons will bolt out when attacking the target outside the effective range of Bladewind with a gun. It seems to treat the Bladewind as a passive skill, is it intentional?

That’s a side effect of how having an on-attack proc works on a buff skill with a duration, it makes all attacks have the proc during the duration.

I understood. Thank you for the speedy answer. :slight_smile:

Making a build with this mastery currently with arcanist second and it seems like a pretty op synergy. The downside to this is that I can’t really think of any other mastery to pair it with since nobody really uses aether.

Combining maiven sphere with dreadnaught stance and shadow daze makes you pretty tanky with the only downside of not having any life steal or big regen mechanics (have to take them from devotions.

Planning to use temporal arcblade 2h sword and whatever other gear i find. The aether and chaos resist on tree makes this class very good with non-perfect gear.

Some feedback from me is that It feels like there should be a few more skills. The shield/retaliation aspect needs a few more things to be made usable (demon armor is really good for leveling and life retal is rare but the tree as a whole needs at least one more retaliation skill) and mattermorphosis seems pretty useless since it is exclusive and almost every other exclusive is way better (such as reckless power).

It also feels like wildfire should be a weapon % dmg ability since this is basically a weapon class and there is way too little caster support in the tree to make it a good choice for a second mastery. Likewise bladewind seems to only be used for the fumble chance and not for the damage it does.

Literally any physical damage/weapon mastery thanks to Mattermorphosis giving an easily accessible 100% physical to aether damage conversion.

I thought you only benefit from +aether damage if you convert to it in which case most of that mastery’s dmg bonuses would be useless. And you also lose an actually good exclusive. You can already get phys to aether from items on top of this.

I’m not saying the skill is bad. It can fill a void of conversion if you lack the gear for example. I just don’t think its good enough to be an exclusive skill considering the conversion is ALL you get from it (the dmg is irrelevant).

Huh? Maybe you need to read the game guide on how conversion works.

The damage is irrelevant? 45% extra damage is irrelevant?

Last I checked you can’t get 100% physical to aether conversion with just items, and not needing to use them at all means you can use better/different components and items, such as for defensive purposes.

Mattermorphosis is 25% dmg at 12/12 not 45% in the version of DAIL i’m playing which should be the most recent unless there’s a new one since yesterday.

And your idea of conversion scaling only applies to skill transmuters. Any other form of conversion takes % dmg bonuses after conversion only (this isn’t poe lol). Literally in the game guide (http://i.imgur.com/0RDPv4C.jpg).

Anyway this conversation is meaningless. I never really implied there is anything wrong with the class only that it lacks a few more skills to make it more more adaptable to different kinds of builds. There are only like 19 skills compared to 30 in the base masteries and you can’t refute this fact. I do in fact quite enjoy the class.

If you’re not at 22/12 in DAIL you’re doing it wrong ;).

I think I’m just plain not understanding your complaint/concern about the conversion. What exactly is wrong about getting +aether% gear while using Mattermorphosis?

That’s pretty much exactly what you had said though.

Well on that you’re right, which is why Kathanious took it upon himself to add more to the class, even if I strongly disagree with him on other things he did (more than just add, also changed existing skills heavily). Expect them in the next DAIL update, even though it’ll probably ruin my Terror Knight/Mystic Warrior build completely :(.

Maybe I’m just biased because I went sorcerer to begin with. Terror guard has no exlusive aura so you don’t really have to make a choice like i do with reckless power. I ended up making a retaliation hybrid build with spear of the heavens since I found out aetherial strike does insane damage without really needing any bonuses apart from the sorcerer auras which lets you get all the retaliation/defensive devotions and it ends up working really well.

So the mystic warrior/sorcerer build I’m playing now ended up being loads of fun. I underestimated guardian stance and demon armor they are actually really top tier skills. In fact everything in the tree is useful and I’m glad you started out with fewer and better skills with this class. I still didn’t take wildfire and the bladewind tree but maybe there is some niche use for them somewhere. Maybe a wildfire battlemage with shield could work.

Here’s some fun stats of this build, really excited about how good shield block ended up being :