[Mod] Nydiamar

ahhhh how did i not see that :open_mouth:
thanks a lot

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Hurt my back so off for couple days.Guess what i will be doing :unamused:.If you didn’t,I’ll give this a twirl.I will take my time as these days i put more time into details rather than game play.:slight_smile:

EDIT: Play this for a little bit and i love it.From the atmosphere to the questing.I am still get lost a little but hey that’s part of an arpg is to explore :slight_smile:.Who says gaming does not fix an injury.They are wrong :grin:

Quick question.My brother doesn’t live close by.Are this mot fully compatible in mp?

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Unfortunately not! Due to the way most of the dungeons are played, multiplayer would simply not work.

No Problem it was worth the ask.It’s understandable as to balance for mp would be a mission in it self.I will keep mp on grimmilion and play this casually.I have to say i love it but i get lost a lot :unamused:.Then again.I get lost whenever i go to hospital :grin:

Grimer’s D3 classes have been updated to 3.7. Assuming you update your mod to include these changes, will the Nexus download with the D3 classes no longer require the patch?

Yes, I will update it later today, and instead of all these patches, I will instead update the release version.

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Hi, I am not sure what I am doing wrong but when I start game with Nydiamar(Classic) and Nydiamar(Ultimate) installed and choosen in Custon Game Nydiamar(Classic) with new character created I start in Devil’s Crossing? shouldn’t I start with Nydiamar starting location or something? care someone explain to me that? I did everything according to description of the mod so idk :frowning:

Image showing how mod is unpacked in mods folder:

This is what I choose to play:

The READ ME included states:

So go into the folder and copy both out.

But the description in the OP, which you probably meant, is indeed a bit misleading. Gonna change it now!

Also you can only install one version — either Classic or Ultimate, not both!

EDIT: Also create a new character, since you might have messed up the World Map by loading into Devil’s Crossing.

Could somebody post the solution to the effing Path tile puzzle in the Depraved Ruins? I can’t progress and I seem to be too stupid for the hints. It also gets frustrating to accidently step on the wrong tile and fight those annoying Trash mobs again…

Awesome work btw, feels like a whole new game :slight_smile:

Here you go:


The X marks the secret (the only tile with a 0 percent chance to be the next correct tile).

I think there is a 10 to 20 percent chance to spawn a boss instead!

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I LOVE YOU MAN <3 Thanks :wink: I was confused by READ ME then, didn’t get exactly that I need to actually put out Nydiamar and Nydiamar Dungeons from Nydiamar Classic folder :wink: btw isn’t Nydiamar actually DLC sized mod?

@Van_Houck why there is information about not pausing / minimizing game while event that are on timers? bugging out or something else weird is happening? asking in advance if there could be such need of at least pause game during that.

Yeah, basically when you pause the game the “timer” continues running. So when you unpause it again, you might get e.g. six well timed waves suddenly all at once.

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Thanks a lot! Yeah, the boss is less annoying than the Celestial Preservers with their petrify though.

Turns out I misunderstood the way the path is supposed to work.
I tried to tiptoe to only the tiles in the desciption which was kinda not really working. I was alos confused that there was only a visual sign on the first tile because of this :confused:

Oh well, problem solved :smiley:

Thanks for the updated D3 classes integration! I’m assuming the Unique Affixes patch is an overwrite: do I just drop the patch folder contents into the Nydiamar folder?

Also, it is my understanding that having affixes on uniques is what makes the loot in [Nydiamar Dungeons] different from the base game and the [Nydiamar] standalone. If I apply the above patch to [Nydiamar], does that essentially nullify the loot incentive of running through [Nydiamar Dungeons]?

Yes! Just overwrite the existing file.

I would say no. Due to the added affixes, now getting the best unique (with the most optimal affixes) is going to take a while. Normally when starting playing Nydiamar Dungeons, one probably would have already acquired all the best gear, now that should no longer be the case — which means that the loot stays relevant.

Nydiamar Dungeons also has a few advantages over Nydiamar, such as having a way higher enemy density, more hero and boss spawns, shorter paths leading to the dungeons, and probably a few more. Of course, enemies get more difficult too, so that might slow one down.