[Mod] Nydiamar

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If I only play Classic w/D3, then I should only need to apply the Nydiamar Dungeons D3 portion of Patch 5, correct?

Also, and sorry if this obvious to everyone but me, is the Blessings mechanic only available on the Nydiamar Ultimate version, or is it available upon reaching Ultimate difficulty normally?


The mechanic is only available in Nydiamar Ultimate. Blessings are there so one can actually survive Ultimate with a level 1 character. But it is also available in Nydiamar Dungeons, no matter what you have played previously.

So I have quest Pants! and I have that Farmer Pants but where is Filthy Peasant located so I can deliver this item? or quest is obtained earlier but Peasant is located further in progression of mod?

Might want to update the thread title since you’re now up to patch 5. :wink:

The Filthy Peasant is still at the outpost around the campfire where you got the quest from.

Better and better , when you think it can not get better it gets better .
You amazed me with the pokemon idea and i am curious about your future ideas , a lot of mod dev said they finished their work and will fix only the bugs but i disconnect for a few months and they realease new content =))))))).
Do you plan to add more classes in the near future ?some unique Nydiamar Classes or existing ones ?

Classes would require me starting from scratch, I know about that absolutely nothing! Better put my time into what I already can do well enough, although I’m not actively working on anything right now, got lots of stuff to manage first. Also, adding and updating the Diablo 3 classes is quite some work, so I would rather not add even more.

As for future ideas, I wanted to turn that debug level next to Devil’s Crossing into an actual (funny) dungeon while keeping the “debug look”, so that might happen. But no more big updates — Nydiamar is basically finished right now!

I combined all Patch Notes into one for better readability.

Patch 1

I made these changes mostly based on what I saw in RektbyProtoss’s playthrough of this mod. You can check it out on his Youtube channel.


  • (ULTIMATE) Reduced the frequency of the God Events
    • Interval can range from 20 to 12 minutes depending on your current Corruption Tier
    • Depending on how you manage the Favor of the Gods, hostile encounters should on average only appear around every 40 to 25 minutes
  • (+) Reduced the chance of the Scion of Famine encounter spawning from the God Events
    • Nydiamar Dungeons they have a 13% chance to spawn with max Corruption
    • Nydiamar they have a < 5% chance to spawn with max Corruption
  • (ULTIMATE) Blessings now only last 90 minutes
    • You can reapply them (reset their duration) whenever you want, but doing so might weaken the Blessings should you be over the threshold (Level 35 & 70)
    • You can only reapply the amount of Blessings you are supposed to have with your current Character Level (thresholds are Level 50 (three active at once) & 85 (two active at once))
  • (+) Removed the Notifications inside Siegmar’s Challenge since they were not working correctly and therefore pointless
  • (+) Reworked Arena of Sedaah
    • You can now loot the Arena of Sedaah even when you have lost a fight, but the entry fee is now 65 000 Iron Bits instead of 10 000 Iron Bits
    • Improved the dialog
      • Added more information about the mechanic and how it works
      • Added an option to open multiple Bundle of Currency at once
      • Added dialog that tells you when a Friendly Encounter is too expensive and therefore could not be added to your line up
    • Reduced the amount of Currency of Sedaah one gets from the bundles
      • Small Bundle of Currency — 25 > 15
      • Bundle of Currency — 75 > 40
      • Large Bundle of Currency — 150 > 115
    • Rebalanced the cost of some of the cheaper Friendly Encounters, as well as some Tier 1 Opponents
  • (+) Reworked Odul Aela’s Dungeon
    • Improved the dialog
    • Both Confused Persons now reward various Beutekugeln
      • Amount rewarded increases should you encounter them a second time
      • Meeting the Goat before an encounter increases the rewarded amount further
    • Ambush now spawns two waves instead of one, and Advanced Ambush spawns four instead of two
    • Rebalanced the outcome chances
  • (+) Reworked the Juggernaut Curse in Sanctuary
    • Health Points — +1000% > +400%
    • Health Regeneration — +100%
    • Physique — +0% > +10%
    • Max Resistances — +10% > +3%
    • Defensive Ability — +100% > -1000%
    • Offensive Ability — -30%
    • Damage — -30%
    • Run Speed — -40% > -20%
    • Attack & Cast Speed — -35%
    • CC Resistances — -100% > -200% (which increases their duration — you now might get stun locked if you are not careful enough)
  • (+) Improved dialog structure of the Lectern of Wisdom
  • (–) Rewrote the dialog of Enya’s Vision
  • (–) Reduced Loot Drops by replacing a drop with either nothing or a filler Beutekugel
    • In my opinion Nydiamar is a bit too rewarding — you get thrown so much loot at you wherever you go that it stops feeling impactful
    • This change is completely optional and must be installed separately
    • Recommended for people who want a slower progression with more meaningful choices when it comes to deciding which dungeons to run or what mechanics to focus on (e.g. the Arena of Sedaah)
  • (+) Added additional Suspicious Scarecrows to the mod

Patch 2


  • (–) Reworked the god-awful Yamuna Forest
    • Removed trees and vegetation
    • Removed Newdgwoth Woods
    • Removed bridge leading directly into the forest
    • Reduced dreamy filter effect
    • Added enemies to the area
    • Added chests to the area


Yamuna Forest (Old)

Yamuna Forest (New)

Patch 3


  • (+) Updated the Diablo 3 Classes mod to version 3.7
    • Read the full Patch Notes here
  • (+) All Uniques (of Epic and Legendary quality) can now have Rare Affixes
    • Intended for Nydiamar Dungeons to make loot slightly more relevant, but can also be applied to Nydiamar
    • Some might consider this a quite stupid change, so I made it completely optional

Affixes for Uniques

Patch 4


  • (ULTIMATE) Blessings can now be reapplied

Patch 5


  • (+) Increased the difficulty / strength of all enemies
    • Nydiamar (Ultimate)
      • Damage: -10% > +2%
      • Damage (Physical): +27% > +32%
      • Health Points: +580% > +700%
      • (Patch 5-2) Health Points: +580% > +580%
    • Nydiamar Dungeons
      • Damage: -10% > +5%
      • Damage (Physical): +27% > +34%
      • Health Points: +580% > +780%
      • (Patch 5-2) Health Points: +580% > +640%
    • Blessings should compensate this increase in difficulty
  • (+) Blessings now last for the entire game session for characters above Level 84
  • (DUNGEONS) Blessings besides the Health Blessing (duh) now reduce Health Points
    • (All) Health Points: +0% > -10%
    • (Resistances) Max Resistances: +5% > +3%
  • (+) Updated Diablo 3 classes to latest version

Patch 6


  • (+) Fixed spawn issues inside Siegmar’s Challenge
    • I identified a minor mistake in this dumpster fire of a script, hopefully this fixes any issues that were left
    • I assume there was only a low chance of around 20% that there would be an issue to begin with, which lead to me not catching it
  • (DIABLO 3) Fixed and rebalanced the Diablo 3 boss encounters inside Siegmar’s Challenge
  • (ULTIMATE) Reduced the spawn intervals inside the Ice Cave
  • (DUNGEONS) Added One Punch Guy and Suspicious Scarecrow as pets
    • Available only inside Nydiamar Dungeons
    • Do something with the Training Dummies to unlock them, the Lectern of Wisdom might sometimes offer you a hint
    • They are not cosmetic and can actually help you

Minor Update


  • (+) Reduced the crafting cost of the Beutekugel (Blueprints Components)
  • (+) Added an alternative recipe for the Beutekugel (Blueprints Components) that requires Slith Necklaces
    • 10 000 Iron Bits
    • 8 Scrap Metal
    • 15 Slith Necklaces
  • (+) Listed blueprints are now unlocked by default
    • Faction Ticket
    • Beutekugel (Blueprints Components) (both)
  • (+) Reworked Overrun Fields (Devotion Dungeon)
    • Instead of killing all enemies, you can now (in addition) find and pop four spheres scattered around the area to unlock the shrine
    • Not working perfectly fine, so I might need to improve this in a future patch
  • (+) Decreased the spawn radius of enemies in Adventurous Cavern (Devotion Dungeon)
  • (+) Increased the amount of Harpy bosses you fight at once in Adventurous Cavern (Devotion Dungeon)
    • Classic 1 > 3
    • Ultimate 1 > 4
    • Dungeons 1 > 5
  • (+) Changed the final fight in Ashes
    • Added one additional wave that spawns Benn’Jhar (Nemesis) and two Medium Chthonic Crystals (Splitting)
  • (+) Changed the final fight in Above the Waste
    • Added four Small Chthonic Crystals to the final wave
  • (–) Changed the boss fight of the Shard of Nebulbeth Quest
    • Boss is now Grava’Thul (Nemesis)
    • Added several Chthonic Crystals (Splitting) to the fight
  • (+) Reduced the spawn interval of Sliths in An Ice Cave
  • (+) Increased the damage of Ground Damage Layers
    • They are either avoidable or only inside Rogue-Like Dungeons, which are supposed to be difficult
    • The damage is even further increased in Nydiamar Dungeons
  • (DIABLO 3) Updated Diablo 3 bosses replacements for Siegmar’s Challenge
    • Malthael or Tyrael are now the only Nemesis replacements, removed Zoltun, Azmodan, Belial
    • Part I now has Leoric or Adria
    • Part II now has the Butcher, Zoltun, Azmodan or Belial (previously only the Butcher)
  • (+) Renamed the (Small / Medium / Large) Crystals to Chthonic Crystals
  • (+) Renamed Experience Scrolls to Tomes of Knowledge with different art, so they can’t be confused with normal blueprints
  • (+) Changed Summon Stash to different art
  • (–) Added a hint to the Main Quest that tells one the rough location of the Depraved Ruins
  • (+) You can now lower Corruption even more through the dialog options
  • (–) Reduced the amount of Loot Drops
    • Not as much as the previously optional patch
    • I’m open to revert it back should it be too much
  • (DUNGEONS) Changed the encounters in Odul Alea’s Dungeon
    • Normal Encounter: 2 / 4 Waves > 4 / 6 Waves, with 1 / 2 Bosses
    • Boss Encounter: 1 Boss > 3 Bosses
    • Nemesis Encounter: 1 Nemesis > 2 Nemesis
  • (DUNGEONS) Increased damage of Spiketraps
    • Pierce Damage +200%
    • Bleeding Damage +300%
  • (DUNGEONS) Rebalanced the Pahr Gon Levels
    • Skill Points 2 > 1
    • Attribute Points 3 > 2
  • (DUNGEONS) Moved all Devotion Spheres to new locations
    • You get a notification at the beginning of each dungeon that there is one somewhere hidden
  • (+) Potentially “fixed” that one Strange Well door sometimes not blocking the entrance
    • Never had that happen to me so I don’t know what the cause for this could be, but now the door opens and then closes once when it spawns to “reset” the pathing
  • (DUNGEONS) Fixed Affixes not appearing on items when the character is above Level 100

(+) = Nydiamar & Nydiamar Dungeons
(–) = Nydiamar

I could not test all these changes properly — this mod is just too huge with its three different versions for me to test everything, and I don’t want to get burnt out, this would lead to me stopping the work on the mod. Please message me should something not work as intended, or if the balance is scuffed!


Follow the instructions from the Opening Post!


Hello. Great work! I enjoyed every minute of playing. Just wanted to ask: is there any way to apply the affix change for uniques in game or other mods?

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Hey, I put up the source and some instructions here, so one can patch the affix changes into every mod they want.


Thanks a lot, really. I wish you best luck and keep up good work.


You need both expansions - AoM and FG. Either that or you’ve done something very wrong with your files at some point.

I assume you have both expansions, since you got the .tex bitmap for the key (AoM) and the eye (FG).

You are playing the Ultimate Diablo 3 version, which is working fine on my end, so it must be indeed something with your files.

Looks like that the Caravaner.arc is missing or empty. For now, re-download and re-apply the mod, you are using an outdated version (the scrolls are not changed to the new art), so you got a good reason to do so either way.

If this does not fix it, let me know.

Hey, I am unable to access the sanctuary. I opened the lever and went inside the hidden entrance, however I walked back out on accident instead of entering and now no matter what I do the entrance will not spawn again. I’ve tried restarting the game session and closing out completely, but the entrance never respawns. Everytime I run back to get the key to push the lever again, nothing happens after I push, it states something has moved but the entrance does not appear, is this save file doomed or am I just missing something blatantly obvious?

I checked the script and the entrance should always spawn, no matter the state of your character (which means that the 1st and 10th time attempting the dungeon works the same). You also get the notification after the entrance actually spawned (in the script), which should indicate that everything worked …

I will give it a try myself. Are you playing Classic or Ultimate?

You should not be able to get back out, only after completing the whole area?

Also, just to make sure, you went inside a well, not the cave? After going into the well, you end up inside a narrow tunnel.

After entering the well I talked to the lectern and then I clicked on the rickety ladder, this brought me back outside to the cemetery. Now I cannot re-enter the well no matter how many times I reset the game and press the lever. I’m on Nydiamar ultimate

How did you manage to get out again after entering?

This is already part of the dungeon. You can check out this playthrough so see how it would look like.