Lightweight Mod for Speeding Up the Leveling Process

lol your I insist made me laugh. ITS WORKING!!! Thank you soo much! Inventory is DOM’s all bags. Both Doggo & nyborg in game & working. The classes are working. Playing nlw custom game. So now see if I can take over level 100!

Double checking after reading again. Im only suppose to get normally at level up 1 attribute & normal game skill (or DOMs) pts right? I get extras as drops & turn in. I was thinking smash & grab on that, my bad. too many mods. Devotion tree is showing up to 75 now possible so thats working too. wasnt before. Also globes are dropping like they should as well.

TY again this is so going to rock.

Just a quick question.Will my old dom character work?I have are lvl 88 just to lazy to level :stuck_out_tongue:.But i will start a new as well to get the full experience.

The game runs fine within game but every few times when i quit the session it will crash the game and same with sometimes when i go back in.Once in game it runs stable.It’s just when i change sessions.

Existing characters are completely fine, but doing a backup only takes a second, so you should do one.

I’m aware of the crashes and am gonna try to fix em. They indeed only happen on exiting the session, so they are at least not such a big problem for now.

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Thank you.Yes i agree.I personally don’t play long periods though so it happens to me more.But other than that it’s fun and a little refreshing :smiley_cat:.

I know this is not your fault as it’s the way the game was written but would love to see an option where you don’t have to confirm destroying things.I play on a controller so it sucks xD.Maybe i feed that to dev for that option.

Hello :smiley:, any chance of having the feature of Affixes on Uniques like the optional patch for Nydiamar/Nydiamar Dungeons on the NonLightWeight version?

The affixes are very easy to patch, so I will just leave the source with some instructions here, so people can also patch other mods with it.

Affixes for Uniques (Guarantees Double Rare Affixes).zip (260.8 KB)

Affixes for Uniques (Low Chance & Normal Affixes).zip (553.2 KB)

Download this patch before doing anything. Then please copy the folder(s) database from Faster Leveling (N) over to the folder affixesUniques, then follow the instructions below.

  1. Do a backup of your characters
  2. Extract the downloaded file to the Grim Dawn installation directory
  3. [1] Copy the .arz file which you want to patch to this directory: mods/affixesUniques/database/
  4. Rename the .arz file into affixesUniques.arz
  5. Start AssetManager (and set it up)
    4a. Choose Mod > Select > affixesUniques
    4b. Press F7
    4c. When asked to delete file(s), choose No To All
  6. Rename the patched affixesUniques.arz back to the original name
  7. Overwrite the original file

Never log into this affixesUniques mod in the game (better yet, delete the mod) — you will lose everything.

[1] The .arz meant here for this mod is called Faster Leveling (N).arz and can be found in mods/Faster Leveling (N)/database/.



so I wanted to use DOM lightweight version with Matougi rainbow localization file. Of course I had missing tags for this mod. So I managed to extract __mod.txt from Text_EN.arc with this command:

ArchiveTool.exe LightweightFasterLeveling\resources\Text_EN.arc -extract LightweightFasterLeveling\resources __mod.txt

Had to provide __mod.txt for extraction because without I got outputFile != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE error. Never modded GD so no idea if it’s the right way ^^.

Anyway I dropped extract file to the localization zip and it kinda works - the item has name and desc, doggo buff also but the conversation with doggo is empty. Is there another txt file in TEXT_EN.arc? If so how can I extract it?

Incorrect. This is the proper way (if in PowerShell):

Hint: Supply the entire “correct” paths to ensure everything works properly.

If using a normal command prompt:

Hint 2: In the root GD folder copy BOTH ArchiveTool.exe and zlibwapi.dll and then paste them into the folder you are going to be working in.

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^ What powbam wrote, but why did you not just use the provided source? Would have made it a lot easier!

Anyway, what you are missing is the conversation file converted to clear text. This is for some reason very time consuming to do, but I already did it a while ago, so here you go. Just drop it where the __mod.txt is.

DogConversation.txt (2.9 KB)


Well, that’s embarrassing… Somehow I didn’t notice the source files :sweat_smile: Thank you both for the help :smiley:

If i use the non-custom game version, does it mean i can then use a mod like grimarillion and it will still be compatible?

Some mods might work, as long as there are no conflicts. Grimarillion won’t work, since it adds new classes and therefore also edits the fe/malepc.dbr. Stuff like Creatures.arc are also shared. (does actually not matter, I think, but databases still need to be merged)

Point of the non-custom version is actually only so one can use their existing characters, without moving them to a modded state.

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Cool mod!
I’ve updated the Rainbow File for DoM by adding the texts for this mod.


Text set for translation

The translator has to translate with the texts adapted to each Lightweight and NonLightweight.

A set of texts for translation for Lightweight Mod (15.3 KB)

  • 10/13/2021: Support for the latest updates

7/??/2021: created
7/24/2021: Fixed some mistakes in NonLightweight conversation text.


That’s great, thank you very much!

@Van_Houck I love this mod I use it in DOM however I cannot for the life of me see how to get any items from POPPING anything… nothing appears it just deletes the item. :frowning:

What exact version are you playing?
Did you try to destroy them next to a stash?
Did you already try to destroy them right after relogging?

I hove the most up to date DOM and I drag the item from my inventory and it asks it I want to destroy… I do with the inventory open and nothing happens… before that i tried alt click and opening them and everything else and read you instruction so another person who is/was having the same issue.

Best mod ever but maybe make a 60 sec vid?

I meant which version of this mod you are playing, e.g. Lightweight / NonLightweight; Custom Game / Non Custom Game. There are so many versions that I could not test them all properly, so there might be one that is indeed not working.

But I think you did everything right, drag and drop them outside your inventory and literally destroy the item. Never open one next to a stash.

Do the items fill your inventory or are the on the ground after popping