Lightweight Mod for Speeding Up the Leveling Process

A lightweight mod that is intended to speed up the leveling a bit.

I wanted to keep this mod very simple, so it does not change anything within the base game, but only adds a few new things on top of it. I threw this together in a very short time, so I can’t be sure that there are no exploits left, e.g. duplicating Beutekugeln — Please report unusual behavior.

List of Features —

  • Sam, the dog
    • Joining a game session adds a new item into your character inventory that lets you summon him
    • He can grant you a buff — Blessing of Doggo
      • Lasts for the entire session or until death
      • Applies to pets
      • Every 20 Character Levels the blessing loses some of its power
      • It grants the following bonuses
        • 20%/20%/10%/5%/0% more Damage
        • 20%/15%/12%/10%/0% more Run Speed
        • 50%/45%/30%/15%/15% more Experience Points
  • Beutekugeln
    • These are Loot Spheres that work similar to Hero/Boss Spheres, with the difference that you can hold them inside your inventory
    • They can drop from everything and everywhere
    • You can pop them wherever you are
    • You can pop them as stacks
    • There are overall 12 different ones
      • Common
      • Components Common
      • Uncommon
      • Components Uncommon
      • Valuable
      • Components Valuable
      • Random (1 to 60 Item(s))
      • Monster Infrequents
      • Magical (High chance of containing multiple Blueprints)
      • Legendary
      • Divine (High chance of containing additional Beutekugeln)
      • Special Materials
  • Experience Scrolls
    • Increases the Experience Points you gain for a certain time
    • Very low chance to replace a Component drop
    • There are 3 different ones
      • 25% more Experience Points for 30 minutes
      • 75% more Experience Points for 20 minutes
      • 200% more Experience Points for 10 minutes
  • Iron Potions
    • Grants either 15 000 or 50 000 Iron Bits
    • Very low chance to replace a Component drop
  • Cosmetic Pets
    • You are granted one free cosmetic pet per difficulty to accompany you

Drop Chances are not easy to calculate, but to get an idea, here are my rough estimations:

  • 4% chance to replace an Equipment drop with a Beutekugel
  • 14% chance to replace an Epic Unique drop with a Beutekugel
    • 2,3% chance to replace it with a guaranteed valuable Beutekugel instead
  • 12% chance to replace a Legendary Unique drop with a guaranteed valuable Beutekugel
  • 3% chance to replace a Component with a Beutekugel
  • 2% chance to replace a Component with either an Experience Scroll or an Iron Potion

More valuable Beutekugeln are weighted more than less valuable ones the higher your Character Level is. Higher difficulties increase the amount of loot a Beutekugel can hold.

These changes are completely optional and only appear in the second version — NonLightweightFasterLeveling. There are already many great mods that do similar things and are probably more tested, but I wanted to offer these changes nonetheless.

List of Intrusive Features —

  • Increased Max Level & Pahr Gon Levels
    • The maximum level you can reach is increased to 200
      • Character Levels 101 to 200 do not grant any additional Skill Points
      • Enemies scale with you
    • For each level above 100 you are now granted one Pahr Gon Level
      • Can be exchanged for either
        • 1 Skill Point
        • 2 Attribute Points
        • 1 Beutekugel (Divine)
  • Increased Enemy Level Scaling
    • Enemies scale with averagePlayerLevel/15 in addition to the formula of the base game
      • For example, with Character Level
        • 20, enemies get +1 level
        • 100, enemies get +6 levels
        • 150, enemies get +10 levels
  • Attribute & Skill Potions
    • Grants either an Attribute or a Skill Point
    • Extremely low chance to replace a Component drop

This is not intended to be a tested or balanced experience.

Update 1 (Non Lightweight Version)

Adds quite a few more Intrusive Features in addition to the ones above. You can now start out on Ultimate with a newly created character that can actually stand a chance.

(Minor) Update 2 (Both Versions)


[Custom Game | Both Versions Included]

Extract the folder(s) to your ’mods’ folder in your installation directory.

[Source Files]

Alternative Download

For game version:

[Non Custom Game | Both Versions Included]

This version is merged with some files from the Forgotten Gods expansion, so you are not required to play Custom Game (which means that you can use existing characters without copying them first). It is very important to create a backup of these files before overwriting them, as well as to backup your main characters — I did not test this besides some quick loading in and checking if the script works.

Backup these files (just copy them into a new folder named ‘Backup’):

  • Grim Dawn\gdx2\database\GDX2.arz
  • Grim Dawn\gdx2\resources\Conversations.arc
  • Grim Dawn\gdx2\resources\Creatures.arc
  • Grim Dawn\gdx2\resources\Scripts.arc
  • Grim Dawn\gdx2\resources\Text_EN.arc

Backup your characters (the whole ‘save’ folder):

  • Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save

I do not know how Cloud Saving works, please google to see how one can back them up.

If you no longer want to play this mod, just replace the modded files with the backup, obviously.

Extract the folder named ’gdx2’ (of the version you want) to your installation directoryNOT into the ’mods’ folder.

Download below includes the New Caravan & Inventory (Extreme Edition) mod created by tt300.

[Merged with Stash Mod | All Versions Included]

Download below adds compatibility for Dawn of Masteries.

Install Dawn of Masteries (1.1.0), then overwrite with the patched files. Stash Mod does not work here.

[Lightweight Mod compatibility for DoM]

Alternative Website to Download


I recommend you to play on Veteran (due to the granted buff).

The expansions Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods are required.

Multiplayer might work but was not tested by me.

Message me directly on Discord (Houck#7537) to suggest anything or comment below.

Feel free to use the source files as you wish.


Got two of the white spheres but how do I pop them? Cant seem to figure it out. right click, ctl + left & right, alt right & left, shift left & right all no good.

You destroy them, literally.

Can the Sam the dog item not be used outside of “town”? I used a 75%xp boost scroll and then rifted to burwitch outskirts but forgot to summon sam, and when I tried summoning him in burwitch outskirts it did not work and the item disappeared, so I had to exit and enter the game again. Wasted that 75% xp scroll :frowning:

You should be able to summon him everywhere, try it once for yourself next time you log in by teleporting somewhere and then using it.

Did you maybe try to put the item into your stash before? This summons him once, but does not remove the item, and next time you use it in the current game session, it won’t work. There can only be one dog. I will fix this eventually!

If you are playing Custom Game, you could use the console to give you the scroll back, if want so. Command is game.give “records\__mod\scrolls\experience_scroll_m.dbr”.

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Oh I’m dumb, I must not have seen him inside the portal lmao. Yea tried it again and it works.

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Made an oathkeeper to check out after reading comment on nexus. Hes right it doesnt work when you choose this class its all blank skills with little red xs.

Gonna release an update soon that improves quite a few things, and also adds a new mechanic. I will fix this then, although I don’t even know how this bug is possible, did not change much …

Thanks for letting me know!

EDIT: Already found the reason. Fixed with the next update.

Hey, great mod!

I was wondering if you could maybe release a version without Sam, the dog?

Also, is there any way to make the loot changes apply to crucible too?

Thank you.

Sure, do you want him replaced with a normal NPC, or want him completely gone? You need some NPC to receive the buff and to take the Pahr Gon Levels, so these would be removed.

Should be possible for me to do.

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I want the buff completely gone, so no need to replace the dog with an NPC.

All I want are the loot related non-intrusive features (Beutekugeln, experience scrolls and iron potions). I would also greatly appreciate if the loot related features were present in the Crucible.

Also, I understand if it is too demanding to do. Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just not use the dog ?


Here you go, Dog Away Version (Patch 1). I only needed to change one line of code, so no trouble at all, although you could have indeed just ignored the dog, since he does nothing besides granting the buff?

EDIT: Fixed the uploaded version. Download (fixed) patch 1, replace the files.

Patch 1


  • Fixed Beutekugeln not always popping
  • Sam, the dog, now appears near instead of under the player
  • Sam, the dog, now won’t appear when the Stone of Doggo is put into the stash
  • Added the Crucible to the Non Custom Game version

This patch is only for the Lightweight Version! The Non Lightweight Version will get another update soon with some more features.


Follow the instructions from the Opening Post!

Ok made a char to try out. Oathkeeper still fubered. necro ok. Dog appears next to you like you say but I actually didnt get a dog. I got the little green pointer and could interact with dog but no visual.

Looking forward to other version looking forward to going beyond 100.

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Oh shit, completely forgot about that! Actually such a simple fix … Thanks for reminding me!

I see, this did not happen to me since I overwrote the base files, so I did not notice. Horrible QA from me …

Alright, I fixed both issues, the links are updated.

The update did not make it to the non-custom light weight version on the mega site. The nexus download does include the update.

Also, thanks for this mod. Boost to leveling, which the faction exp potion already does, plus extra loot.

Wondering if you’re open to making an “extreme” version of your mode? Like making writs and xp pots available in early game, 2-pt devotion rewards, etc. to extremely speed up the leveling process ;D And am curious what you think of making a vendor that sells the good monster infrequents, and have them spawn deep in challenge dungeons that require skeleton keys to access; so it will cost 1 skeleton key per vendor inventory roll.

Just tested oathkeeper now working proper & doggo is visible. Cool now THE OTHER Version pretty please.

Question if I start a char in this lightweight version can I switch over to other when you get it up w/o any problems. Or like most mods start a fresh char?

I dont want an extreme version myself. But maybe make more options on doggo then a person can choose.