[Mod] Ralfi's Class Mod

Dear Modding Community (translated with Deepl)
I present you here my mod “Ralfi’s Class Mod” V1.0.5
Preface: I didn’t try to reinvent “Grim Dawn” or rewrite the books and that’s how it should stay!
I am very grateful for feedback and suggestions for improvement, and I am happy to work with you to adapt the mod to the interests of the players as long as the idea does not contradict my principles.
(My native language is German but I try to translate the added skills and items into English, forgive me for mistakes I am not a linguist!
not a linguist!).
The German translation can be downloaded separately.
I have only made small modifications to some class abilities and also added a few abilities afterwards.

  • For all skills that have been added, items and weapons will also be available for all level phases (32/65/86).
  • Mod items that can be worn at level 86 actually have the quality of level 92 items - to make the leveling process more fun in the endgame.
  • 6/6 classes have received a set and in some cases corresponding weapons/shields.
  • Shaman work with 2 additional totems and more
  • Soldier gets more visuals in the form of new abilities
  • Occultist the Raven is now a battle standard with scaled abilities
  • Nightblade summons powerful allies to his side
  • Necromancer trades skeletons for maggots that trigger different abilities when dying and enjoys a standard weapon attack for melee combat
  • Mystic sets have been finalized
  • 6 classes have been reworked so far - Necromancer - Soldier - Occultist - Nightblade - Shaman - Arcanist
  • Many new item abilities
  • Hairstyles to buy from the Devils Crossing Vendor
  • Various wings in the form of items and buffs have been added
  • Over 50 new Epic and Legendary armor pieces
  • Over 25 new Epic and Legendary weapons
  • All items are scaled and balanced
  • Expanded stash for more storage space
  • A “Small Potion of Clarity” can be found (Exp Buff)

In planning

  • Several weapons are already in the works
  • New item modifications for “Mod Skills”
  • Further small class changes
  • New shield skins for round shields

I would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you!
To Okami29 and Grimer for the many models, effects and the great support!
Also thanks to the Cataclysm Mod for providing some models.
Once again I ask for feedback and plenty of new ideas!
I look forward to hearing from you!
mfg Ralfi :slight_smile:

Liebe Modding Community (übersetzt mit Deepl)
Ich stelle euch hier meinen Mod vor “Ralfi’s Class Mod” V1.0.5
Vorwort: Ich habe nicht versucht “Grim Dawn” neu zu erfinden oder die
Bücher umzuschreiben und dabei soll es auch bleiben!
Ich bin sehr dankbar über Feedback und Verbesserungsvorschläge, auch arbeite
ich gerne mit euch zusammen um den Mod den Interessen der Spieler anzupassen
sofern die Idee nicht meinen Prinzipien widerspricht.
(Meine Muttersprache ist Deutsch aber ich versuche die hinzugefügten Skills und
Items auf Englisch zu übersetzen, verzeiht mir Fehler ich bin
kein Sprachwissenschaftler!).
Die Deutsche Übersetzung kann separat gedownloadet werden.
Ich habe lediglich kleine Modifikationen an einigen Klassenfähigkeiten
vorgenommen und auch ein paar Fähigkeiten nachträglich hinzugefügt.

  • Für alle Fähigkeiten die Hinzugefügt wurden werden auch Gegenstände und
    Waffen für alle Levelphasen (32/65/86) erhältlich sein.
  • Mod-Items die mit Level 86 getragen werden können haben eigentlich die
    Qualität von Items der Stufe 92 - um den Levelprozess im Endgame spaßiger zu
  • 6/6 Klassen haben ein Set erhalten und teilweise dazugehörige Waffen/Schilde.
  • Schamane arbeiten mit 2 zusätzlichen Totems und mehr
  • Soldat bekommt mehr Visuals in Form Neuer Fähigkeiten
  • Occultist der Rabe ist nun ein Schlachtstandart mit skalierten Fähigkeiten
  • Nightblade ruft mächtige Verbündete zu seiner Seite
  • Necromancer tauscht Skelette gegen Maden die beim Sterben verschiedene
    Fähigkeiten triggern und er erfreut sich eines Standardwaffenangriff für den
  • Mystische Sets sind fertig ausgearbeitet
  • Bisher wurden 6 Klassen überarbeitet - Necromancer - Soldier - Occultist -
    Nightblade - Shaman - Arkanist
  • Viele Neue Itemfähigkeiten
  • Frisuren beim Devils Crossing Vendor zu kaufen
  • Verschiedene Flügel in Form von Items und Buffs wurden eingebaut
  • Über 50 neue Epische und Legendäre Rüstungsteile
  • Über 25 neue Epische und Legendäre Waffen
  • Alle Items sind skaliert und Balanced
  • Erweiterter Stash für mehr Stauraum
  • Ein „Kleiner Trank der Klarheit“ ist zu finden (Exp Buff)

In Planung

  • Mehrere Waffen sind bereits in Arbeit
  • Neue Itemmodifikationen für “Mod Fähigkeiten”
  • Weitere kleine Klassenänderungen
  • Neue Schildskins für Rundschilde

Ein Spezielles Dankeschön möchte ich an dieser Stelle noch ausrichten!
An Okami29 und Grimer für die vielen Modelle, Effekte und die großartige
Auch Danke an den Cataclysm Mod der einige Modelle bereit stellt.
Nocheinmal Bitte ich an dieser Stelle um Feedback und reichlich neue Ideen!
Ich freue mich von euch zu hören!
mfg Ralfi :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing the new Mod!

How do u change the text to english? Everything is in english except what u changed, thats in german.

My native language is German :sweat_smile:
Therefore all additional items and skills are in German language.
An English version will still take a little time.
But I will do that!

Alternatively I can send you the needed files and you can also start translating yourself :relaxed:

But as I said I will release an English version soon! :wink:

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Ok perhaps remove the line “The default game is the language you choose” I misread that as saying English was a choice. I realize now what that means but it can be confusing to some peeps like me. Thinking English was a choice in the mod.

Ah Oke, thanks for that mistake in translation I will correct that :relaxed:

lol its not a mistake in translating its a problem of reading too fast & misinterpreting. But I look forward to when you do get a english verison. I cant do a translation myself but Im sure somebody will. Btw ur english is fine.

You can Download now an English Version

ty trying it out just started. Doing cabalist. A couple of comments. Perhaps make Solaels Totem a little smaller? & two alot peeps like me dont like spawning pets over & over. I think a good compromise on that would be a toggle. Ive seen it done before get hit & it spawns things, circling rocks whatever. Pests of Maggots for instance, I understand what trying to do there and it would be a perfect toggle one.

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Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:
Solael’s totem is definitely a bit too big, I could see that already!
Unfortunately I dont understand what you mean by - "Ive seen it done before get hit & it spawns things, circling rocks whatever."
I just tried the totem and it spawns chaotic chain lightning, heals the player and gives an aura, all as planned! Could you provide me with a screenshot of the bug? :relaxed:

I also understand that there are some players who don’t feel like spawning their pets repeatedly.

Solael’s totem is because it gets stronger over time, due to increased durability and a larger number of summoned totems at the same time.

The maggots have like the skeletons a CD of 18 sec but also only the same life span. The reason for this is that the maggots explode at their death or after their lifetime (18sec) and cause either massive damage or healing to the player.

A toggle would be possible here but the maggots will then use their abilities less often because they die less often. unless new maggots are summoned whose number exceed the maximum, then the first maggots also die and explode.

This would also mean that you would have to summon the maggots more often to unleash the full potential of damage and healing.

Both PetSkills are designed to make it easier for both pet-only players and non-pet melee players to use the skills.
That means you don’t have to acquire “pet damage” to use the healing of the two skills or their aura and debuffs.

This was just a small explanation of how it works so far, of course I will think about how I can build a toggle so that it makes sense and the maggots are scaled accordingly! =)

Here are the currently created haircuts, which will soon be lootable as dropable items in events or bosses.

Initially, only female haircuts were planned, so you currently only see the female hairstyles at the illusionist although they look different at male characters!
This small inconsistency will be changed soon!

Hier sind die Aktuell verfügbaren Haarschnitte, die bald als Dropbare Gegenstände bei Ereignissen oder Bossen zu looten sind.

Anfänglich waren nur Weibliche Haarschnitte geplant, daher sieht man beim illusionisten aktuell nur die Weiblichen Frisuren obwohl sie dann bei Männlichen Charakteren anders aussehen!
Diese kleine unstimmigkeit wird bald geändert!

Sorry there is no bug on the totem only comment was to make it smaller. It works fine.

The suggestion on toggle was for the maggots. I really wont use temp pets because I hate spawning over & over so Ill probably let that drop & concentrate on the perm pet. Another way to do it perhaps is to offer a moderator like on the blight fiend where you choose a perm pet vs a temp pet. The skels were perm pets btw & were not on a cooldown so im little confused what u are talking about there.

The scavenger pet is working great.

Oh okay, I must have misunderstood you then, sorry! :relaxed:

The toggle for the maggots I will think about to what extent I can implement this but I think there will be a good alternative can be found! =) I will work on it!

And regarding the Cooldowns I meant that the skeletons had 18 sec and the maggots have just 18 sec life.

But that does not matter, I will think of something for the toggle! :relaxed:

V 0.8.2 comming soon
Here are some upcoming set-item abilities
and a new set item weapon special thanks to @okami29



Version 0.8.2 is now available!


  • The complete mod is now in english language
  • A german translation is available in a seperate download


  • All Custom-itemsets available so far have got a balanced item ability in empowered and mystic state
  • “Cosmic Inspiration” dagger for caster, is available for level 32/65/86


  • All haircuts are now lootable (before there were some bugs with it)
  • Grammatically adjusted english translation (partially :stuck_out_tongue: )


  • The Arcanist is getting close to the stars!
  • Storeroom expansion in progress
  • New visual abilities
  • New sound effects

I’m looking forward to hearing feedback and new ideas from you!

Version 0.8.2 ist nun verfügbar!


  • Der Komplette Mod ist nun in englischer Sprache
  • Eine Deutsche Übersetzungen ist im seperaten download erhältlich


  • Alle bisher verfügbaren Custom-Itemsets haben im Ermächtigten und Mystischen zustand eine balancierte Itemfähigkeit erhalten
  • “Kosmische Eingebung” Dolch für Caster, ist verfügbar für level 32/65/86


  • Alle Haarschnitte sind nun Lootbar (vorher gab es einige Fehler damit)
  • Grammatisch Angepasste Englische übersetzung (teilweise :stuck_out_tongue: )


  • Der Arkanist kommt den Sternen Nahe!
  • Stauraum erweiterung in Arbeit
  • Neue Visuelle Fähigkeiten
  • Neue Soundeffekte

Ich freue mich darüber Feedback und neue Ideen von euch zu hören!

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Just doublechecking that u know about this & its a wip thing that will be fixed in future.

Very thoughtful thank you, but the empty skills are not a mistake they are just a “construction site” and a small glimpse into the near future! :relaxed:

great visual effects! :slight_smile: I’m waiting for the next classes, good luck.
Finally some movement in the visual effects of skills.

Thank you for your praise! :relaxed:
I continue to try to respond to the wishes of the players. :+1:t5:

Dear Modding Community,

today I can give you a little preview what will happen in “Ralfi’s Class Mod” in the future. Have fun with the trailer for Version 0.9 !

Best regards to you!

Liebe Modding Community,

heute darf ich euch eine kleine Vorschau geben was sich künftig in “Ralfi’s Class Mod” tun wird. Viel Spaß beim trailer für Version 0.9 !

Beste grüße an euch!