[Mod] Reign of Terror

I’m definitely a little excited to see what’s been up his sleeve on this. Always cool to see a modder expand off and do their own thing and I hope he sees success with it.

How long has it been in development, btw? And FYI @Ram - if you decide you ever want people to test give me a holler. I’m game for it.

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It will be little over 1,5 years by now, even though I started working with @WareBare at the end of 2019. Unfortunately, we were unable to utilize all of our free time during this journey so far, thanks to work, family and RoT related obligations.

My first year was spent mostly on learning 3D art / rig & animation pipelines and getting familiar with all the various tools (not to mention re-doing portion of assets from scratch thanks to a newly discovered / improved workflows).

I’m currently working on level art / design and will continue to do so for the next couple months. After that it’s time to add new characters / equipment / animations and vfx while WareBare takes care of programming side of the project, including the official project website.

We decided not to set any ETA as there is no telling what obstacles we’ll have to face in the future but rest assured that people will be informed once there’s an alpha / beta version ready to be tested.


That’s awesome! Great work!!

Like I always say.Take your time.A rushed project will always have so much bugs.I love this mod so far.I put my sorc on hold to see how a amazon are and i love her.One thing i also love is the fact that set items is actually set items.This are the first time i actually equip set items because 99% of the time they are crap in other games.

I feel your pain.I also want to spend more time playing games but rl is hectic with studies etc.So i can do one area at a time maybe every week once or twice.I can’t wait to see this mod reach version 1 in a complete state.This is early access cept there’s no kickstarter project :grin:

Just a quick question.I am playing with a magic arrow amazon.Now what filter should i have for magic damage items to drop?

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Filter on just damage type if that’s all you want. I recommend not filtering on just damage type though. Some items you’ll want simply because of the resists for example

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I second Fuzzydunlop, but I’m new to all the D2 mechanics myself.

I only mention it because I’m currently doing an Amazon, too, and I’m also Magic Arrow’d up the wazoo, at Lvl31 I’m doing just under 11500 DPS with ~92/93% CtH.

I’ve started this D2 RoT Mod - Amazon thread to discuss further without disrupting @Ram and @Fuzzydunlop’s thread too much … but if it’s not required, then we can just do it here.

While walking towards the Nemesis(?) in Bloody Foothills, I fell through the floor. My friend, who was behind me, made a portal in the dungeon, but it did not become available to me in the map menu, so that I had go to Harrogate. I was playing with a gamepad.

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Thank you for the report, will be fixed in the upcoming update.


Yes i am filtering damage/res/AO and speed.I am planning a build that goes like this.Kill it before it reach me.
Btw one thing that’s not a train smash is that on Act 2 the enemies has a lot of evasion

.I play my sorc dex build till late game then change to intel and she didn’t have this problem.My amazon on the other hand full dex miss 1 out of 5 hits.\Not sure if it’s just of my weaker gear but that’s a lot to miss on a dex build.

Anyways still love the mobs just have to hit more :grin:

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just thought I’d ask this on the off-chance
not asking with any entitlement to,
nor expectation of,
any response

Is it possible that the following reshade mods are compatible with this mod?

  1. The Grim Adventures
  2. Reshade Graphical Overhaul
  3. Aetherial ReShade

I suppose a different might be whether there is there a compatibility matrix anywhere?
(again, not asking with the supposition that there should be!)

A slightly different question might be whether a reshade would be considered as an addition to the ‘to do list’ … as it could drastically improve visual quality.

( i’m literally only asking because i’m having issues that may not even be game related :sweat_smile: )

EDIT - That way we might be able to do other things, like include D3 characters, or that mod which allows one to take items out of characters, etc.

Ah, it’s called “GD Stash” … yeah … it appears to be the only mod I could actually find that was mentioned in any comment with the word “compatible” in this thread … so for the record, again:

GD Stash = Compatible

If I were to attempt a ReShade would simply making a backup of the install directory be good enough to restore the game in the event of a “far cup” (say that aloud)?

Two separate questions from the above (hence separate post) …

1. Portals

Has the weird inability to click the danged portals been raised? It’s quite finickety, especially if you’re trying to escape trouble.

Sorry to raise it if it’s already been raised, I’m searching the thread now, if you would like a video, I’ll try to make one … however I’m not sure how to show it.

EDIT: Ah, here, yeah, D2ModPlayer has spotted it. Basically I’m in the same space as them since I can’t find my steamcontroller, I’m using mouse and they’re really hard to find the right clicking spot. It can sometimes mean certain death. :sweat_smile:

EDIT 2: I’ve also tested this with a gamepad, and it’s perfectly fine, and just highlights the A button to hop in. Something similar for M+K would be good, perhaps. :+1:

2: Scaled Mini-Bosses

There’s a couple of “boss” monsters (Catacombs, Stony Tomb) that seem to not be tied to the story at all whom I’m assuming are the ones that drop some unique/monster infrequent equipment. Either way, even when I’ve tripled my DPS and levelled up 10 levels since we last met I can’t dent them and they stay a good 5 levels ahead of me.

Is there something anywhere that tells me why this is?

This guy seems to just spank Belladonna at level 21!

They have quite high base regen, as well as more resists than most monsters in normal. Usually you dont do enough damage till level 30, some rare exceptions here and there. The video you posted is one of them, slightly overtuned spell, which gets a big damage boost from belladonna bigger hitbox.

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Dang … well, thanks for letting me know, mate … apparently 30k DPS (i’m lvl 35 bella’s at 40) isn’t enough I’ll keep trying. :smirk:

Potential Issues With Amazon’s ‘Guided Arrow’ (GA) Skill

Splitting this one out as unless I’m misreading how the game works, it seems a little more broken than I first thought.

FTR - I can misunderstand things like how the game works like it was my life’s goal. :wink:

  1. GA Not Firing Normally
  2. ‘Magic Damage’ Not Specified Correctly
1. GA Not Firing Normally

Is the Amazon skill ‘Guided Arrow’ (GA) specced to intentionally not fire unless the cursor is over an enemy or object?

This feels counter intuitive next to the other arrow skills that I’ve used thus far, which all fire when you tell them to fire and in whichever direction you’re pointing the cursor.

Also, the description states:

Imbues a missile with the ability to seek it’s nearest target.

This suggests to me that it would act somewhat like a more automated version of Yondu’s yaka arrow from GOTG. In that as long as it’s fired, it’ll literally seek its (surely not “it is”, assuming that’s OG D2 spelling) nearest target.

I mean, hell, if I were to really take that to heart, I’d think it’d be able to sniff off around corners and suchlike.

EDIT: OK, have tested it on Gamepad, and it feels borked there, too. So in M+K (despite the jankiness) it’s the only arrow that I’m able to shoot the length of the screen to snipe something a long way away … however with controller it just won’t register an opponent that’s not in line of site.

However, at least the pitiful normal hand weapon will fire. :smirk:

This gamepad stuff includes with small objects, or a rise/fall in the scenery, in the way. Meaning that some monsters can get ridiculously close before it will start to fire. Yet on M+K it’ll fire over these.

2. ‘Magic Damage’ Not Specified Correctly

The Magic Damage assigned in the specs of GA doesn’t seem to be reflected properly in the Character Window’s Spell section on the second page.

It is definitely not reflecting the added damage but it’s also possible (although I can’t do the maths) that the percentage increase isn’t there, either. I’m unsure as I have some increase on that from other skills, etc.

I’ll tell you what Mad man Moon. If I can get through Baldur’s Gate Alliance with a controller I promise I’ll try it with Grim Dawn. :smiley:

I’ve never used a controller in an ARPG before except 10 minutes of Baldur’s Gate a few years ago. It seems weird to me to even try. Do you think I’ll get addicted or instead say, “meh”? :smiley:

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I realise this is off-topic, but I generally think games like GD are better with a controller … if it works well enough. I found GD to be so good with controller, only very particular class combinations worked better on M+K … even then.

I can’t remember if there were aiming issues … or if I worked aroud it with the steam controller.

The steam controller is still best in class 1 for modern, analogue, controllers, and if you can find a decent one at your local CEX (or equivalent) then get one and get used to it (and how to use steam controller configuration) as it’s such a good gaming tool.

The analogue shoulder triggers are brilliant, because it’s the only controller where it feel natural to have fingers on all shoulder buttons.

1 As we all know the Saturn MKII controller ( a 6 face button amazo pad ) is the GOAT. :wink:

Cant check exactly how this is stated at this moment, but if its flat magic damage, itll just be added and displayed, assuming you have no conversion here. If its %magic damage, it only increases magic damage if you have any in the first place, if you are looking. If its %chance to add damage, it wont be displayed at all.
If you are looking at tab 2 and expect to see the %magic damage there increase, it also wont show, as tab 2 only shows the global damage bonuses. The bonus on guided arrow isnt global but specific (GA only).

GD only supports tracking projectiles if that have something to track, so you cant fire these if you dont have a target. Another workaround would be spawning them in at suicidebombing pets, which will most likely be even more clunky as you cant control who they attack anymore unless you spam pet attack button as well. Also they’ll need a very short life duration to prevent spawning massive swarms, and then you’ll just have to hope they get to target something and reach it on time before they die.

To be fair, this was why I specificially mentioned the differences between the mouse and the controller on how it functions, mate. Because both behave differently and kind of somewhere inbetween of what you’re talking about.

  • Mouse you can click on things in most parts of the screen, it won’t bend around stuff, but it will go over it.
  • Controller you can only fire when something is within range and LOS.

Those are different mechanics, mate.

As mentioned, you can’t really control them with gamepad anyway … only the direction you’re facing.

And that is definitely kind of what you’d want with the mouse version of the skill.

Either way, despite the great DPS bonus, they’re really quite useless because they peril you with how vulnerable you are as a result. They’re essentially not a great option.

Whether that is mod or game engine limited, it feels better to perhaps just load in a different type of skill, or something similar to pay homage to it … because (and this mod is amazing) I just feel like it’s not quite right on an already underpowered character class when ranged.

I’d say the same stats (or slightly changed) but without the seeking would be a decent substitute until a workaround for the hurdles you’re describing.

none of this is said in any kind of insultation.
purely mentioning it as a single point that feels off in an otherwise amazo thing.

I’ll let just this one slide as it is not underpowered.

mate, if you click on a monster on the other side of the wall the guided arrow wont go around or over the wall either, it will just fly into the wall in front of you.

So I dont see the issue between controller or MnK.

You lost me here. Guided arrow does fine damage. It’s not the very best skill but it can do quite good damage regardless. It doesnt make you more vulnerable than other skills.

That being said, I dont use a controller. No idea how GD plays with one.

let it slide” … ? … … :sweat_smile:

I’m not arguing or throwing insults here, I’ve literally said a few times that I’m very much pro everything, and also that I’m super fucking dumb … so if there’s something I’m missing, please do educate.

I’m just stating that as I see it this particular mechanic is broken.

With mouse I’ve literally (as I said) shot over objects + small rises or drops in scenery (I mentioned no walls) and the arrows will fly over them. If you use the controller it doesn’t, it waits for the baddie to come around.

If you’re stuck not being able to shoot at something until it comes around the rise/object, then it is literally going to be closer to you, which categorically puts you in more peril than it would be at a further distance where you’d be able to shoot it down with the mouse.

I’ve played (and do play) with both … I’m not stating the controller thing as some hill to die on, I’m using it to indicate that the skill literally acts differently with different controllers, which must mean that something is fundamentally odd … no?

Also, relatedly … if you are aware of how to make an amazon able to even inflict a tiny bit of damage on hidden bosses I’m all ears, because all the ranged bow (dual guns) configs I’ve done so far do jack even at 33k DPS and 80-99% CtH … and single bow is too much less damage. I’m just going to do a ton of boring crap with some melee character and hopefully farm up some decent weapons for the amazon, and then continue with her later. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯